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    A lot of NFL action today as the Playoff Picture has all but materialized. The San Diego Chargers faced an elimination game against half of a Kansas C
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    Congrats to Rivers and the Chargers.

    All I can say about the Panthers is, wow. What a team. Best defense in the league. And Cam is playing really good football. I can see this team going all the way.


    Go Packers! What a nutty game, including the Packers’ fumblerooski. No excuse for the Bears there, play to the whistle boys. The Pack converted on 3 fourth down plays on their final drive, including the winning TD. I was still holding my breath at the end though, as the GB D has shown that they can be had pretty easily. But once again, Cutler failed to deliver.

    Ditto for the Lions. The path was wide open for both of them once Rodgers got hurt, yet GB is in with an 8-7-1 record. I will not apologize!

    Bring on SF!

    Prowling Woofie

    First round bye means better chance for Steven Smith to be available and maybe healthy for the Panthers. I like their chances a lot more with him, as the offense is anemic without him on the field, even as a decoy.

    Go Cats !

    If not the Panthers, Go Seahawks !


    “Miracle” might be the appropriate word for the Chargers making the playoffs. How exciting.


    Would love to see the odds of the final two games of the Bolts, Ravens, and Fins all falling the way they did for Phillip making the playoffs…


    Go Cowboys! Wait they did go. last night. Choked again, with our last place Monte Kifffin ( former Wolfpack football coach), defense, and 3 turnovers. Bring Jimmy Johnson back. Jerry Jones has money, but no brains when it comes to football teams.


    Now that the blackbirds finally proved what I knew all year (they’re soft, and Flacco blows chunks) I’ll go Panthers, Chargers, Seahawks….but not really in any particular order. It would be fun to see PR get a ring, but they have about as much chance as I do of sprouting wings and flying south.

    A Panthers/Broncs super bowl would be fun, if only to watch BJD’s head explode.


    Because Philip is getting up there in age and because Eli & Roethlisberger already have Super Bowls…I think I’ve got to put the Chargers first as Russell Wilson will have plenty of time in the future.


    Pack78, ask and ye shall receive. Here’s the odds of the Chargers getting into the playoffs per game. Absolutely nuts.


    Denver (think BJD is with me on that one)… then Seattle (only because I like RW > PR).


    Dear Chargers –

    Please don’t lose at home to the worst team in the league on a regular basis. It will be much better for your playoff chances and our sanity.

    Emkay, thanks.


    Some pretty damned diehard fans


    I see what you did there with Stealers comment. Lol. My STEELERS almost got in. I think the San Diego beach mafia got to SUCKUP before the game. Oh well if they can’t win it, Go Panthers then the Seahwaks in that order.


    I don’t root against the Panthers, but I do not consider myself a fan, as much as I would like to have a hometown team to root for. Charlotte, as a city, is so deeply engrossed in the Carolina Way, that I find myself having a hard time not lumping the Panthers in with that. I remember when the team was first announced, and they showed their uniforms with the light blue in them, even though it is a different blue, I couldn’t help but feel that they were trying to make that connection. Add in to that that they have not even given so much as a tryout (to my knowledge) to any high profile former Pack players in recent history, I just have a hard time supporting them. So my playoff support will go to the individual Wolfpackers, and not any specific team.


    Denver, then Panthers, then Fightin’ Russell Wilsons.

    Nate Irving got his first NFL sack yesterday! Which naturally got lost in the PeyPey shuffle.


    Holy smokes, Black Monday is in full effect:


    And of course Houston is vacant, though it looks like Penn State’s O’Brien may be hired there.

    Could there be more?


    Hey, did anyone else in your football viewing yesterday catch this stat that popped up on the NO TB game? Record for multiple TD passing games by a rookie QB = 8, tied by 4 QBs.

    Two of those 4 are names you know well, tying the record in year 2012 and year 2013.


    I heard that… could’ve swore that Andrew Luck had a bunch. Maybe not?


    Per the poll, who do I THINK will win or who do I WANT to win? The poll is want, but I would not bet the house on the Chargers. But I certainly clicked the button for the Bolts and Rivers.

    The numbers Rivers has put up through the years are almost HOF caliber numbers, but the lack of a SB will surely hurt his chances. Right now, I would say he is out of consideration. A SB win would be huge for his career and legacy.

    Big Dog

    The NFL is just a meat grinder. Coaches getting fired after only one season. Going to be interesting to see how the dominoes fall after the Texas job is filled in the college game.

    I’ve found it hard to be a Panthers fan over the years. I just can’t connect with them enough to call them “my team”. Although I will pull for them in the playoffs, I much prefer to follow former Pack players and root for them. I would love to see PR have a magic trip this season as time is moving on him. Of course, I have been following RW since he left State and would love to have the three Pack players on the team get a ring. I particularly like JR Sweezy’s move to the offensive side of the ball. Talk about grabbing an opportunity and running with it. Been reading quite a bit about Peyton and can’t help but wish him well. The guy is a real pro and has come back against some long odds.


    Oh, and agree with Vol Country on RW vs. PR, but I would add a few extra >s.

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