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    Given the deafening silence from ESPN regarding coverage of the topic over the last several years, I was actually pleasantly surprised with the reporting. The piece was critical, direct, addressed some of the more glaring aspects of the ongoing scandal, did not shy away from calling out UNC for their attempted cover-up and whitewash, and was similarly critical of the NCAA for turning a blind eye. There was a decent interview of UNC whistleblower, Mary Wilingham, as well as an entertaining discussion with a panel of talking heads, including the N&O’s Dan Kane, who they praised again and again for his reporting. In short, there were no UNC apologists in sight, just the objective facts, and the results were damning.

    Probably being too optimistic here, but I can’t help but feel like the tides are turning now that more attention is being directed to this. The best hope, imo, for anything to come of it (other than negative pub for the cheaters –which I thoroughly enjoy) is for a connection to be made between the corruption of UNC and the corruption of the NCAA, such that the average, divested sports fan, and public at large, become outraged by the disparate treatment of sanctioning schools and the sham educations of student athletes.

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