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    Last night’s collapse was EPIC #NCStateShit. EPIC! I just don’t have it in me to spend any more time on this. Why couldn’t we have played this game ea
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    Big Choke. Vomit everywhere. Looked like we hadn’t been there before. Everybody contributed. Hell, it took a team effort to pull off this defeat. One man alone couldn’t have made this happen. Walks, Balks, Passed Balls, pitches actually hitting the plate, grounders bouncing off shins and shoulders, bad throws. We own this one like a bad tattoo from a drinking binge night. At least there’s the Belmont this Saturday w/o the distraction of NC STATE baseball. Har Har Har


    I watched this whole crap storm unfold. We missed cut off men. Two errors on the second baseman. One on the shortstop. Two balks. One was a bull”hit call but they should have never been in that place to begin with. What is hard to accept is that a lot of those boneheaded plays occurred with two outs! Like I said last night that was the choke I have EVER seen. It was truly sad and disgusting to watch.


    Allen Hale.


    A little more insight on the skipper comment would be helpful. Just want to make sure I understand your comments and not act in haste.


    I posted last night in the midst the reference to Oilers – Bills. That is the only collapse that even approaches this one. The Bills had way more to do with that comeback than TCU had to do with what happened last night. The total BS balk call, which was the only part of the collapse that wasn’t 100% on us, has to be the single worst blown call I’ve ever seen. I say that because it was such a simple call. Britt stepped off the rubber, that’s all he did, period.


    Alan Hale, that is.

    I have little else to add to the image.

    What? There just isn’t enough bandwidth.


    ^Gilligan’s Island reference?



    I thought that would be your response.


    What the heck needs to be done to allow our athletics teams can get over this massive hump? I knew FSU was going to beat us for ACC championship because that’s what always happens when one of our athletics teams get here. Last night’s elimination is hardly a surprise.. even with a 7 run lead.


    Wow, watched the entire game and was still leery at 4-1 but when we made it 8-1 I thought for sure we had this one in the bag. Total collapse by all.

    I am not a skipper fan BUT during the collapse I wondered how many here would point the finger at number 9. CD, I only have one beef with the skip – albeit in hindsight a big one. The collapse/choke was totally on the players.

    Here is where 9 messed up – in the 10th, one out, runners on 2nd and 3rd, YOU WALK THE BATTER TO LOAD THE BASES AND SET UP THE FORCE AT HOME OR BETTER YET THE DOUBLE PLAY! By not walking the batter, the infield must play in, and makes it easier to find a hole. Sure enough, I think the winning hit could have been a double play grounder to second if the infield is at double play depth. The fact the team was in that position was still completely on the players – but that final play could have had a different outcome.


    At least last night the better team won. Opportunity was available but fumbled away and TCU was able to prosper.


    I guess I look at it differently, and in part because I didn’t watch the collapse. This team was dead in the water through about the halfway point of the ACC season. They rallied strong just to get here.

    I’m not one for moral victories, but this team did more than last year’s team did, and they did it with less talent. This team came much closer to recognizing its full potential. Last year’s team was the one that was really disappointing to me.

    I wasn’t so surprised about the collapse last night. I was pleasantly surprised that we were up when I went to bed. This team really hasn’t been able to break through this year away from home, and has blown some winnable games in key spots.

    Whether that is coaching or the players is ultimately up to Yow and the big baseball donors to decide. At what point is it systemic because it is across multiple years?

    I wasn’t a fan of the extension / raise signed a couple of years ago. Because of it, I suspect Avent’s back either way next year. Frankly I’d be fine either way. Could someone else do more? Maybe. Baseball recruiting is very local and there are better facilities at UNC, ECU, Virginia and possibly WF. We may find that Avent is punching well above his weight.


    …On 2nd and 1st,less than 2…deep fly to left. What do you do?

    3 run lead late, 1st and 2nd, no outs…RHP throwing mid 90s fastball…a dead red, fastball hitting lefty at the plate, with power…righty behind him. What do you do?

    2 boots,signs of the wheels coming off…a good pitcher is rattled after an illegal pitch…actually,the whole team looks rattled. What do you do?

    Tie ballgame and ya wanna make a pitching change. What do ya do?

    Oh…I know. Let’s make a double switch so I can put my relief pitcher in left, and take the bat out of the hands of one of my best hitters…kill 2 birds with one stone.

    Man, game after game, I see this stuff. It ain’t hindsight. It ain’t second guessing. It’s baseball.

    State baseball players:

    “The Fightin’Nehemiahs”


    It is no fun to go out in that manner, but proud of the guys for a good season. On to next year…


    CD, hope you did not destroy anything with the “Slow Growth Ash”!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Too many of this bunch’s games were close because of unearned runs, and its losses attributable to them. What you saw last night was a nightmare of an inning that was, in many ways, typically of some of the worst segments of ball it played all season. Occasionally, though, you need a skipper and first mate or two to guide you through the stormy waters.


    Looks like Leggett may also be in the “hot seat”…

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    That the was the three worst innings of baseball, in a single game, that I have ever seen in my life. Period. I am very sorry for the players and the fans that spent good money go out and see it. Yeah, I lost some sleep and will recover but it will be a long time before I forget that mess. I’m sure we set many new records (and not good ones). My fear this that we will endure this loss for a long time with announcers and opposing teams. If I’m a prospective recruit, you bet I’m thinking that I would rather play with a team that earns sprinkles on their ice cream. Regarding Avent, I think he’s got to own this one.


    That was hard enough to “watch” on the GameTracker. I can’t imagine seeing it live.


    cowdog: I said earlier that I didn’t see it. We made a double switch in that situation and put a pitcher into a hitting position with the wheels falling off?


    Watched the disaster on television, and I can say, I have never ever, in all my years of living, seen such a collapse. Balks for scores, walks for scores, errors for scores, and very suspect pitching late in the game, when the wheels started coming off. Up 8-1, and lose in the last few innings. I for one think Avent needs to go. Bad game management. Season is done. Too bad for the seniors. Looked like something from AFV. Only TCU was doing the laughing.


    I guess that someone should have written….

    Elephants will drive in the Daytona 500, UNC will admit to wrong doings, and Bruce Jenner will father another child, before NCSU wins a Regional Series.

    It is not quite past the perfunctory Jimmy V 24 hours of self pity, but I don’t think it will be enough.

    I cannot remember how long it has been since I saw an UMP (MLB or NCAA) call a BALK. BUT, three times in ONE game. Did not know that Karl Hess’ twin brother (separated when they hatched out) was an NCAA UMP….

    But, other than that….the 6 (?) errors certainly did NOT help our situation. Admittedly, TCU did give us the lead. Their ranking (from #7 – #2, depending on the poll) speaks volumes. We were the underdog and were ready to claim the throne.

    I guess all the WHOOing from the fans really DID get to the players.

    EA? Probably NOT time to put him to pasture….remember that DY did up his contract a few years ago. BUT, I certainly would NOT want to be in his shoes when he got the TEXT that said….be in my office @ 3:00 PM 6/2/15….from DY.

    That could bet sticky in a hurry….especially since a better BB showing would have enhanced and improved our “Director’s Score”. OUCH….you know she is going to verbally slice and dice him….

    It was a young team….by many aspects….and it showed. Now, we MUST improve next year….otherwise EA will not have to be worrying about bunking with GOTT as he will be moving to another city to ply his trade as an NCAA BB Skipper….

    GO PACK….but tear stained keyboards are malfunctioning….


    I think only so much of this can be heaped on the players. An epic collapse like this one, and it WAS epic, HAS to go on the coaching staff. This is not a bad State team, and in fact was a pretty good State team.

    I will echo mak4dpak and agree that Avent needs to go. Now. He lost me in Gainesville a few years back when he held a fully rested Rodon out of Game One in the Super Regionals. That to me would have been like holding Sandy Koufax out of Game One of the Series. Senseless. If any of the Big Wolves saw this one last night, they’ve gotta be wondering where Wolfpack baseball is going under this coaching staff, especially after the bottom of the 8th.

    BLUNDERLAND it was, if you were lucky enough to snag a final edition of today’s N&O. At least ESPNU hid this one from the rest of the country.

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