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    NOPE….we are going to hobnob with the Sore Losers crowd on Friday night. Star Wars with the Symphony. May see if the NC or WC GOP has some special TRUMPER outfits. Thinking of a WHITE Storm Trooper output with a President (not elect) Seal and picture on the back and an NCSU Tuffy (in moderated tatters) on the front.

    Actually thinking of a choregraphed number where a Trump and Pence and Kellyanne look alikes march triumphantly in the the Symphony Hall with the final (SW IV) finale music. Have a friend that worked for John William many eons ago. He could assist in getting him on Trumped UP One for the flight down. Problem is, my friend is still in mourning that HRC lost NC and is beginning to see that ORC (Old Roy Cooper) is looking MORE and MORE about the soon-to-be EX RESIDENT of 1600 PA Avenue.

    I hate doing posts from the Droid. I accidentally, during the Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind event last night, put a CHECK in the Notify Me and my inbox is filling up faster than the Sore Losers List of House Members in CNN’s Green Room. EVERYBODY GOTT to get into the act. There is NO confirmation yet on how much George Soros is contributing to each of their campaigns.

    However, the $2500 Retainer and the $50 per Hour (DOUBLE if you get arrested) Job Offers for Disrupting the Trump Events in DC have shown that the Trump Economy WILL BE STRONG. Problem is….these folks will have to report the income and that will impact their Free Feces Stuff that the outgoing leader promised them.

    Outta here….play nice and stay dry and enjoy….


    We broke the streak!

    So glad Pitt couldn’t hit any of their wide open shots at the end of the game. Good to steal one on the roa….er, at home in the ACC. The league is brutal this year!


    I’m not even sure how I feel about the win against Pitt. I feel like we are deep in the “Pit of Despair” and that only reminds me of the most excellent analysis by JackWolf: A Defensive Breakdown – Pt III along with Parts I & II.

    Has any of our players’ defense improved versus what JackWolf pointed out to us about a month or so ago? I’m inclined to believe very little has changed and that our basketball woes will continue until “someone” decides to focus on coaching defense and fundamentals of boxing out plus an emphasis on hustle. I agree with some others’ comments that a coach or two in our neighborhood would bench a player for not hustling and/or poor play. I gave our coach the benefit of the doubt over the years when the team depth was suspect. I can’t give him the benefit of doubt any more. C’mon Coach! If a player isn’t giving 100%, put in the next guy. I’d rather watch scrubs giving it their bestest instead of so-called “Top Recruits****” heaving stupid sh*# at the rim and heaving up and down the floor.

    I don’t know what to think about the recent “energy/intensity” some of us witnessed in this last game. I’ll believe our players have bought in when they bring that intensity to every game. That includes our coaching staff. Otherwise, I as a fan and alum will phone it in just like our coaches and players have so far. I’d rather do something productive with my time and money instead of attend/watch/or even listen to our games all the while feeling frustrated at the poor product on display. I hope our current coach is understanding the situation with the fanbase. We have voted with our feet and the PNC arena shows it.




    Last night was about low turnout ever seen in PNC for a ACC home game. It was reported 15,900 as attendance, no way. The top circle was maybe 1000. The lower bowl was visibly absent of its big donors feet. It was also obvious the big dawgs saw it as Woodson and DY, along with other powers to be, in attendance during halftime recognition of Pack Scholar Athletes for fall sports.
    Gott, and Pierce was about as loud and animated on the sidelines as ever seen in a game. Guess they also took note of the absence of feet.


    The only thing more empty than the stupid PNC is the bowl of nachos I just ate.

    The homemade queso is fine.



    Glad we got a win, no matter how ugly it was at times.

    Defense wasn’t good. Situational coaching was awful.

    I like Yurt and MJ’s games a lot. They could both be fantastic college players if they stayed around and developed.

    Pitt doubled DSJ and dared the other 5 to beat them. I’d suggest we will see that strategy a lot.

    Doubling DSJ gave Mav and TH a lot of open looks and they capitalized. We need more of that.


    Say what you will about the defense, at least we were making an attempt to close out on shooters in the Pitt game.

    Improvement has to start somewhere.

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