What happens when UNC isn’t allowed tremendous advantages from cheating?

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    Link to more of their misery.
    [See the full post at: What happens when UNC isn’t allowed tremendous advantages from cheating?]



    We all know it’s still not a level playing field when it comes to ‘those guys/gals’, and it probably never will be.

    The fact that they couldn’t get one title and it’s worth someone’s time to whine about (tarheelblog) offers only a little schadenfreude. I’ll take that little bit of schadenfreude though 🙂 .



    Tomorrow is June 1st? When does the trial begin for Prof Kangaroo?


    john of sparta

    as posted before: the NCAA is done. so is the enforcement.
    tempest in a teapot. the SEC has had enough. UNX to follow.
    that’s where the lawyers come from.



    Maybe so, but from all else who aren’t State fans, no wonder U*NC rightfully so considers NC State fans of being hung up on Carolina doing poorly.

    UNC still “screwed” NC State out of the baseball tournament (due to “poor officiating….again, never heard one that before!) beat State in football and finished several spots above State in B-ball.

    I hate Carolina as much as anyone, and am the first to call BS on a U*NC fan who starts getting high and mighty about their image and the scandal being a nonevent, but please for the love of God can Wolfpack nation please work on getting out of the gutter in football/basketball and worry about it’s own W/L column (while doing it by the book) with out obsessing about the UNC scandal? They are who they are, now lets focus on our own stuff and getting our program looking good.

    It’d be so much better if the fan base/blogosphere would just rise above it, much like the State administration appears to do.



    Inhoc excellent post!



    However they fail, it will never be enough. Fucking fuckers.



    School year in the books, good to look back. While we have a lot to work on, it is good to hold their feet to the fire. The games will start back soon enough.



    How many of the top seeds like Florida are done in baseball, and then two teams we won series over Clemson/GT are done? Maybe we did deserve a bid, had the cheaters not cost us the tarholes game. I truly think we would have done better. But again we dug the grave, so we have to lie in it. Again still not sure some games lost d/t poor coaching on Avent’s part. Just hope LBSU, or College of Charleston, will send the cheaters back to chapel hell!



    I’m curious why people are so intent on making false choices. How in God’s green earth does highlighting & discussing the scandal translate into not caring or wanting NC State to do better? And, what in the hell can us fans do to ‘focus on making our W/L record better?

    If you don’t want to talk about topics that fans like discussing…then do yourself a favor and simply don’t. But, don’t tell everyone else what & how they should think, feel, discuss and spend their time on.



    My bad GT is still in the hunt but FSU/Clemson are done, and hopefully after Sunday the holes are sent packin! No umps to cheat for them in Gainesville, Florida!



    I wish we hadn’t won an ACC championship for the first time since ACC membership.



    UNC fans have no idea what “misery” is. It’s always been easy to be a UNC fan. None of them — not a single one — has the stomach to have ever been a State fan.




    It’s always been easy to be a UNC fan.

    Yeah, because they always “won”. And most of those fair weather fans were never students. It’ll be interesting to see how long it will take for the hats, tee shirts and other merchandise to become less ubiquitous if this title drought continues.



    That being said, Cunningham has already publicly stated he thinks there is room for improvement. What improvements those might be will certainly be worth watching.

    They need to improve their cheating.



    All I can say about Long Beach State is there a bunch of dirtbags, in beating unx 12-5, and knocking them out of the NCAA tourney!



    UNX can improve their cheating by picking a less obvious artificial curriculum, like maybe a BA in Computer Science. I’m still trying to figure that out. It has Science in the name, how do you make it a BA and not a BS.

    But see, because we are engineers it’s why we understand why this cheating scandal is so heinous. It takes hard work by staff and students, selective recruiting and putting players on the bench to keep a team on the field the right way.
    When you give players free grades, you bypass all those difficulties. We self disciplined ourselves after Valvano and cleaned up a messy program. We also went on a long dry spell. UNC should have learned from us and done it the right way. Instead, they saw us and figured out the easy solution is to just give grades and get that graduation rate and APR. No, I won’t let go and move on from this. None of UNC’s championships should count dating back what, at least a dozen years.



    One word for the dear departed Holes:




    In case someone mistook my comment for tarhole pitty. NOT! LBSU are called the dirtbags. Guess they pick a name nobody would take offense to. Back to Chapel Hell for the holes! Still searching for a championship! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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