Wanna feel old?

Len Bias would’ve been 50 years old this week. Thanks to Deadpsin for highlighting that “twenty-seven years later we’re still losing our shit over Len Bias,” Although I don’t accept the entirety of Deadpsin’s hypothesis that all of the 1980-era drug laws resulted from over-reaction to the Bias tragedy, the Deadspin entry and many of […]

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Brandon Tate Doesn’t Test Positive at UNC, Tests Positive for Smoking Weed in NFL

Wide receivers Percy Harvin and Brandon Tate tested positive for marijuana during February’s NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis, two sources told FOXSports.com. Wow. All of those years in Chapel Hill and he just now starts using weed? So, Hakeem Nicks matriculates towards graduation with an intelligence barely high enough to make him intellectually functional on […]

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