Mark Gottfried

Your “Closing Ranks” Notre Dame Open Thread

OK folks.  It was leaked.  It was confirmed. Change is coming, but not until after the season. Oh, and you can go ahead and plan on hearing this sort of stuff for the next several months at least (years if we whiff on the hire)…. So congrats, NC State fans. You got what you wanted. […]

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Gottfried Fired (Officially)

NC State formally announces that Mark Gottfried will not be back after coaching out the season — Mark Armstrong (@ArmstrongABC11) February 16, 2017 As much as I do enjoy a good firing, the fact Gottfried will finish the season — I’ll let y’all speculate why — gives me no confidence our current leadership has […]

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Gottfried Talks Expectations (Video)

First, make sure you check out Gottfried’s comments about the (suddenly) new separation of church and state — academics and athletics — philosophy ACC Commissioner John Swofford and his alma mater The Flagship are actively promoting at ACC Operation Basketball (click here). Now, watch the video of Gottfried discussing this season’s expectations (

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