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    I’ve been pretty down on the team lately, but, upon examining the schedule today…things are looking better than I thought they might be…

    Our remaining schedule looks like this:

    • Home vs. FSU
    • at UNC
    • at Miami
    • Home vs. Wake Forest
    • at Syracuse
    • at Clemson
    • at VT
    • Home vs. UNC
    • Home vs. Miami
    • at Pitt
    • Home vs. BC

    Now, our chances of winning against Pitt and Syracuse are not good, so let’s assume they are losses. Other than that, every remaining game on our schedule is winnable.

    Frankly FSU, UNC (x2), Miami (x2), and Clemson are all winnable games. They are no better than us, it just depends on who’s having the better night, us, them, or the refs. I say we can go 4-2 vs. those teams (lose to UNC at CH, and Miami at home).

    We should win the remaining three games (WF, BC, and VT).

    This would put our overall record at 20-11 and 10-8 in the conference. That should be good enough to get us an NIT bid (which is pretty good for this team with the turnover we had). If we get hot, we could possibly end up 22-9 and 12-6, which I would guess would put us in the NCAA tournament (or at least solidly on the bubble).

    We need the team to continue to have a positive outlook and focus on getting better. The bigs are coming along nicely, and WBS has done a nice job spelling Cat when he’s been experiencing growing pains. I also like that BSW has picked up his game, nice to see another scorer out there.

    Right now, this team is exceeding my expectations…let’s hope they continue to do so.


    or, maybe even better THAN I thought…if I could speak english correctly.


    As you showed above, State only has 3 games remaining against the 5 teams at the top of the conference. But State’s ACC schedule was not balanced having played 3 games against the Top 5 in the first five games of their conference slate. On the other end of the scale, State plays the minimum of four games against the bottom of the conference…with only the ND game completed.

    So I have to agree that the schedule seems favorable towards racking up wins…even if the final destination is the NIT.

    OOOPS….State has played two games against the bottom 4 (ND and GT)


    We should win the remaining three games (WF, BC, and VT).

    Maybe I haven’t been paying close enough attention, but I can’t go there. Not this year with this team.

    We’ve been playing better since the second half of the MD game last week, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ve already lost to Wake. Have a loss to NC Central. And got blown out by Duke and UVA. I guess what I am saying is, with this young team, there are absolutely no gimmies. I thought coming in the best case scenario would be we improve throughout the year, playing our best ball in late Feb and March, with a shot at an at large bid. Still a chance but again, that is best case without a signature win. That’s exactly where we are today.


    One Day At A Time. Hey, that could be a TV show!


    We’re not. But I hope we will be and will cheer for us (just about) every step if the way


    Calling it…
    we beat Cuse and then mess the bed against Clempson and VT. Thats just what we would do.

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