Mark Gottfried

Your “Closing Ranks” Notre Dame Open Thread

OK folks.  It was leaked.  It was confirmed. Change is coming, but not until after the season. Oh, and you can go ahead and plan on hearing this sort of stuff for the next several months at least (years if we whiff on the hire)…. So congrats, NC State fans. You got what you wanted. […]

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Should Dennis Smith Jr shut it down?

This is a completely serious question. During the recent college football season, a few star college football players decided to skip playing in bowl games to protect their draft status. Certainly a devastating injury in your final college game could severely hurt those players that have solidifed their draft status. While other players still needing […]

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Markell Johnson signs with State – Gott does it again

Today Mark Gottfried added another highly rated player to the 2016-17 roster by getting Markell Johnson to sign with the Wolfpack. Johnson, who recently reclassified from a 2017 recruit to a 2016 recruit, is a 4 star point guard out of Ohio. He chose the Wolfpack over Ohio State and Texas A&M. Johnson, a 6-foot-1 […]

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