Does Chuck Need To Make A Statement?

1. A losing record.
2. Herring goes.
3. Doc goes.
4. Recruits begin to go (two have already decommitted).
5. Mazzone, amazingly, shows no signs of going anywhere.
6. An ominous silence from Amato, who is on recruiting trips, per mouthpiece Vaughan.

I have the impression that things, like Chinua Achebe tells us, are falling apart, and the (Murphy) center is not holding. Recruits are definitely getting that impression, unless Doc was just God and thus his departure shook what was previously solid.

What is Amato’s responsibility here? This program appears to be in chaos. Should he make a public statement? Is Fowler’s lame rejoinder in the press the other day sufficient (my view: not even close)?

In my view, things are sufficiently awry, or giving the appearance thereof (with again actual apparent results of that awry status) that he needs to say something about his plans. Thoughts?


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