Cowboys Interested in Rivers?

A poster on Pack Pride shared that the NFL Channel has reported that the Dallas Cowboys may be interested in former Wolfpack All-American, Philip Rivers.

In all likelihood, San Diego ultimately retains Rivers and finds a way to extract value from Drew Brees in a trade. But, the scenario is an interesting one.

I have always hated the Cowboys, but my disdain for them has diminished over the last few years. Regardless of any personal feelsing regarding the Cowboy organization, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are significantly better run and infinitely more committed to winning than the San Diego Chargers. Throw in their new 90,000 seat retractable-roof stadium that recently passed public referendum and playing in Dallas isn’t such a bad proposition for Philip.

As much as I hate “the Boys”…I have to be objective and feel good about PR’s potential for success there if such a move ever came to fruition.

Update: Saturday, January 8, 2005: ESPN’s NFL Countdown today touched on this topic today with what Chris Mortenson described as “Hot Stove Information.”

Mort mentioned the Rivers to Cowboys angle and highlighted how the trade would give the Chargers three #1 picks in this year’s draft. (as the they also picked up a #1 from the Giants in this year’s draft-day trade for Eli Manning.