Sign of the times

I think it says something about NC State basketball when the fan forum has a thread titled “Herb Rules” — and it’s not the exclamation of some enthusiastic fan (like “Rivers rules!”), but a post by a moderator laying out actual forum rules governing posts that discuss Herb Sendek. Such as

Calling Coach Sendek derogatory names or things will not be tolerated


Labeling portions of the fan base that are on the opposite side of the fence from where you stand by using derogatory words will not be tolerated.

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5 Responses to Sign of the times

  1. oldwolf 01/31/2005 at 3:11 PM #

    It reminds of Les Robinson’s final press conference when he referenced the wolves fighting and the division amongst Wolfpackers. Les was an alum who had a sincere love for what is/was best for NC State in his heart. He did the noble thing in (temporarily) alleviating our pain. Sendek has not provided any sort of indication that he has similar affection for the NC State community. He could care less if we all hate each other as long as he gets paid.

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