N&O Highlights Coaching Carousel in Raleigh

The News & Observer ran a front page feature today proclaiming that off-field turnover is occupying Amato . In the physical newspaper, the article was accompanied by a table that listed the 10 assistants that have left the program in the last five years. The table was not included on the internet.

The article comes in the final month of high school recruiting, as Jimbo Fisher is in the midst of considering State’s offensive coordinator job, and just a couple of days after Coach Amato issued a public statement regarding the recent turnover.

Fans on PackPride.com are currently sounding off on the topic.

My quick take on this topic is currently— “It is what it is”

We have to take the good with the bad, and right now assistant retention is negatively impacting our program. We’ve lost 10 assistant coaches, which is more than most programs. By the same token, Amato’s original staff were not built totally to his liking as he was forced to assemble the staff in haste and admittedly hired some coaches that were familiar to the NC State community but not the best fit for working with him.

Despite this explanation for some of the turnover, State fans need to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that have entered a critical stage in Amato’s tenure as it relates to this issue. Let’s say that we are in “emergency mode” right now…but, “we’re not dead yet” and won’t know if a total meltdown has happened until we see next year’s results and see staff retention after next season.

With change & challenge comes opportunity. If CTC replaces our recent losses with better coaches (like Fisher for Mazzone) or coaches that are better personality fits on his staff, then a case can be made that many of the losses aren’t that big of a deal. HOWEVER, we do need a couple of years of continuity after this year if for no reason other than allowing this issue to rest for a while.

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  1. Dave 01/10/2005 at 9:57 AM #

    Hey guys. Just found your site. You have some interesting stuff in here. I tried to add your RSS feed to my reader, but it fails. You can see the reason why here – http://feedvalidator.org/docs/error/HttpProtocolError.html

    I’d love for you to fix it so I can add you to my daily news.


  2. Trout 01/11/2005 at 4:46 PM #

    Good to see Jeff Brock writing again about the Pack!

  3. Scott 01/12/2005 at 1:31 PM #

    By the way, I like the new website. I just finished reading through most of the first page. I had no idea that you were in the market for Chiznik as well. Even being in play for arguably the two best coordinators in the SEC should be viewed as a coop for you guys or any team for that matter. I know Jimbo wasn’t using your job for leverage, at least not financially. He is already the highest paid assistant in the SEC at somewhere around $300K. He was, however, a little miffed at not being a serious candidate for our head coaching job. I also think that he was offered more control of the offense once we thougth we we’re going to lose him.

    Jimbo was the top assistant on last year’s NC team and Chiznik was the top assistant on this year’s undefeated Auburn team. If you got both those guys that would have been amazing. Auburn’s D should have been awful this year. Granted they underachieved slightly last year, and I think Chiznik was there, but they did an outstanding job this year after losing 5 or 6 of their front 7 including several guys to the NFL.

    As far as assistant turnover, Saban was the master of turnover. As recently as two years ago people were complaining about Saban because he lost so many assistants. They didn’t really want him out, but there was some serious concern. Jimbo and possibly Dooley were the only guys left from his original staff. Saban had 3 different DC’s before the beginning of his 2nd season – John Thompson, Phil Elmanson?, Garry Gibbs. He replaced those guys with Will Muscamp, who at the time was a 30 year old LB coach. It appeared he was promoting from within just to fill the spot, but Will turned out will did a good job. Until 2003, people really questioned Saban’s ability to attract and keep a good staff. Most of the defensive coaches were very young, unproven guys. Our DB coach, Kirby Smart was hired from a grad assistant position at FSU. Coaches leave for a number of reasons. In Saban’s some left for better opportunities, but many took lateral moves because Saban demanded the same work ethic and commitment that he had.

    I don’t know much about Amato’s personality, but losing assistants isn’t always a bad thing. A good head coach can develop his assistants especially in their area of specialty (e.g. defense and defensive backs for Saban).

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