Carlos Rodon to Make First MLB Start on Saturday vs Cincy

Former Wolfpacker (as if there was such a thing…I’m looking at you Russell Wilson), Carlos Rodon has spent his relatively short professional career in triple-A Charlotte, and more recently in spot relief duty out of the ChiSox bullpen.  But beginning Saturday, at least temporarily, he’ll be working on a more regular schedule. Rodon is scheduled […]

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Sunday Stuff

How Mayweather, cable providers won Saturday’s bout               A-Rod won’t read financial rewards of his historic homerun               Recapping the Seattle Seahawks draft               Best 2015 NFL Drafts              

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Most Glorious May Day, Fellow Comrades!

Reds of the world unite, and put behind the petty squabbles planted by counterrevolutionaries to undermine the spirit of the proletariat. Embrace the rain, and the last cool day of 2015. Do as if Glorious and Most Wise Lenin Cat is watching you at all times.

I mean, shit fellas, we still have 4 months of desert to get through before football season. We can either be whimsical and hope the time passes by quickly, or we can go full-on Baltimore on one another. The latter doesn’t end with any winners, from my vantage point.

Glorious Warning – be an ass in this thread, Stalin send to Gulag, maybe not even the one for re-education. Da?

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