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    I expected that he would explore his pro options, but the transfer talk is disappointing.



    the transfer talk is disappointing

    I agree. I felt Y7 showed way more promise in any one game this year under Keatts than he did the entirety of his season with Gott. And I truly believe coming back would help his draft stock. So unless KK told him that our incoming bigs would drastically reduce his playing time (which, defensive limitations aside, I don’t see why that would be the case), I don’t understand why he would be open to transferring and having to sit a year out. Baffles me.


    Transfer piece makes zero sense.


    He ain’t transferring. Nobody expected him to be back. That’s just coach speak and player speak. Wise if you ask me. KK just declared we have an open roster spot. He can avoid declaring he’s going pro and explore the best option, here or abroad. Gives him leverage.

    We now have one scholarship available given the number of incoming players. I think KK has known this scenario for some time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we bring in another transfer, grad transfer, or JUCO.


    Nobody expected him to be back. That’s just coach speak and player speak. Wise if you ask me. KK just declared we have an open roster spot.

    1. Nobody — inside the organization… since the about the 10th day of February…

    2. As far as the “open” spot goes… somebody as good or better will fill that… may or may not be a BIG…

    3. And as far as kids transferring… For as long as #2 remains true… who really cares anymore ?

    I’ve gotten use to the ‘revolving door’…

    GO PACK!

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I like Y-7 and wish he would be on the team next season. Is it possible that he just does not quite fit Keatts optimal system? I do expect him to go pro but if they say he needs more strength first then he could go somewhere and bulk up a bit.


    I don’t see him as an NBA ready player. Overseas, of course.


    I don’t think Y7 would have helped State next season because he doesn’t fit into the new system Keatts has brought. The rabbit hunt style of offense probably got him in foul trouble too much.

    He was, in my opinion, the most important player we had this season and was the most consistent shooter. His presence on the court did many helpful things that didn’t always show up in the stats, and unfortunately he was blamed for our lack of interior defense. He is slow afoot, but there were many other problems as to why we were killed in the paint. Many of State’s losses came in games where Y7 sat out for long stretches.

    I don’t know that Y7 will ever be an NBA player, although his size and outside shot might get him on a team that needs height. But I do believe that if he plays for another college team that will use him more, he’ll raise his pro stock. But I doubt he’ll wait two more seasons to play again.

    I think the revolving door of players is here to stay, for now anyway. Transfers, grads, one-timers and lots of running and little emphasis on discipline and defense will be the rule from now on. Can we win with that? Yes, if we can recruit at a much higher level. I have big time doubts, but I’m going to shut up and hope for the best.


    Meh. He was decent college player, but I never thought we were going to win any chips with him as our 5 spot. Slow feet and a bit soft. We do need to find him a replacement or two.


    Didn’t see this coming. I was told there wouldn’t be any more face palm transfers after GOTT left.

    You can also bookmark this entry. Yurt will make at least $50 million playing pro ball. The stretch 4/5 is the difference in the great pace and space offenses in the NBA and the wannabes.


    Way too much finesse from a guy who was routinely the biggest guy in the building. Was he too nice? Too weak? No competitive drive? He could shoot but didn’t seem to really ever dominate the way he probably could have given his size and skill level. Was horribly abused in the post in too many games. Way to go out like a lamb too. Good grief saved his worst game for the biggest game of the season. Is he leaving out of embarrassment? In the grand scheme he had a disappointing and frustrating career of unrealized potential. Thanks for about 10 good games, he coulda been so much more.


    Hmmm… I see it differently than you guys. The rumbling I heard were that he came in as a 5 star off the Turkish national team, and had expectations of being 1 and done. Between the NCAA and Gottfried he never really launched last year (a lot was also due to strength). He looked like a better high post in the UCLA offense with Abu being better on the block. Somehow the few times we did play them together and tried some high low, we inexplicably had Abu up top and Yurt down low.

    He tested the pro waters and almost went last year. I was surprised he returned at all.

    He improved greatly this year. We would not have won some crucial games without him. We looked the best when he played the best.

    I suspect he’s a late first round or second round pick. He’s tall and can shoot and pass. In the pro level, he won’t be guarding the 5, but instead the four spot. The NBA is more offensive minded than college ball, so a guy with his offensive skill does have a spot. He may turn out as a better NBA 4 than he was a college 5.

    I thank him for his time at NC state and wish him the best. The wording in the press release was awkward but I guess it is to signal we have another spot open.


    I’m with Rye, except the thank yous shall come from him, first.

    Then, I would return in kind.

    …But he ain’t gone yet, is he?


    I think he’s too slow to guard most NBA 4s. And not strong enough to guard the 5 position. And he hasn’t shown the ability to improve on either of those such that he’ll be more than a bench roleplayer. But I wish him the best of luck–any success an NC State alum has at the next level in any sport is only good for our recruiting efforts.


    I think Y7 would go after the past season so I’m not surprised. It seems he got what he wanted and Gott got what he wanted. KK did a better job with Y7 than Gott. Longterm he would not fit well with KK’s plans but for one year he filled a role excellently.


    Heh. I thank them all. It isn’t easy balancing being a student with the demands of a high level college athlete. They’re not compensated at nearly the level of what they bring to the university. The system is screwed up, thus the outside forces that the FBI is investigating. Football is the same way, and in that sport they could be injured for life and don’t even get medical disability. The NCAA is a sham.

    I would suspect it is 99.9% likely that Yurt isn’t playing college ball next year. The wording removed any chance he might test the waters and come back. Besides he has already used up his chance for his one “free” pro feedback evaluation (another crock). He went through the process last year and almost played his way in but returned. What he showed on the court given his size should put him over the top.

    People forget that there is a whole lot of money to be made in the NBA by sitting at the 13th roster slot. A 7 footer with soft hands and a nice jumper is worth a flier and a roster spot, particularly when they are low drama. The NBA also drafts on potential. Stay too long and if he is still light in the frame, it will really be held against him. I may not like it, but this is probably a good time to go.

    I wish Yurt the best. We would have not made the tournament this year without him.


    A 7 footer with soft hands and a nice jumper is worth a flier and a roster spot, particularly when they are low drama. The NBA also drafts on potential.

    Most of you guys didn’t see what Clint Capela looked like two years ago when he was playing 5 minutes a night behind Dwight Howard. Lighter than Yurt, decent hands but still not as good as Yurt and absolutely no real shot/offensive game other than dunks. Two years with John Lucas have turned him into a solid NBA center with a developing offensive arsenal. Yurt has a way better base of skills to build off of because he can shoot and has range on his shot. That is the hardest thing to teach a big guy.


    Two years with John Lucas…

    I could tell ya some stories you haven’t heard about Lucas during his days at Hillside, but let me just say this with the grace and courtesy that only comes with age…

    The work John Lucas has been doing in his “Camp” with young men contradicts all of those stories and is undoubtedly the “Best Work” of his life…


    Nice writeup this am by WRAL.com…
    And it’s worth mentioning upfront that it didn’t take Keatts long to endear himself with the local sport press…

    Despite roster turnover, future is bright in Raleigh for Keatts, Wolfpack

    Yeah… ya’ll know we have 5 freshman coming in — all 6’7″ – 6’11” and who among us wouldn’t trade those 5 for 1 – 7footer ?

    The larger point made in the link above I believe is this…

    “[In one year or less] Keatts has essentially already flipped the roster. Ten of the 12 scholarship players were recruited by Keatts, and all 10 appear to fit how he wants to play on both sides of the ball.

    That’s the plus side of the revolving door….


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Just a feeling, but don’t be surprised if there are not one or two more departures from the current roster. If so, I feel that Coach Keat has a plan in place, unlike the previous regime.


    ^from the WRAL.com story / link above…

    “Joining the returnees will be a trio of transfers who sat out the 2017-2018 season: junior guard C.J. Bryce, sophomore guard Devon Daniels and freshman point guard Blake Harris.

    There’s been plenty of buzz around the transfers all year. Keatts pointed out at multiple times during the course of the season that the scout team, led by these guys, had their way with the starters.”

    I’d be ‘surprised’ if there weren’t one or two guards who transfer out…

    Nice problem to have, if you just got to have problems…

    Besides you got to make some room for the 2019-20 kids who, by that time, will be lining up to play for the PACK!

    GO PACK!

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Five-star recruit Anfernee Simons will enter the NBA Draft, rather than attend college, his mother Tameka Simons tells 247Sports.

    Simons told 247Sports in the fall that declaring for the NBA Draft was an option, but that he would still consider college. Simons took official visits to Tennessee and NC State, while also considering SMU, Florida and a host of other college programs. Simons originally committed to Louisville, but decommitted in late September when Rick Pitino was dismissed.


    I think we will see one guard transfer. There have been rumbling for quite some time, and an indication that the player in question thought he might be a 1 and 2 and done. Very strange, but it is the likely explanation for the Harris addition.


    Panagiotis Fasoulas he aint.



    I read on another site that Markell is going to enter the draft to get an evaluation. I don’t see any chance that he would be a first round pick, so I assume he will be back. Not sure if that is who rye was referencing with regard to rumors.

    With the current roster, it seems likely that PG Johnson, SG Bryce, and G/F Dorn are locks to start. That leaves one more starter at G and one big. That last starting G spot seems likely to be Daniels or Beverly, with the one of them who does not start and Harris getting plenty of PT. It seems that leaves Batts without many minutes. I suppose that could result in him considering a transfer, whether this offseason or next year, should it play out that way.

    It also seems like it will be a challenge for Bey and Hellems to get a lot of minutes barring injuries ahead of them. But that seems like a potential issue to deal with next offseason, not this year.


    Besides he has already used up his chance for his one “free” pro feedback evaluation (another crock).

    I think they changed that rule and they can get evaluated every year if they want now.

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