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    Brandon Ingram watch. Announcement around 6pm today. Sweating balls, angsting over here. Gut tells me Duke.


    You can safely bet the farm, the fam, and your mistress it is Duke.


    All that talk of Hall of Fame coaches I figured that limits it to Self/K/Roy – Calipari not a shoe in for Hall given transgressions although his accomplishments will be worthy by the end. Roy amid scandal I don’t see it, plus it usually takes more than one and done with Roy… Only leaving K unfortunately.

    It would be a welcome shock if he chose anywhere else to play but K is a one and done factory right now and gives you the opportunity to compete for a ship. If he didn’t say Hall of Fame coach and I think he wants to play near home too then Calipari would still be in it.

    All things considered lets just be thankful he’ll be gone after one if he chooses one of our nemesis


    A friend of my cousin’s wife’s husband works with Ingram’s father. He said if it wasn’t for the impending NCAA sanctions over Carolina, Ingram would be going there. I wasn’t told where Ingram was going, but I found it interesting that their scandal was having a negative impact on recruiting.


    I am not sure Ingram is a one and done. He is so thin I do not think he could compete at the pro level. He makes Durant look like the Hulk.


    #3 on the Draft Loser’s List

    3. NC State: All the elements were in place for a special 2015-16 campaign for NC State until its leading scorer made an unexpected decision. Trevor Lacey opted to forgo his final season with the Wolfpack and enter the NBA draft even though there is probably a better chance he goes unselected than that he is taken in the second round. The departure of Lacey will force returning starter Cat Barber and West Virginia transfer Terry Henderson to handle most of NC State’s perimeter scoring. That duo and a solid frontcourt can take the Wolfpack back to the NCAA tournament, but a preseason top 20 ranking is probably no longer realistic, nor is contending for the ACC title. Lacey has received criticism for his decision, but he’ll turn 24 in October, young by real-life standards but not for a basketball prospect. Another year in college would mean forfeiting another year of earning potential, something a lot tougher to do at 24 than at 19 or 20.


    There’s no turning back for Trevor Lacey now.

    Lacey, a junior guard, said he was going to enter the NBA draft on April 15 and has since filed the necessary paperwork by Sunday’s deadline, the school announced on Monday.


    That is a great question for Rick, ancsu. Be interesting to see if you get a “substantial” response. It’s easy to find fault, but not as easy to provide answers. Just like politics.

    I asked this same question about 2 months back to both Jiggs and Rick after similar complaints, observations and criticisms of Gott. I always was taught don’t just complain about something to me but develop a plan to fix your complainant. All I got was a SMH “beating” from a key master as if I was stirring up trouble by asking what you propose we do to resolve the ills associated with the program other than bitching.

    I asked again because if someone can tell me who would have/how would they done better than the past four years of Gott then I would pull out my wallet and give more to the WPC immediately to go after said person with justified reasons. To date I have not heard a better plan.

    Do I like Archie Miller as coach. Hell yea. Do I think he is ready for us now or that Gott deserves to be run off. Hell no. Outside of him all the rest I can see pros/cons and damn sure can’t see the past four years being better.

Viewing 9 posts - 276 through 284 (of 284 total)
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