Basketball Bytes: FSU 70 NC State 64

= > If you haven’t let it really sink in yet…then please check out the stats one more time. I mean, you have really let the level of FSU’s failure and futility really sink in to appreciate how much we really suck. out the ridiculousness of the statistics that frame just how horrible of a loss that this was.

It is so ridiculous that it couldn’t even be made up!

= > Wait…did I see Tony Bethel AND Levi Watkins’ names in the box score? (Sorry…couldn’t watch it on television since our program is so bad that nobody wants to show all of our games) Why, THERE IT IS!!! THE Tony Bethel did play. If that is the case…how did we lose?

= > Again…not being able to watch the game on television, I followed play-by-play updates on the internet from my office on Don’t ask me why I subjected myself to it. But, it was getting late and really needed a laugh. Near the end of the game when I was trying to figure out exactly how we would ultimately lose, I saw the following unfold:

:39.0 Florida St. – Todd Galloway misses a three-pointer
:28.4 N.C. State – Full timeout (Timeout #3)
:18.4 N.C. State – Jordan Collins misses a three-pointer
:12.0 N.C. State – Personal foul on Ilian Evtimov

Please God who art in heaven tell me that we did not call our last full time out to set up a 3-point attempt…by our CENTER. I know that is some form of a misprint. Please…please…please stop the insanity.

= > By all means…please don’t miss out on The Meltdown Thread on

= > Julius Hodge let State in scoring against Florida State with 14 points, but no other player was able to deliver double figures. State is now 6-3 in games that Hodge leads the team in scoring.