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    If you’re going to do the black uniforms, why do you do them for the game that is only on ESPN3? Do you do that to minimize exposure?

    I’ll add my 1.5 cents.

    Dumb question. Those wondering this are acting as if they’re one-and-done uniforms. I’m pretty sure the uniforms will not be destroyed after Saturday’s game. Given our history with alternative uniforms, introducing them against ODU is probably a good idea. Get the distraction of the newness done and out of the way against ODU, as well as a highly probably notch in the ‘W’ column. I’d be willing to bet the uniforms will still be visible to TV viewers when later worn against a higher profile team with a wider TV audience,


    Alternative uniforms are ridiculous. They have no value. Look at Oregon.


    Alternative uniforms are ridiculous.

    And so is this topic….

    Everybody KNOWS you can’t beat RED FROM HEAD TO TOE !

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    If we’d lost to GS, I’d still be pissed, and unnerved about this new look. But that’s not how it played out. We’re coming off a win. Now is the BEST time to ask for a favor!

    They don’t look bad either.


    Thank you for your flattering comments, Greywolf. Believe it or not, I wasn’t trying to speak for anybody else.

    I wasn’t trying to lead or follow, but if you’d like me to get out of the way of whatever it is you think I’m standing in the way of, I will GLADLY do so after this 19th season of buying football season tickets.

    Gimmicks aren’t what this program needs. But apparently I’m a lone voice in the wilderness here. And that is precisely why I’m bailing after this football season.


    So our uniforms will be similar to Louisville’s? Same school colors, same conference, similar history, etc. If it looks good on them, it should look great on us!


    Both the Louisville and Miami helmets lack the contrast to wear under the lights (Boise was similar Thursday). You can hardly distinguish the logo on either. I think matte would have been a better route to go.

    I don’t take it personal. I prefer the subtle look. But I’m pragmatic. I know a others like the alternates and I appreciate that I’m not the demo the alternates are being marketed to.

    john of sparta

    Our State is now Black.
    quit this.


    Gimmicks aren’t what this program needs.

    Gimmick? Everything new is not a gimmick.

    But yeah, we should stick with old school tradition. Let’s just sit still and do nothing so we can whine and bitch about sitting still and doing nothing while other schools pass us by and continue to put distance between us. I think we should stop those recruiting weekends too. We didn’t have them back in day, and we shouldn’t be catering to adolescent prima donnas anyway. It’s not about them, it’s about us and the way we did it in our day. If they don’t like it, screw ’em.

    Let’s bulldoze CF and go back to Riddick. We don’t need all those new fangled electronic thingy’s and that Murphy Center is a bit much. The Flintstone weights weigh just as much and those fancy smancy ones. And lights? What’s up with that? Football was created to be played under the glorious sun, dammit! And we need to stop all this coddling of our current players! Have you seen those meeting rooms? Desks? Grease boards? Just draw the damn play in the dirt like God meant it to be. And Air conditioning? Seriously? What’s with that? And enough with this bus bs, we need to make the players walk to practice. Anyone know how we can make it so they have to walk up hill both ways?

    And stay off of my lawn!

    And that is precisely why I’m bailing after this football season.

    If you are not kidding… Don’t forget your ball when you go home. Bye.


    OT, you’re being called out (and rightly so, IMO) not because of you’re opinion, but because you’re being ridiculous and condescending (with a slight hint of ‘whiny bitch’) in expressing it. Making obvious errors in stating the reasoning behind such things and using terms like ‘gimmick’, ‘fad’, and ‘Identity crisis’ to describe the opposing view will not win you many fans.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    I think if we’re going to do a “Blackout” we need to go all the way with this; play with black uniforms at night and No Lights. That way we can all avoid watching Fugly football. 😉


    I worry about the heat for those boys in all black… In early September!!! I much prefer all white.


    I wouldn’t call it a “gimmick” or any sort of “identity crisis”. You have to try new things if you aren’t a Bama, Auburn, Ohio State, Michigan, etc. I’m not against trying new things and mixing it up like the rest of the lot. It’s just that it really makes no difference to me personally what they wear. I’m much more interested in the product on the field – which has been subpar for a good long while. I don’t think the uniform will cure that. Hopefully it will catch the eye of a few solid recruits. But wearing black and pounding ODU will do nothing to elevate the overall image of the program if we don’t take care of business against our conference competition. Just my $.02.


    State is in a recruiting battle for about 10 players right now. If these uniforms help us get 4 great players for 2015, it’s well worth it. And that’s what the uniform changes are about. I love what Oregon has done, and I love the way they play. Doren is getting better players, no matter what happens this year, I like they young players he has brought in. Cool and varied Uniforms are one of the tools to recruit. And the best players win the games. Ask Bowden.


    You know what looks stupid? Breaking out new [email protected]$$ uniforms, then losing to Old Dominion at home. This is a must-win for all the wrong reasons.


    ^ I would say that would be more presumptuous and foolish than stupid.

    This is stupid:



    I think they’re great. But set that aside.

    We know recruiting matters, and if we have some evidence that it will help in recruiting by boosting our program’s visibility (I’d say we do), then why would we not do it? Recruiting matters and every little bit helps. I hope we pull them out for FSU too.


    foose, You are so right. That is stupid.

    Uniforms don’t win games, athletes do. Uniforms are believed to help in recruiting athletes.

    Uniforms are neither stupid nor smart regardless whether we win or lose. Interpreting our uniforms as stupid or in any way derogatory is what’s foolish.


    I am taking my 11 year old granddaughter to her first State football game and she loves the new helmets. Her dad(my son-in-law) is a big unc fan and him and I have been pulling her in the opposite direction for some time now. When she saw the video of the new uniforms she gave dad the bad news. Now in seven years she gives grandpa another surprise and enrolls at his Alma Mater.

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