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    Also heard the “No Offense to the NCSU Job, but Dayton is the mecca of BB….” BS.

    I WILL say this, the PNC crowd of 13K at Dayton did look pretty impressive. I have watched a LOT of ACC and other P5 Conf games were there was about 25 – 50% in attendance.

    Miller’s contract runs through 2023 and was just “re-upped” last year.

    Here is a blurb from the DU AD….

    UD would not reveal Miller’s current total compensation, but outgoing UD President Dan Curran indicated that the popular coach has received two raises since his pay was bumped to $1.16 million two years ago, after the Flyers advanced to the Elite Eight in the 2014 tournament.

    “It’s been increased appropriately,” Curran said. “He is where Shaka was.”

    Curran was referring to former VCU coach Shaka Smart, who was the A-10’s highest-paid coach before he took the University of Texas job in April 2015. ESPN reported at the time that Smart made $1.8 million in his last year at VCU.

    UD wants to keep Miller the highest-paid coach in the A-10, Curran said. The Flyers have a 78-28 record over the past three seasons and are 115-55 in Miller’s first five seasons.

    “We want him at the top of the A-10,” Curran said. “We want to make it so he financially isn’t questioning marginal jobs in some of the larger conferences.

    So, Miller is probably around $2 Million and Gottfried was at $2.5, Guaranteed, with two cars and a large, VERY LARGE, incentive package (40%) for both athletics and scholarship. The comments that we need to be in the $3.5 Million range are probably NOT that far off…

    We WILL see what transpires…


    Abu needs one more year. He’s improved this season, but not enough to get drafted

    he’s improved??

    FTs are way better as is his range and shot. He is still very limited off the dribble and largely clueless on defense.


    Thinking about it I’m not sure Abu is not our only improved player. His 15 foot shot has improved significantly. Not sure anyone else has improved any aspect of their game at all (granted not really a large sample with only 3 returning players)


    Tex – he is poorly coached on defense.

    He was better defensively his freshman year…As was cat.

    Funny how Kyle Washington is adequate defensively now.

    Regarding our $$$ – I would think Yow already knows if Arch will come or not. If he will, I will be shocked if money is an issue… I also am confident Yow won’t go the clumsy Fowler route.

    This needs to be a home run bite in some form or fashion. We are getting crucified right now but nothing would be fined that to call out Bilas and Parrish on the podium.


    Still doesn’t seem rangy enough to be an NBA 3 or physical enough to be a 4. Might make sense to take a chance on a new coach turning things around (though if he’s graduating, he could also do the grad shool transfer rule thing and pick someone good with big men).


    We are getting crucified right now…

    Yeah but… we are the only fat girl at the party, right now… This sh#t will be boring to the “media hacks” in another 5 days… AND when the season ends in a month or so… and the other “fat girls” come to the party, we’ll be old news and a weeks ahead of ’em…. Right now and until the Conference Tournaments start, they ain’t GOTT nothing else to talk about… We’re just watching the roadies set up on the stage — this party ain’t even started yet….

    And don’t forget… it’s really local… nobody in 49 other states gives a rat’s a## == we are not on their radar…

    Worth the pain, imho…

    Besides, the guy we want…. is The Guy who will rise to the ‘Challenge’ of a major turnaround, not the one looking for a ‘safe check’… He’s not listening to the media or his wife when making career decisions… If he is, we don’t want him…..

    Our Man knows a Man’s gotta do what a Man’s gotta do….

    Let’s just be Hungry Wolves on the hunt, and let it roll off our backs like Spring rain….


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Hungry wolves on the hunt?

    More like lambs to the slaughter.



    Painful to watch this season. Some say we have talent. That may be the case, but Gott wasn’t able to put the pieces of the puzzle together. We play very non-inspired basketball.

    Media is having a frenzy over the firing. But guess what? They all get free media tickets and their company pays their travel costs. They have zero skin in the game. Someone at work had tix for one of the games available. Why do I want to pay ~$100, drive 3 hours each way, and basically use up the whole day to watch the typical game this year? And when the fan base gets to that point, a change
    becomes a must.

    One of the media folks was trashing us today over Herb Sendek. I told him that maybe he needed to hire Herb. I doubt Herb will be on the short list to come back.

    This year’s talent just wasn’t developed. Only one that I can see progress with is Markel Johnson. Rest of them just stand around and watch Smith dribble. As long as Smith gets a SportsCenter play during the game, it doesn’t matter if we lose by 51. Our bigs had less than 5 rebounds TOTAL against UNCCH this week.

    Something’s gotta change. We all know that. I don’t care a whole lot about what the media hacks say.


    HWSNBN. Took a step back to coach Arizona State. Got fired. Had to be out of coaching COMPLETELY for awhile, then took another, larger step back to where he is now (Pacific).

    I’d say the market spoke pretty clearly as to the NC State job being above his level, wouldn’t you? NC State elevated HWSNBN. NOT the other way around.

    The market will speak clearly again when MG goes right back into the broadcast booth (assuming he works at all next year, rather than party and count his money).

    Just point to the cold, objective market when the trolls come out of the woodwork.


    Not sure who watched the unc/UVA game last night. I lost any respect I had for Jay Bilas in that game. State is not even playing. And out of his mouth comes, they should have waited til the end of the season to fire the coach, And regardless of when, it is unrealistic to think that State could be in the top 6 in the ACC. State hasn’t been relevant in 20 years. Like Duke has always been the greatest. And how does he know when things may turn around, if we find our Coach K. He is out there. I saw Jay Bilas, on facebook, and certainly let him know he needs to keep his comments to himself, when they are not facts. Just opinions. If you facebook, please let him know what you think. I have no use for him. Talks too much.


    Jay Bilas REALLY loves him some Jay Bilas. More so than the average Dukie, even.


    I had the sound down. What did Doris say?

    Fortunately for you, someone happened to catch a recording of it:


    Hell, Dookies were apoplectic THIS season when K was on his back and Dook was losing. And we all know that unx turfed Doh, even after he was AP Coach of the Year just two years prior. Everyone wants to win. Have a seat Jay.

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