Around the ACC & Back to Raleigh

The weekly ACC’s Men’s Basketball Press Release is out.

Additionally, you can click here to view updated ACC Stats.

Some random observations on overall season stats:

= > Despite statistics, I contend that State continues to field one of its worst defensive teams of the Sendek eral. Although the Pack is currently ranked third in the conference in scoring defense at 64.9 points per game, even with the benefit of a grossly weak out of conference schedule the Pack ranks only 7th in FG% allowed at 42.2%. State’s methodical, time-consuming offense limits the amount of possessions and scoring opportunities of our opponents, thereby accounting for the difference between scoring defense and FG% defense.

= > State is 6-2 this season when Julius Hodge leads the team in scoring. The Pack is 6-4 when someone other than Hodge leads the team in scoring. This is not an endorsement for Hodge to shoot more…and there is probably not enough inrformation here to draw any conclusions. But, it is something to watch.

= > State leads the ACC by a big margin in three-point field goal attempts at 415. The next closest is 339 (Wake and Carolina). Virginia Tech relies least on the 3-pointer with only 275 attempts.

= > One would hope that if we were going to shoot so many three’s that we would shoot them a little better. Although the Pack ranks 5th in the conference in 3-point proficiency, we only shot 35.2% from the arc – 29 points lower than #4 (Florida State) and a whopping 64 points lower than Carolina, the conference leader in proficiency.

= > No surprise when you have a “positionless program”, but State continues to struggle with rebounding. The only team that rebounds worse than State in the ACC is Virginia Tech. The rebounding struggles of the Pack (coupled with the shooting the percentage of our opponents) has negatively impacted State’s ability to get our athletes (Hodge, Bethel, Bennerman, Watkins, Grant) out on the break (whenever said players are healthy).

= > Julius Hodge is the 10th leading defensive rebounder in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Are you kidding me? The best open court player in our program since Anthony Grundy is having to concentrate on rebounds instead of getting out on the break and getting us some free points?

= > Andrew Brackman is shooting 83% from the free throw line. Cedric Simmons has looked very good in the post in his limited opportunities. Ilian Evtimov is one of the best free throw shooters in the ACC. Think maybe we should be working the ball inside just a little more to improve our offensive officiency, rebounding, and opportunities to shoot free throws? Heck, if those reasons don’t resonate with you then maybe we should focus inside a little more just to keep Cedric Simmons happy so that he doesn’t become Sendek’s 20th transfer in 9 years would change your line of reasoning? (Does #20 get some kind of special parting gift?)

= > Julius Hodge is the only Wolfpacker among the conference’s Top 25 in scoring (3rd) and Top 15 in field goal percentage (7th).

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