Missouri Tigers

The Morning After

Last night, the youthful Pack falls at home to the #25 Mizzou Tigers out of the SEC. All things considered, that sentence doesn’t sound all that terrible.   In spite of recent successes, I hadn’t (and still haven’t) built up any undue expectations of this team, as I know they are still a work in […]

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Pack/Mizzou LiveBlog

Time to make Frank Haith more dazed and confused than usual! The LiveBlog returns, to cure your post-Christmas depression. Or to give you a safe venue to wallow in it. Your mileage may vary. 7:54 – It sure will be nice when our game starts, and we can all turn away from this dishwasher-dull Louisville/Da […]

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Saturday Expansion (3:45pm Update)

As expected, this is all moving very quickly, and there is plenty of ongoing (opinionated) discussion on the SFN Forums about the inevitable next round of college football expansion and realignment, and more precisely, how it will affect State. So go on over there and join the fun, and it’s likely you’ll even win a […]

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