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    Vawolf – Its packalum44. Hr makes you look like a raging optimist.

    Bjd – these days, its all how you build a program. Its definitely tough if you want to do what gott does – build your team around a handful of MCD aa’s, a few top 50 guys and talented transfers…you’ll be on the bubble each year.

    We don’t get the top 15 guys. We will be fine if gott can keep the guys he’s getting and build depth AND if we can be a decent defensive team. That’s a big “if”. He eventually lost his touch at bama. But I think he may be in a better position and has hopefully learned from past experience.

    It should give all of us an appreciation of the stress of this profession.


    We were the ones who were going to move up BECAUSE people were gonna stay. Thus, the strategy of building in between the “one and done” and “system” models. I really, really liked where it looked to be headed.

    But hey, we are NC State. Stay lubed up at all times.


    No reason to think we can’t make it 5 in a row.

    We’re going to be fine by that measure. But it would be nice to actually go into this thing as a contender for a change. Credit Gott for getting us to where we are. Can’t blame him for losing Lacey. But make no mistake it will be a brand new team with a new chemistry.


    packalum44 wrote:
    Color me surprised losing two kids early. Who would have ever ever ever thought this could happen.
    I trust that this is sarcasm.

    This turn of events actually makes 44 happy.


    Oh, to return to the days when players stayed 4 years. When you knew everyone on all the teams in the league. Now we don’t even know all the players on NC State they change so much.

    But it’s a result of the way the kids are brought up. They start playing earlier, play year-round, and are told they are the MAN by the time they hit 10 years old.

    Everyone expects to play all the time from Nov of their freshman year.

    College basketball is less and less enjoyable each year. Yuck.


    It’s making me despair as to whether we can ever really compete again. Fucking depressing is what it is.


    Maybe Doeren can build something.


    But see bjd – you thought they were going to stay. The bottom line is that most kids are going to leave when its best for them to do so. For both lacy and Washington – it made more sense for them to leave. (Probably more so for kw thank lacy.)

    It’s a business these days. These guys are being sold on this being their training ground for pro ball – and they are going to try and make that $$ when they can. Hell, I will be thrilled if this is all we lose.

    And let’s face it – were it not for the transitive nature of the game, we wouldn’t have had lacy, Turner or Henderson.

    In his first 4 years, gott has been a poor man’s tom izzo. Molding talented and competitive teams under trying circumstances. If he’s going to do better than the sweet 16 and ACC semifinals he needs to have better teams defensively – without sacrificing much offense. That’s all – because the players ain’t gonna change.


    Since no one has been the smart*** yet, I guess it’s up to me…..

    Would someone like to explain again why it is OK that we have no incoming freshmen?


    I just am seeing that Kyle is leaving, too. Damn. I really hate to lose him, but best of luck to him.

    I think he’s got a lot of potential for the future. Plus, he seems like a great ‘team’ and ‘glue’ guy.


    I am really really starting to outright hate Gott. Between his questionable off the court behavior, his lack of recruiting, his inconsistency during the season, his lack of maintaining a team or building positive chemistry or his lackadaisical approach to defense I am finding it hard to support this retard. I wonder when our fans and alums will wake up and see this cat for what he is? Is it going to take Cat or Anya leaving this year to wake people up? You can bet your butt that Abu is gone next year as well. The chemistry on this team is piss poor.


    Would someone like to explain again why it is OK that we have no incoming freshmen?

    It was okay but a bit worrisome for scholarship spacing when we expected Lacey and Washington back. Now that we know they are gone, it isn’t okay.

    When we expected them back, it would have been difficult for Gott to sign quality recruits because said recruits would have had too much obvious competition for minutes. (That is still true at the 1/4/5 positions.) So Gott could have signed some lesser players who would have been happy without minutes, but he didn’t want to do that, and I agree with that approach.

    Would you feel better about the situation if Gott had a couple Jaqawn Raymond level players coming in? In other words, warm bodies? I wouldn’t.

    However, now that the situation has changed and opened up more scholarships, roles, and minutes, the opportunity is there for Gott to bring in a top recruit like Malik Newman and/or one or more juco/grad transfers. I assume Newman is still a long shot (but less so than before), but I think there is a good chance Gott will land at least one transfer who can play guard next season.

    Let’s face it, Washington was rarely a factor when the team played well to close the season. Assuming no further departures and no major injuries, although I wish he had stayed, his departure probably won’t hurt much. The Lacey loss will hurt plenty, but that is the position where Gott is most likely to bring in someone, so we’ll have to see what happens there before fully assessing the damage.

    Now, if someone else leaves, the sky could be falling…


    So, SO, discouraging


    This is not news to the staff as they have been aware for awhile about this as well as Kyle transferring. BJD95 can verify this was known but hopes were with other players declaring that Trevor might change his mind. Being an NCSU fan is never easy. Henerson is a nice replacement at the #2 spot but now we have no back up at point and a Martin twin has to step up their shooting to replace Turner.


    Just like the rule, there is no continuation in college basketball (although, regarding the rule, there might as well be). Every year is a blank slate. The landscape is completely changed each year – coaches shuffling to different teams, players transferring or leaving early. Last year means nothing. There’s no real building upon each year; just gathering the pieces and trying to put something back together. I think Gottfried has done a good job of that actually. Unfortunately it means that each year we have to wait for the team to develop throughout the year and hope they are battle-tested by the ACCT rather than going into a season with high expectations (except year 2 of course). The preseason Top 25 is a crapshoot with the exception, maybe, of a few top teams (and UNC being in the top 10 or 15 no matter what the circumstances). Open opportunities and great unknowns. This is college basketball, for better or worse.

    And for those needing to express their feelings in sound effect:


    I’m shooting from the hip. Let’s be honest. Lacey had a great season. I understand what people mean when they say, “if he stays another year his draft stock may drop”. Despite the good season there is nothing about Lacey at this point in his career that screams nba. If your draft stock drops after another year of development either their system of evaluating is wrong or you were never that good to begin with. I find it sad that somehow this kid has been made to think he’s the next nba star. He will possibly languish in obscurity. The nba dangling unattainable carrots in front of these kids faces has driven the sport into the ground. It’s a shame gott either agrees or enables these actions.


    Let’s face it, Washington was rarely a factor when the team played well to close the season.

    He sure gave us the much needed lift against LSU. He was good in spurts. He is a talented offensive player that can force his man out. The shot selection could certainly have been improved, as well as his defense. The loss won’t “hurt” considering what we have down low, but you don’t want to keep losing productive guys. Seems we can expect to lose 1 each year.

    Lacey likely won’t be drafted. But as others have said there are other ways to make a living playing basketball. It is a personal decision, and he is an older dude. Sad we only got to see him for 1 year.

    We still have the nuts and bolts to be a good, not great, team. And Gott will be looking to piece it together, again. But you have to start to wonder about the future.


    This certainly does reinforce the worldview of “tomorrow never comes” no matter what your program status/building stage is. Better play each tourney as if it’s your last before you get hit with the death penalty.

    I have no idea what to make of all this. Just hoping and praying that our core 7 (which was 9) doesn’t become 6. If it does, then I freaking give up already.

    We had better be loudly protesting against closing the grad school transfer rule. It’s really our last lifeline at this point.


    teams will routinely have certain players make personal decisions to attempt a career at basketball earlier than fans or “experts” think they should. What isn’t routine is NC State “routinely” losing players to transfer. I think…well for me it’s obvious why Kyle is leaving but even my dumb ass can gather a speech to keep the kid around another year, especially one that seemed to continue to play his ass off even if disappointed with decreased playing time.

    For those urging everyone to relax…good advise however as a life long state fan relaxation is something I’ve yet to enjoy when following our athletics. We’re set up perfectly for the atomic bomb to drop on us somehow in football.


    Oh well, at least I can finally bury the notion there might be a ghost of a chance of seeing another national championship before I shed this mortal coil. Like they say, wish in one hand, shit in the other, see which gets full first.

    On the bright side, time to queue up the DVR. Margo Martindale returns to The Americans! Huzzah!!


    At this point I just want to see another ACC title in my lifetime. We had a good shot with this team a week ago.

    Next year looks bubblelicious and then 2016 looks like a friggin nightmare. I hope those rumors from PP and the tweets are not real or we could be in real trouble next year. I guess we will find out today or tomorrow.


    is Cat talking about going as well?


    Other than the big 5 star recruits that we likely don’t have a shot at are there any decent recruits left? I feel like Gott went all in on recruiting a big 5 star name this year thinking he would only lose Lee and Turner and it has backfired big time. A one and done might help us in 2016, but where does that leave us in 2017? Cat probably leaves after next year and possibly Abu as well. 2017 is looking pretty bleak right now.


    I’m seriously hoping we don’t lose another player. It could happen.


    Another, overall, perfect example of why this:

    1. Teammates
    2. Coaches
    3. Chicks

    (Even if it is only a few trying to set a tone.)

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