BBall Stat of the Day: Hurricanes in the NBA

As you are painfully aware, NC State lost to the University of Miami, on Sunday afternoon by a score of 67-66 to provide the Hurricanes with their first Atlantic Coast Conference win (in their very first attempt).

As I was doing some research related to the Hurricanes I came across some NBA-related facts that I found very interesting:

* The Miami basketball program has produced a total of seven NBA players in its history . By contrast, at one point in the early 1990s (right after the Jimmy V years), NC State had 13 players participating on NBA rosters at a single point in time, ssecond only to North Carolina and tied with Georgia Tech.

* Currently, the Wolfpack has only a single former alum on an NBA Roster; Valvano recruit and 13-year veteran, Tom Gugliotta.

* Currenlty the Hurricane program program boasts two alums on NBA Rosters, James Jones and John Salmons.

* Since joining the ACC almost a decade ago, Herb Sendek has managed to send no players to NBA rosters. (Of course, we don’t count players like Damien Wilkins who leave the program and then ultimately make the league).

* By contrast, Frank Haith boasts six current NBA players that he recruited and coached: T.J. Ford (Milwaukee Bucks), Joshua Howard (Dallas Mavericks), Chris Owens (Memphis Grizzlies), Darius Songaila (Sacramento Kings), Calvin Booth (Seattle Sonics) and Rodney Rogers (New Jersey Nets).

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3 Responses to BBall Stat of the Day: Hurricanes in the NBA

  1. Herb Sendek 01/13/2005 at 11:41 PM #

    And what about Maglorie and all the Kentucky players?

  2. JB34 01/14/2005 at 12:08 PM #

    On one hand, that is a fair point to search back to Herb’s Kentucky days for Magliore and Mashburn, et al.

    On the other hand, Sendek is at the severe disadvantage in a discussion on NBA-players since he has been unable to replicate any kind of that success at NC State as the head coach. (Do you really think those guys were coming to UK to play for Sendek…or do you think Rick Pitino may have had a little to do with their decision?)

    Sendek has had a DECADE. He hasn’t recruited, or produced through development, a single NBA player at NC State during that time. In the course of his decade, every single ACC school has produced an NBA player. Don’t you think that is a tad more relevant to the overall point than the fact that Sendek was an assistant at Kentucky on a staff with Billy Donovan and Rick Pitino?

    Of course, I understand that Haith was in a similar situation under Rick Barnes and has also not yet produced NBA players as a Head Coach at Miami. I also understand that Haith has only been the head man at Miami for 8 months and has been responsible for recruiting a lot more NBA players in the most recent TEN YEARS than has Herb.

    Too bad for Herb that despite his decade head start and infinitely greater resources that along with zero NBA players, he has compiled an 0-1 against Haith.

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