Louisville Pre-Game Pessimistic Thoughts

OK, I had a bad feeling last week – and the actual game met those low expectations. Today, I perhaps feel a little bit worse, as the Pack squares off against an even better offense, and a highly pissed opponent. Let’s look at ESPN.com’s preview, shall we?

Louisville ranks 1st in offense (626.8 ypg), while the Wolfpack offense clocks in at 96th (337.8 ypg – or just under 54% of the Cards’ output). Wolfpack QBs have thrown 4 TDs and 10 INTs, with a sickly 5.59 YPA. Louisville QBs, led by possible #1 overall NFL pick Brian Brohm, boast a 15:3 ratio, and an unbelievable 10.09 YPA.

Yes, Louisville’s defense has been wretched, giving up 40 points in a shootout loss to Kentucky, and 38 in an embarrassing home loss to awful Syracuse. Your one nugget of hope comes from that loss to the Orange, as the Cardinals showed vulnerability to big plays on deep throws, which probably left Harrison Beck drooling in the film room. But can the Pack OL give Beck enough time to launch bombs? Can Beck and the running attack do anything else, and keep the Cards from laying back in a virtual prevent defense all day? Will Louisville be stupid enough to kick to Darrell Blackman? Can the Pack’s only other bright spot, Steven Hauschka, perform an effective onsides kick (probably our only way to stop Louisville’s offense)?

We eagerly await the answers to these vexing questions this afternoon. It promises to be a glorious pseudo-fall like afternoon at Carter Finley, especially for those of us on the shady side. 3:30 starts in late September/early October are awesome. So, we will all be comfortable watching the likely ass-kicking. Plus, dear leader Fowler has assured us we won’t run out of water this week. We hear he also recently penned a note to GWB warning him to carefully consider post-war planning before invading Iraq.

In summary – you have 2 bad defenses, 1 bad offense, and 1 great offense. Oh, and the team with the good offense is royally pissed. Should be fun, no?