Mark Emmert

As North Carolina academic scandal deepens, all eyes on Mark Emmert

So while Mr. Big Stick thumped his chest about Penn State—before and after delivering the sanctions—we haven’t heard squat from him about what will become the worst infractions case in the history of college sports. And that was before the latest mind-numbing details released Monday by the News & Observer: the gross case of academic […]

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Mandel: “Shouldn’t Emmert Step-in [at UN*], too?”

With the unprecedented punishment levied against Penn State yesterday, Stewart Mandel says that NCAA “displinary czar” Mark Emmert “overstepped” and then touches on a question many of us are asking about the ever-inconsistent NCAA ( “While there’s been much speculation about whether this fits this specific bylaw or that specific bylaw,” said Emmert, “it certainly […]

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