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    Further, DD’s growing relationships and presence in NC is something that hasn’t been seen in these parts in 50 yrs.

    I like Coach Kitchens…

    He’s the guy in the trenches doing the hard work…
    and by all accounts NC high school coaches like him too…

    the rest, in a way, is just percentages…

    I don’t really hear about anybody else in Red&White from inside the high schools down here in ILM where there is no shortage of “good” football…

    Unfortunately… most of the “best” players here either lack size or grades to play at the ACC level… damn few of them GOTT both…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    As if to contradict me, CBS just published a study of the 4 college football playoff programs, & Clemson is a distant 4th to the other 3 in terms of money spent:


    Interestingly, Clemson allocates it’s funds in such a way that it more proportionally pays the coach / staff than other line items, making it 2nd to only Alabama in salaries paid.

    Trac, you’re right, it’s always been an arms race, but back when Holtz was our man there was no such thing as ESPN, conference networks (Sec TV, B1G Network..), multi-million dollar network television contracts – & there were not thirty-some-odd bowl games (or is it 40? I stopped counting & now it’s just ludicrous). & w/that much more exposure, it is that much more important to have the brightest, shiniest, most-est toys.

    I’m not saying just throw money @ the program.. especially if it’s a dumpster fire. There needs to be accountability and administration & staff need to be held to a level of excellence & held accountable when they underachieve; as the CBS article demonstrates, there’s too much @ stake to allow for failure.

    As for today’s game.. good luck boys! Round ’em up, & GO PACK


    I listened to an interesting interview with former coach Butch Davis on recruiting. He said that 8 out of 10 recruits who sign with a school don’t know or care what their past records were. And that they don’t use that as reason to commit to a school. He said they are more influenced by coaches and interaction with their family. I remember Coach Logan saying he got a top instate recruit because he took the time to help put a roof on his family home. Guess point is you can throw more money into a program, build nice practice facilities and still not know if it matters to a recruit.


    Having lived in the Upstate SC area some years ago (including the ’81 run) I can tell you it isn’t all about money. As BassPacker says there are other issues.


    This is a fantastic conversation! EXACTLY what sets SFN apart from all of the other monkey boards staffed with nothing more than snarky pre-pubescent victims whose knowledge base extends no more than five years.


    The Clemson pillage of our top NC players continue. Diondre Overton commited to Clemson last nite. For those who don’t know who is, he is a 4 star WR from Greensboro who had NC State and Clemson his two top destinations. I find it odd or maybe telling that DD fired his OC Canada hours before Overton was gonna announce. Unless DD makes an homerun hire, like a Lincoln Riley at OC, one can imagine our top players will continue to go south of the border.

Viewing 6 posts - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)
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