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    Wolfpack Baseball (22-18, 7-14 ACC, 5th Atlantic) welcomes the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets to Raleigh this weekend. Week in Review Not really much to
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    Who cares?

    I say this only because whenever I post a negative, said subject goes on a tear thus making me eat crow. I have no problem eating Wolfpack crow. Here’s to our march to the ACC tournament title and a trip to Omaha.


    ^ Yeah, I kinda had that negative reverse mojo in mind when I wrote the entry, truth be told.


    SOMEONE HELP ME OUT PLEASE!!!! So my only options now after trying to support what should be a top 10 team is to trade my Duel at the DBAP tickets in for Sh*tty Durham Bulls tickets or USA Baseball tickets??? Really???? How can that hold up?


    It’s over. No way the Wolfpack makes post season. No way.


    Pack can manage only 3 hits as GT takes game one 1-0.
    Rodon with 15Ks, goes the distance for the CG loss (3-7).


    We stink.


    Wow, what a loss to take for Rodon. Guess he needs to provide his own runs too.


    After last season, had someone told me this year would be so pathetic, I wouldn’t have believed them. Poor Rodon. Shoulda went pro last year. These guys are terrible! I thought with our big home schedule at the end, surely we could pull it out. But these guys can’t hit. Unreal!



    Same here….

    Was at the WPC HQ last year and there was literally a line of folks purchasing LTR’s. Some in our Lenovo CC area also did such.

    BOY….what a difference a year makes….

    The old Hee-Haw video is the only thing that cheered me up reading this and the Headlines this morning…

    Really about sums it up…


    Now I really don’t care. Other than feeling sorry for Carlos. He ought to sue the rest of the team for lost future wages. WTF happened? Big heads?


    Last time I checked, Rodon’s class is the only top 25 we have on this year’s team. Compare that to true powerhouse teams who score top 20 classes each year. 1 vs. 4 do the math.

    Nor can Avent find hidden gems on a regular basis. How has he held this job for 17 years is a testament to the fact that this is NC State and not UNC. We actually have a good fan base for this sport.

    Debbie will fire him eventually but jeez she doesn’t have the $$ to clean house all at once plus he’s popular with insiders for some reason. I guess many big-time boosters at State can relate to him.


    Has Rodon’s velocity fallen off? No.

    Will he go #1? Most assured.

    ldr of the pk 75

    With last season’s results and the prospects for this year, unacceptable is the only thing you can say about this year. In an open tryout, I bet you could find 2 or 3 nobodies that could hit better than this group. Could they hit any worse? In sports, it always starts with the coaching staff. Whether it be the roster, training, in game coaching decisions, etc, it starts with the coaching staff. Last year looks to have been a mirage, a dream, or just dumb luck. I may be a bit off base, but one of the knocks under Jed was that resources weren’t being allocated to support a good team. I believe that has in part been addressed by DY. So, how can you be this crappy a year after last year, and with one of the top pitchers in the country? We probably won’t even play in the ACC tournament.


    Count me among the disappointed but not terribly surprised that we aren’t a top 10 team, or top 25 team. THe ACC is always overrated in the preseason, in large part, due to the Baseball America effect. Avent has always been a mediocre recruiter, and his game management is subpar. Add to that equation that we lost a lot from last year, far more collectively than we returned or brought in.

    Avent could throw out the bullpen and expect them to put up blanks almost every time out a year ago. He had a stockpile of lefties and righties he could use in almost any scenario, and Holiday to advise him. This year, just doesn’t have the collection of arms or experience. They’ve not been bad but they are in no way comparable to last year’s crew.

    Last year’s team wasn’t a great hitting team against top flight competition. They beat up on piss poor teams but struggled against solid arms, but you could afford to struggle because the bullpen was always keeping you in games. Add to that, they lost Senay and a very underrated Adametz, who in my opinion should’ve hit further up in the lineup all year. This year, Turner’s numbers are down, as are a few other returning players, and there’s little gap to gap pop in that lineup. We strike our far too much and simply don’t put it in play. Avent has never, ever, taken advantage of the big improvement in NC high school baseball imo. Lots of good ball being played in-state.


    Has Rodon’s velocity fallen off? No.

    I’ve read – but admit i have not seen with my own eyes – that his numbers are in fact down from last year… or at least they were through March. Is there any hard data out there to confirm or refute this?


    Has Rodon’s velocity fallen off? No.

    Will he go #1? Most assured.

    EXACTLY THIS. I’m sure Rodon is frustrated that we’re playing so poorly, but we’ve cost him exactly zero dollars. He’s healthy and throwing as hard as ever. Nobody scouts players – especially a guy as well known as Rodon – by team success or a metric as valueless (evaluation-wise) as W/L record.

    HEY GUYS, we finally scored!!


    Chance Shepherd 7th inning solo shot is the difference, Pack takes game two 1-0.


    ^Keep hoping that these occasional wins are the start of a season-closing rush…


    ^ Think of it as a lot of small rushes separated by long periods of depression.


    Pack wins the rubber match 7-1…Wuf: It’s the start of the closing stretch run, I’m tellin’ ya!


    Pack tops GT 7-1 on Sunday to take the series.

    BC sweeps UMd, moving the Pack within 1/2 game of UMd for the #10 slot for the ACC Tourney, with BC a game behind the Pack.

    Carolina/VT tied at 4 in the 8th. A VT win would have them tied with BC.


    Lots of sweeps this weekend changes the ACC Baseball Tourney seeding landscape a bit, but (so far) the same 10 teams are in. Miami’s sweep of Clemson coupled with UVa taking 2 of 3 from FSU separates the top 3 teams with Miami taking the top line all by themselves. FSU stays at #2 despite dropping the UVa series (the 2 division winners get the top two seeds).

    Duke’s sweep of Wake moves them up to #4, Carolina up to #5 courtesy of their sweep of the Hokies.

    As mentioned earlier, the Pack moves to within a half game of UMd, which was swept by BC.

    Miami 19-5
    FSU 17-7
    UVa 18-6
    Duke 15-9
    Carolina 13-11
    Clemson 12-11
    Wake 12-12
    GT 12-12
    Pitt 9-12
    Maryland 9-14
    NCSU 9-15
    BC 8-16
    VT 7-17
    ND 4-17

    State hosts Coastal Carolina next weekend out of conference (probably no preview will be forthcoming, but we’ll see) and has no mid-week games this coming week.


    So you’re saying there’s a chance?!

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