Sendek Record (Summarized)

Back in March of 2001, I put together a detailed page that focused on “Just The Facts” for the old (now The page provided a detailed look at the on-the-court results of the NC State Basketball Program in the Herb Sendek era.

Of course, at the time that I was focused on “Just the Facts”, I had no reason to believe that the Athletics Director at a Research One University would publicly and privately proclaim that he would (or, worse yet, mentally could) ignore five years of actual history and make his decision on a personal opinion that “we have a great recuriting class coming in and no program that has recruited like we have can be in that much trouble”. (A quote that was personally shared with me in a meeting with Fowler).

Since actual results only seem to matter to some fans in self-selected, particular seasons that the results are good enough to support their pre-conceived bias, I really haven’t had much motivation to keep the detailed statistics current on an ongoing basis.

Despite my lack of motivation, I have compiled a quick summary of statistics that I have used occassionally on the PackPride Message Boards over the last few months. Since I began sharing those summary stats, I have received multiple requests to post this information the Blog. I hesitate to share these summary stats in their current form because I was hoping to build a much more detailed statistical analysis, but last night a friend mentioned this to me and suggested again that I post it on the blog. Here goes…

In the 8 years prior to this season (currently 13-7 and 3-4), Herb Sendek has achieved the following as the Head Coach of NC State’s basketball program:
* 128-91 regular season record
* 58.4% regular season winning percentage
* a 55-73 record in the ACC
* 43% winning percentage in the ACC
* 11-8 ACC Tournament record
* 0-3 in ACC Finals
* 0 ACC Championships
* 0 Final Fours
* 0 Elite Eights
* 0 Sweet 16s
* a Top 25 ranking in approximately 5% of the weeks that he has coached
* 12-22 record against weak OOC opponents away from home
* 3 NCAA Tournament appearances
* 2 NCAA Tournament victories
* 2-3 NCAA Tournament record
* 0 1st place ACC Finishes
* 1 #2 seeds in the ACC Tourney
* 0 #3 seeds in the ACC Tourney
* 2 #4 seeds in the ACC Tourney
* 1 #5 seeds in the ACC Tourney
* 1 #6 seeds in the ACC Tourney
* 1 #7 seeds in the ACC Tourney
* 2 #8 seeds in the ACC Tourney
* 31-76 overall record against NCAA Tournament teams
* 29.0% winning percentage against NCAA Tournament teams
* only 1 RPI ranking better than #32 in the country
* only 2 RPI finishes in the Top 50 in the country
* 26-76 record against Top 50 RPI
* 25.5% winning percentage against Top 50 RPI
* three best RPI finishes of: #18, #53, #32
* RPI finishes (in chronololgical order) of: 62, 55, 56, 81, 91, 32, 53, 18, (currently) 119
* 57% of Sendek’s regular season wins have come against teams ranked worse than 100 in the RPI

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7 Responses to Sendek Record (Summarized)

  1. Herb is #1 01/31/2005 at 7:24 PM #

    Your stats discount the big success of the last three years by lumping them with Sendek’s first five years.

  2. Hal 02/03/2005 at 12:15 PM #

    Why are the first 5 years always supposed to be discounted? I might buy throwing out year 1 but after that all classes were herbs. If we finish at .500 it will be reason to celebrate after reading posts by some sunshiners. Sendeks trendline is flattening rapidly, especially if we lose 5+ of the upcoming games.

  3. Mark Cramer 02/08/2005 at 1:25 PM #

    It would take someone an awful long time to crunch the numbers, but perhaps what would finally help people see the light would be to gather the above numbers for the rest of the ACC in the same 8-year window. Do a comparitive study; devise a point system that ranks all 12 teams. I’d bet we’d be wallowing at the bottom, perhaps above only Clemson and/or FSU.

  4. JB34 02/08/2005 at 2:56 PM #

    Don’t worry, Mark. That analysis is well on its way.

    In summary, Sendek has created the 6th best winning percentage in the ACC in the previous 8 years. Pretty embarassing.

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