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    UNC reporting today that the “championship” banner had already reached sales of 9 million in merchandising sales. With expectations for it to double, looks like that 18 million investment was well spend. Also NCAA will make millions off any sales by UNC championship merchandising as all must carry the NCAA licensing logo. This is WHY there will be nothing done to the cash cow called UNC.


    I never liked anything coming from Maryland, but their President just delivered a slap down to UNX that made me smile.

    “University of Maryland President Wallace Loh says he thinks the NCAA’s current investigation into former conference rival North Carolina would lead to a shutdown of athletic programs at the university.

    Loh made the comments last week during a Maryland senate meeting last week.”


    Report: SEC commissioner Sankey denies request to step down from North Carolina investigation

    “Elliot Abrams — a Raleigh attorney representing a retired office administrator charged with violations — had written the NCAA saying Sankey had a “personal, professional and institutional interest” in the outcome as SEC commissioner while comparing it to “refereeing a championship game between an (Atlantic Coast Conference) team and an SEC team.”

    Too funny considering the numerous conflicts of interest on unx’s side with this debacle.


    ^So this idiot puts their criminality in the context of an athletic contest…the basic issue of right and wrong does not even appear on his/their radar screen-very telling.


    uncheats response due by May 16, 2017. But don’t worry, it’ll all be over by August 16-17 when COI meet. Yeah, right.

    Debbie Crowder and NCAA did their song and dance show this past week (behind closed doors).
    -another delay attempt? With Boxill and others to follow?
    -desperate move by uncheats? just to see what sticks on wall?
    -staged by ncaa and uncheats? to give ncaa an excuse to remove LOIC?
    -ncaa dotting i’s and crossing t’s? before hammer drops? yeah,right

    There are two things that absolutely amaze me thru this whole sh*tstorm. If you have insight, please enlighten me.

    1. How has Wayne Walden remained so almost invisible? He was a main creator, instigator, and orchestrator of the whole Af-Am sham…even dating back to Kansas. Would it not make sense to subpoena him or at least just have a conversation with him? And after all, he was royboy’s most valuable staff member. (ohhhh, now I see…Wayne would hang royboy…that’s roy’s connection)

    2. Where is the NAACP? IMHO this is one of the most egregious uses of a subject and students (black, white, pink, etc) that can be imagined. One could speculate that it was chosen specifically because of its PC sensitive nature makes it somewhat of a hide-behind. It would seem that this is a perfect venue for the NAACP to respond to and investigate.


    Love to hear some news on baseball, and retire the banner story, which is giving the tarholes way too much attention. State baseball seems to be doing well for the end of the regular season, and a big closing series at home with Clemson. Go Pack!


    I have enjoyed all the updates from State Fans Nation, but obviously it has shut down. This laat story is several months old. Hard to believe there is no news in Wolfpack land, and we continue to post a story on the tarholes. Are they that important? We are giving them way too much attention.


    The site’s not dead, as there are still active posts on the forums. It’s the off-season so front page posts are rather sparse now anyways.

    Now, let’s say your theory is correct and the site is dead. Given the timing, it would almost be the fitting end to it and the perfect last post. NC State has tried to do things the right way and have not won anything of meaning since about 1989. The neighbors down the road who are our rivals lie, cheat, cover up, fraud, lawyer up, waste tax payer money, etc. and are rewarded with a championship because the NCAA has failed to act on what’s arguably the longest running scandal (both violations and investigation) in my lifetime. They are rotten to the core, deep within the institutional level.

    The “adults” that are North Carolina’s elected officials care more about whether the scandal will “impact recruiting” than anything else. At the same time, they’ve pushed NC State down directly and indirectly since Valvano.

    As a result, the good guys decide that the game is rigged and close up shop. I’ve long argued that NC State should forfeit every athletic contest with UNC until the NCAA takes action. This would be a small token gesture of something similar.


    Not sure this post fits here but as good of place as any. A clip from Valvano speaking to the NC House after the 1983 championship showing his humor and his humility. Notice at around the 6 minute mark what he said about UNC and the relationship between UNC and NC State. The shoutout to Swafford, Friday and Smith who would all go one later to F’ him over in ways I still can’t fathom nor will ever forget. It is my hatred for those assholes that drives me to “never give up” on NC State athletics. I would love nothing more than for our new young BB coach Keatts to be as successful as this young relatively new coach was in the 1980’s.

    He was not perfect and he made mistakes but the guy was ten times the man Smith, Williams, Friday, Swafford or Monteith ever were. I hope wherever he is and whatever life there is after this that he is getting the justice he did not get here on earth. RIP my friend …


    Amen brother (or sister).

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    Let’s talk some football, I am ready!


    Meanwhile the Men’s basketball team is playing in Italy, but without Yurtseven, who play the summer for Turkey.


    Hey an actual sports comment!


    And football practice has begun. News???


    I have gas.



    Has this site shut down? Newless, since the end of basketball season. Just got my season football tickets, and could be a real special season ahead, but nothing here. Is there a new site, to join?


    Was your post successful? Did it find home?


    Interesting information. Thank you for sharing. We at want to know is it still actual. Anyway, keep us know more about cases like this.


    This last post is truly puzzling. The Link goes nowhere and wtf is she talking about?


    You no pay good attention. Please to be luring you to the computer virus. Much thank you for your support. Understanding, yes?


    I sent this kool-aid drinking idiot an email with just few of the facts detailing who Dean’s Myth really is and was…hoping for a response!


    Deans Myth – that’s rich! Love it.

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