Pete Gillen

Littlepage Leads by Example For Fowler

For what may be the first time in Lee Fowler’s 4+ years in Raleigh, the man has been publicly quiet. Silent. I mean, silent as a mouse. He hasn’t popped-off in a newspaper interview for weeks. I hope someone has taken the time to check his temperature?

(Good, God. Has he really been here that long? How many SEC jobs can one guy fail to land in an election cycle?! Surely one has to come up with something after all of those swings of the bat? Don’t worry, Lee. Your behind the scenes jockeying for the Ohio State job might pay off yet….oops…did I just say that? Was that supposed to stay quiet?)

As the season has progressed, I have cited Fowler’s conspicuous silence to my friends as a reason for optimism that this dismal basketball record may actually have an opportunity to come to an end this year. (Please let me dream).
* One of my all-time favorites is how Lee gave his cell phone number to all of the newspaper reporters when he first got to State because he wanted to make sure that they always had the truth. LOL!!! As we soon learned, they always had the truth, and Lee always had his name in the paper.

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