State wins in Chapel Hill! Has Dean Smith’s pact with the devil expired?

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    Horrendously poor taste.

    Just focus on the game on the floor, and it was a great one (for the Pack).


    As we all do after a big win, I searched out all the news I could on the game. After sleeping, I figured I would re-read this piece (while searching out new pieces) to see if I overreacted last night…nope, still patently offensive and classless.


    I think I read that Peter Douchenbock was in attendance last night. Maybe he’ll write on this.

    Up yours, Peter!


    A million and one ways to celebrate this victory. This isn’t even a million and two. Damn.


    With regards to this entry, we all hold Dean in high regard. He was loyal and true to his players, coaches and university. He was a ruthless competitor against his rivals.

    Focusing on the win, we did show class. Go Pack. Great work by Gott and staff.


    I have been a Wolfpack fan my entire life, I am 52 years old and I have endured a lot of happiness and heartache through the years. I have been reading StateFansNation for a few years now and have always enjoyed the articles written and the comments(well most of them)made. However, I think this was written without any class at all and should be taken off the site. Period. Someone made a statement about Trevor Lacey’s “class” at the end of the game……..well how about show some here by removing this and making an apology to Wolfpack fans for dropping to a level we don’t want to be in.


    The poor ol’ drama meter has taken a beating with this one.

    Some of you must be rather difficult to deal with on a daily basis be it from straining ones eyes to gaze at you up on that high horse or the lines in the sand you refuse to cross.

    They crapped on you for 30 years, cheated while doing so, insulted your intelligence, insulted your degree, all the while flying an invisible flag of hypocrisy. Now you want to sit in hushed silence while they get to tell you YET AGAIN how things are supposed to work in this world, who is good, proper, decent and up right. I will refuse to munch on that bag of rotten apples.

    So we will see how unc performs now that the special insurance program set up by el deano slowly comes apart.

    That be it homies, sorry I broke some of you down with the Ginger Lynn comment.

    My drama meter needs batteries but I lost them when I there threw them at Jeff McInnis for flipping off the Reynolds crowd back in the early 90s.



    To be fair…

    Before there was The Carolina Way… there was “Carolina Luck”…
    That would have been before at least 60% of SFN or IC ever watched their first State-Caroina basketball game.

    As in .. “if you can’t be good, maybe you can be Carolina”… or “Somebody must have made a pact with the devil to be that lucky, night after night.”.. or ‘they’re the luckiest SOBs alive…”…

    More than a few on Tobacco Road back when it was still a two lane highway, pondered the theological implications of “Carolina Luck” and concluded that it was quite possible that the Devil did indeed have a hand in all of this…

    Now to say that was uniquely an NCState thing would be totally inaccurate as we have no divinity school and as farmers and lintheads have never been accused of anything more than a very simple theology. The chances are much more likely that the notion started with the Methodists or the Bapitists, not the Farmers. In any event, much enthusiasm for the “Devil in the Game” theology was generated from those two bastions of religious thinking… and somewhat of an universal consensus to the affirmative was reached. Besides, all three of us couldn’t be wrong … could we?

    Of course, the University in Chapel Hill, with one of the top schools of Religion in the country, had little response and no rebuttal back then other than it’s traditional mule eating briars sh&t eating grin.

    13OT, Mr Stick, Jiggs and the older brothers in the SFN house can affirm this, I believe.

    In it’s historical context, the question is not offensive, but rather references a long forgotten and popular cliche.

    As we have discussed, ad nauseum, sometime after 1983…. the game changed again.

    For the younger brothers who find offense… it’s not at all hard to see your point of view in this matter… Perhaps, this historical footnote eases your discomfort somewhat…. I hope so.

    Fact is… SFN has shown a high level of respect and restraint throughout the last two weeks while the Parade has marched thru our TV rooms and in general I have been proud of all of us for that.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    There is a certain amount of disdain that the NCSU athletic department has for quite a few “fan” sites and I’ve seen it and personally heard it from Debbie Yow when I was speaking with her one time and mentioned SFN. This is one of the reasons. I am POSITIVE that were he alive today Jimmy V would be extremely displeased in this.

    Whoever wrote this in that veil of being one of many called StateFansNation should have already been called on the carpet by the others AND the thread removed. This is single handedly THE WORST show of sportsmanship and decorum I have ever seen exhibited on this site. I have been disappointed with how things have been conducted and comments over the past year or so but this on REALLY takes the cake. I never thought I’d see this site sink so low. I was wrong.

    And McCallum, say what you want about riding a high horse but I’d rather be accused of doing that than wallowing around in the CRAP that is this thread.

    Smarter than the average bear


    Count me in as offended.

    I’m offended that content has been removed.


    Mac, I surprised you admitted to watching DT Abby. You need to turn in your man card. Calling people out because they have more class than you is sad. Yeah I have heard years of sh*t talking from Tarhole fans. One win in 10 years at their place isn’t going to turn it around. Talking crap after ONE game isn’t going to change things. They still own us whether they cheated or not and we all know they did. My formula for revenge… own them the next 20 plus years doing it the right way or pushing the envelope just a tad. Not to the extent the cheaters did.

    I guess you are from the crowd two wrongs make a right?


    Look, he cheated for decades. It is what it is. Carolina Way was cheating. End of story.


    Some of you might need a reminder that there’s a difference between ‘insensitive’ and ‘offensive’.

    But then again, it today’s PC ultra soft, p***y ass society, being offended has become and industry and ‘offensive’ is whatever one says it is.

    Dean cheated, local media conspired to protect him while promising to bring down and “get” Jimmy V. All the while that other bastion of u*nc virtue, Mr Friday, turned a blind eye to Deano while crucifying V, not for breaking the rules, but for violating the spirit of them so as to protect the integrity ofthe ACC and the UNC system. Give me a freakn break.

    Dean was a good man in many ways. He was also flawed. He gave in to the pressure, he cheated, and he defrauded many of his own players.

    His dementia shielded him from the ongoing scandal, it did not rewrite history.

    Too soon? Insensitive? Yeah, most likely. Legitimate? Damn sure is.

    I find the clueless sanctimony more offensive than the question.

    I find the one sided ongoing media lionization offensive. Praise the good, But acknowledge the flaws.

    Offensive? 20+ years and counting and V is still waiting for the apology.


    Roy Williams’ pact with the devil expired?


    BOTB – That is an outstanding post. I think I have vague childhood memories of that “general sentiment”. Things certainly changed once the machine was rolling.

    So I missed the original post. Was it of the “blowhard” variety that comes out on occasion?

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