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    Yup, mustard on dogs. ideally w/ chili and onions in a perfect world. Ketchup would make world implode tho.


    Piedmont NC is mustard, chilli, slaw, onions. (Not some soupy mayo based crap but a light white slaw with a hint of carrot, celery salt, pinch of sugar, touch of vinegar and a wisp of mayo)

    Zac’s in Burlington can go to hell. They are unc fans.

    Henry James on the south side of Asheboro on old 220 had the quintessential Piedmont hotdog. Yes the steamed bun is key.

    Monica’s in DC could really handle some wieners in the day. They specialized in a small brand from Arkansas but closed down in the late 90s.




    If I remember correctly, Henry James BBQ only sold a limited quantity of hot dogs. Soft of like if you came to supper late and there was only 2 pork chops per person….and you were NOT there, you got none….

    In the OLD days, the HD’s were smaller and the buns bigger (Don’t GO THERE….). So you had more room in the bun for the condiments.


    Henry James never ran out of anything.

    No specials, no limited supply etc.

    Pretty good restaurant IMO. Low key but they kept slinging the food.

    Kidds in Liberty was decent as well. Curbe service, another Piedmont NC specialization.

    Now the worst restaurant in North Carolina is Sherris between Star and Biscoe on old 220. I’m not sure how it survives but it struggles along from year to year.

    I believe they last changed the grease for the fried fish when Neil Sedaka released All You Need is the Music.



    Regular reader, rare poster from the ‘Nam here…

    I don’t eat hotdogs here. Don’t trust these bastards with anything related to food processing – no telling what they’d put in a hotdog. And in the States I only eat trusted brands, but really, who can you trust anymore?

    As for condiments, I gotta go with McCallum – mustard, chili, slaw and onions. Ketchup on a HD is kid’s stuff, although I’m OK with it on a burger, for some reason.

    And although I haven’t always agreed with things he’s posted in the past, here lately, I’m pretty much in agreement with all of Mc’s recent posts. Fully supported the hiring of DD, but need to see results. Hell, even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while. O’Cain’s Torry Holt team beat the once-mighty Seminoles. TOB owned the Cheaters. DD reminds me too much of (cough) Tom Reed, and that ain’t a good thing. Got nothing against DD as a man and how he handles the players, but damn… Find me a nut.

    Sorry if the above paragraph should be in another thread, but I had to get that out there (here). But again, not sure what hot dogs have to do with moral dilemmas either, other than what might be in ’em that shouldn’t be…

    Enjoy your dogs.


    Fully supported the hiring of DD, but need to see results. Hell, even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while… Got nothing against DD as a man and how he handles the players, but damn… Find me a nut.

    Well said. These are my sentiments exactly.


    I think one quality of a good leader is to NOT allow men in the women’s restroom. I’ll leave now.


    I think one quality of a good leader is to NOT pee on the rug and then run out the doggy door with his tail between his legs.


    Since this thread has strayed from moral dilemma to hot dogs, I have a question to take it further off course. Whenever I happen to be traveling through Siler City on my way to Greensboro, I stop at a place called Johnson’s, where I swear they have the best cheeseburgers I’ve ever eaten. The place doesn’t look like much on the outside, but their burgers are other-worldly. My question is, has anyone been there, and am I over selling how good they are, or has anyone found better?


    How much love/hate is there for Yum Yum hotdogs and Beef burger anything?


    @redisgood I don’t know the Siler City place but there’s a greasy joint in downtown Rocky Mount that sells some good burgers. Can’t remember the name though.

    I find most high brow joints that sell $15/$20 burgers tend to be overthought and under-executed so I usually stay low brow for both burgers and dogs.


    No Moral Dilemma in Hot Dogs, you say ???

    How can something that bad for you, at the same time, be so good?

    same question works equally as well with voting for Governors and Presidents…


    fwiw… I ate a good old fashioned (simple) Hot Dog ATW – no ketchup – cooked and assembled in an old rusty red trailer on Carolina Beach Rd. near Shipyard Blvd for lunch today…
    my 23 daughter – the wannabe Nurse — ate two….
    we washed ’em down with sweet tea and lemonade…
    oh yeah… the fries were too hot to eat as they were fresh out of the grease…


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Johnson’s ain’t all that.

    They open at a certain time, cook only x amount of burgers and then they close.

    A bit greasy but not Varsity in Atlanta greasy. Nothing special in my opinion.

    The better place is Kidd’s up in Liberty.



    An immoral HD story. I go into Booneys Hot Dog Stand in Rocky Mount and order a hotdog with Chili and most of the fixing. I receive it and start to eat and notice there is no hotdog in the bun. I politely ask why this is so while the people around start to snicker. The guy points to the posted menu and says if you want a hot dog in the bun you have to order a hot dog with a hot dog in the bun. That was the last time I tried to eat a hotdog that did not come off my own grill.


    ^The Varsity on 10th Street across from Tech has been the King of Greasy since 1928.. dripping off of everything…

    that’s alot of dogs and tractor tank trailer loads of grease…

    Damn… Mac…

    you know Zacks, you know the Varsity, you know Randolph County and lots of other places most people forgot…
    I starting to wonder… who and where else you know?

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Jason P was that place in Rocky Mount called the Central Cafe?



    I am very regional sort in the Fugitive Poets manner.

    Travelled the southeast heavily and spent a good bit of time just hanging out in towns, talking with the locals and breaking bread.

    Ive been in suspended animation in Georgia since late 2005.



    @freshmanin83 that sounds about right. Real no frills kind of place


    ^yep …
    I traveled on business from Baltimore to Miami to New Orleans and lots of small towns in between for years…
    grew up the former The Sock Capital of the World and spent five formative years after school in the City That Was Too Busy To Hate… with two years in between down in sunny FLA…

    The South ain’t what it used to be…
    and then that could be perceived as another moral dilemma… both ways…

    Every State in the South is really two States….
    the one you hear and read about when you’re out of State, in North Carolina’s case that’s 10 counties…
    and the rest of the State… I call that “The Other North Carolina”…

    there’s no moral dilemma there for me… the Other North Carolina has been abused, ignored and forgotten by our Moral Leaders…

    Do you really think George, given the opportunity, would send big bucks to Burgaw, Roxboro, Morganton or Plymouth?

    I’m thinking the same for the rest of the States…
    they are as bipolar as political candidates for high offices…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Bill – hold up – nothing special in knowing varsity…kind of like knowing yumyums if you live in Greensboro. If you are local, you must go.

    I do worry that with boycotters of the world, the hot dog will eventually die – at least as we know it today.

    And what you say about small towns is invariably true. From a moral standpoint, if I can build the same mousetrap as you in an ethical fashion, shouldn’t we both be allowed to sell it our neighbor? Let our neighbor decide?

    For years, many towns on the south rightly benefited from the manufacturing gig. These towns will have to re-invent themselves to survive. Hopefully, we will have federal and state government that allows these towns to take more extreme measures.

    john of sparta

    NCSU and hotdogs:
    a State grad from my church did a summer job in meat packing.
    he will not eat any hotdogs from anywhere at any time.


    Bill who is George?


    I ate at the Varsity once, in the mid-80s. Hands down the most disgusting meal I have ever eaten.


    83… George Soros
    see above a page or two…

    1. I believe the market works…

    2. Of Everybody that’s ever been to Hotlanta, a good percentage ate the grease on the 10th Street…
    that wasn’t my point…

    3. ” These [small] towns will have to re-invent themselves to survive.”

    This is NOT happen in either of our lifetimes…
    Having served on the City Council in one of those small towns… I can assure everyone that what that would take is not in the local cards…

    The fortunate of those towns will be “reinvented” by the expansion of the five or six big metro areas in the next growth cycle….
    Just ask the folks in Wake Forest, Wendell, Kernersville, Mebane, Concord, Matthews how this works…

    There’s your future…

    which sadly makes “The Other North Carolina” 75 counties instead of 90…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Kannapolis is a prime example of a rebirth. The textile biz dying nearly killed the town but there has been a recovery of sorts. Part of that is indeed being relatively near the Queen City and part has been some investment in other types of businesses.

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