Tuesday Bytes – UNC-G and ACC BBall & FBall

2013.12.30_TJ and Derek Whittenburg after  UNCG

It’s always a little harder to stay on top of real-time news nuggets during the holiday season, so I wanted to take a quick moment to share a few items from the last day or two that might be of some interest to you. Additionally, if you are looking for various topical conversations and you weren’t around yesterday to see the news then please make it a part of your normal routine to participate in the re-launched SFN Fan Forums!!!


The UNC-Greensboro game last night put a scare into #WolfpackNation. As frustrating as it is to lose a 17 point second half lead in any game, I am not going to harp on this performance as much as might be expected. At the end of the day, last night’s game was a two-day turnaround after an emotional loss during the holiday break on the road AT an in-state opponent. Folks, you gotta know when to just take the win and move on. It isn’t “Survive and Advance” in December; it’s more like “Survive and move on”. But, it is definitely some kind of survival. #JustWin


2013.12.30_TJ Warren dunks vs UNCGOne of my favorite college basketball blogs, Rush The Court, had a great piece on how TJ Warren needs help from his teammates at NC State linked up and discussed here. Last night’s scare at UNC-G further proved this point. As with Missouri on Saturday night, Warren was tired again in the final 25% of last night’s game when he scored just two of his 24 points in the final 10 minutes and 43 seconds. Nobody stepped up for the Pack as Desmond Lee’s dunk was State’s ONLY FIELD GOAL in the last 10:43 vs UNC-G.

Coach Gottfried is going to have to find a different way to manage this team or State will fall apart in conference play. I don’t know if means playing more zone and not exerting as much defensive effort (*things I never thought I’d say about a Mark Gottfried coached team*) or if it means a change in the substitution rotation. But, we seem to be witnessing a trend.


Something that might have escaped your last night was that the same Tennessee Volunteer men’s basketball team that NC State defeated in Knoxville a couple of weeks ago went out and ROUTED the Virginia Cavaliers by THIRTY-FIVE POINTS! Don’t get too excited about that because we all know that by the time conference play rolls around and we get the ‘pleasure’ of playing Virginia with ACC officials we will all learn the REAL definition of frustration.


Don’t look now, but the Wolfpack Women have won ANOTHER game – and this time, it brought a tournament championship with it. Coach Wes Moore has been a godsend to the women’s program.


In case you haven’t heard, Duke is playing in the Chik-fil-a Bowl tonight and David Cutcliffe is expected to be ordained as a the pontiff by the local media shortly thereafter (sarcasm). It looks like Duke will be playing in Johnny Football’s last collegiate game. It’s pretty interesting that Duke will be playing its second consecutive game against a Heisman Trophy winner. Don’t know if that has ever happened before. SFN tweeted the following related note yesterday:


While we are talking about local football teams that wear blue, it looks like UNC will unexpectedly lose one of their starting offensive lineman for next season.


Lastly, there is some big news for local and national radio in the area. Click through our link down there and read more.

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    It’s always a little harder to stay on top of real-time news nuggets during the holiday season, so I wanted to take a quick moment to share a few item
    [See the full post at: Tuesday Bytes - UNC-G and ACC BBall & FBall]



    UNCG is no slouch. And as poorly as we played the first 10 mins and the last 10 mins, that is most definitely a win to take and like it.



    My biggest take from last night, while I was watching the Alamo Bowl, was how easily Tennessee handled UVa.



    Throw me on the Cutcliffe bandwagon. I thought Duke looked pretty dang solid against FSU in the 1st half of the ACC championship game. FSU was just another level of talented. Looking forward to seeing how they do tonight.

    With that said, TAMU will probably drill them by 5 TDs.



    Cut deserves every bit of praise he is receiving. It is Duke, people. Duke! Heck of a coach, and by all accounts a very solid man.



    Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE Cutcliffe and agree that he deserves fantastic praise. But, some of the media fawning is just a little much and I couldn’t let it pass without taking a swipe.


    Pack Mentality

    I was at the game last night. It was the first time that I can recall that during the post-game line of handshaking a near fight ensued. TJ Warren and the UNCG player Cain were having words and needed to get separated during the last minute of the game for some kind of trash talk when Warren was getting ready to shoot free throws. Then when the 2 of them came to shaking hands they got in each others face and the whole teams all had to circle around and separate them and then just run off the court real quick. Des Lee was really pumped up after this and ran around getting the State fans to cheer loudly. He then came and high fived all the people sitting in the front row on the way to the visitors locker room (I was one of the people sitting in that front row) along with Cat Barber in an extremely pumped up manner. It was pretty sweet.



    Can NOT disagree that we need more than Mr. Buckets and his back-up group. When you look up at the board and it is late in the first half and we have 27 an TJ has 15, it sort of (or else it should) hit you. What would happen if he pulled a groin muscles or chipped fingernail?

    Dez Lee did look good last night. He got going and was a man on fire. Cat also had spirit, but still has not mastered the Lowe talent of passing. He must be coached by Whittenberg as he does not seem to mind putting up a shot, regardless of how great or ill advised.

    Turner was not his hawk eye self….and Wood can tell you about that.

    Listened to the end of the Wolfette’s game on the way home. Checked it as we stopped for a celebratory Blizzard….we were up nicely.

    Think I will go to their game on Sunday. We will just OD on BB this weekend with the Pitt game at Noon on Saturday and the ladies on Sunday.



    It’s my opinion that THE key to our offense is establishing a post presence. I’m disheartened by the lack of low post entry passes, but in fairness our bigs have not established themselves as a down low threat.



    Vandenburg has got to become more aggressive in the paint. And Tyler Van Winkle needs to wake up! We have yet to see the Tyler of last year. Maybe discouraged at not starting, but gonna have to produce when you are in the game, to earn more playing time. Where are your 3s? This team needs you! Warren can’t be expected to do it all, because we see it wears him down. Come on team, and show up!!!!!



    I saw plenty of times when the Vandwagon was open and asking for the ball, yet Cat decided to keep the ball and take the shot.


    Alpha Wolf

    Barber needs to get stronger finishing his drives.

    He also needs to see open men and get them the ball. Like a freshman QB, he’s locking in on a certain receiver and missing the rest of the court. We saw that in the OT against Central, where the kid from Charlotte would be wide open but Barber never considered passing him the ball. We’re seeing it now where he can’t seem to get the ball to Vandy, and prefers to pass around the perimeter instead. I think he’ll get better as the game slows down for him, but right now, I think it is a blur in his mind.



    OK… the game of the week is on….

    Down at the Peach Bowl…

    DOOK scores first and leads the Aggies 7-0 !



    I’m not proud – Go Duke! I love to see Manziel crying on the sideline.



    38-17 at the half. Crazy.

    BTW, can we get the edit function back? We did have one, right?



    Ply… yep … need that edit button here… AND we need to be able to start threads in forum like we used to…

    Then we could have a Peach Bowl thread…

    Now… Coach Cut is obviously a football genius….
    He knows the Aggie Defense better than Sumlin does.

    Only question is can Dook hold on for 3o minutes…
    cause Manziel ain’t going to quit if he can get on the field.



    The thing that surprised me most about the UNCG game wasn’t the second straight 68-64 game involving the Wolfpack, but rather that the listed attendance was under 6,000.

    No matter who State was playing last night, this kind of crowd in a 23,000-seat arena in the heart of ACC country doesn’t bode well for the direction of this basketball program.



    ^ C’mon? Really?

    In the middle of the holidays? With a team that is generally considered “Top 100″ in the country? Playing against UNC-G?

    If State was playing a real inter-sectional game in Greensboro then I would agree. But, a Monday night game vs UNC-G in between Christmas and New Year’s is nothing to use a barometer (imho).

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