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    With the 42-0 win tonite over Presbyterian, State surpasses its 2013 win total and moves to 4-0. FSU will be in Raleigh next Saturday (time TBD). Stat
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    winless again in conf play


    winless again in conf play

    Not beyond the realm of possibility. But I’ll be at least somewhat surprised if that happens.


    Yeah, these coaches are in over their heads. /sarcasm

    Knew it wouldn’t take long for the bitching whiney dumb asses to stand up and declare themselves.


    I think we take at least 3 out of the rest of the season. Going in I’d have thought that was darned difficult. Cuse and Wake should be very possible, GT is also a possible and we could pick up one more than that. But we do need a backup at QB.

    Smarter than the average bear


    I live near Tallahassee. Anyone have any really good and stupid double dog dares I could pass on to Jameis?


    One game at a time. That is how they come. FSU wins against Clemson, and coming to Raleigh on national television. So VT, who best Ohio State, loses to GT, in Blacksburg, and this is the same team, who like us struggled with Georgia Southern. So I like our chances. When we did it to them(FSU) in the past, we were also picked to lose. So I, for one, will not rule out a win. We certainly have a potent offense, and the defense has steadily improved.


    This year’s version of the ‘Pack is improved over last year. How much improved remains to be seen but I doubt winless in conference play. This team actually has a quarterback than can make a throw. Much to be done yet but a step forward.

    Alpha Wolf

    I think the Pack should go 8-4 this season as a baseline. We have eight games left so going 4-4 will meet that goal. That’s very do-able, given that the team is pretty healthy and has a potent offense with depth at the skill positions (save QB.)

    Florida State will obviously be a very tough out — they out-athlete NC State at nearly every position and will have their starting clown QB back. Clemson, that’s obviously another tough game, but something tells me that the Pack could conceivably do something special there. After that, if the team plays as well as it has in halves of games they were behind and for four quarters against USF, it will be in it to the end and could come away with wins.

    It would be especially sweet to make one of those losses come against UNC. I am sure that the likes of Tim Scott and others on the Carolina squad think that we’re beneath them too and it would be great to show them that they really aren’t all that.


    Defense takes another step forward. Fernandez (RS Fr) slowly progressing at LB, Buckley (starting “rover” – or whatever this staff calls it – coming out of fall camp) finally logs extensive time after missing early games with an illness.

    DLine doing their job. McKeever is raw, but could be something as he develops. DBs better, but still need to tighten up.

    Coming along about on schedule (maybe a tiny bit faster, all things considered) but who knows… Good enough to be enough next week? Certainly not by themselves, but with help from a run game and ball-control accurate, quick, short passes from Jacoby plus some CF anti-Seminole voodoo?… who knows.

    Like that the deep ball is coming along, at least enough to register as a legitimate, regular threat. Think there was some “Hey FSU, look at this” going on tonight to loosen up those DBs.

    Find out a lot more next Saturday at 3:30pm. ESPN has it listed as ABC/ESPN2 for those of you at home.

    I’m sticking to my preseason 5 to 7 wins as a reasonable expectation of this group. But there’s signs that these worthless coaches, in over there heads and not fit for local high schools (as at least that’s how our sunshine crew here have described them), might be just a wee bit ahead of schedule.

    If I were a betting man, at this point I’d put even money that this crew will exceed preseason reasonable expectations.


    @83 – There’s nothing “near” Tallytown… except the Gulf, South Georgia and LA…

    Just take Jameis over to Ken’s on Tennessee Avenue and ask him what it take’s to “Hang his Mug”….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
    1.21 Jigawatts

    I’m happy for the win and the 4-0 start (which was expected before the season started). Everyone needs to enjoy the good feelings from this start but I’m not changing my expectations of 6-6 just yet and here’s some of why I feel that way:

    1. Level of competition. I’m sorry but as “good” as GSU/ODU’s offense has appeared both are still average or below-average teams.
    2. Tendency of the Offense to wait until the first half is over to remember they have a game to play. (Not just last night)
    3. Inability to control the Line of Scrimmage. Short of going back and watching the video for all plays I remember quite a lot of times the DL was pushed back 3-4 yards by a very small PCU OL. Presbyterian is awful on offense, I mean putrid.
    (sorry for the lack of a table)

    PCU @ N.Illinois: RUSH=31-69 yds (AVG. 2.2), PASS=10-18-1 58 yds (YPA=3.2)
    PCU vs Furman: RUSH=39-113 yds (AVG. 2.9), PASS=9-18-0 79 yds (YPA=4.4)
    PCU @ NCSU: RUSH=45-122 yds (AVG. 2.7), PASS=15-25-0 130 yds (YPA=5.2)

    I’m sorry but the Defense still isn’t that good, they’ve just played 2 incredibly bad offenses. I will give them props for doing a good job of scoring defense against those awful offenses.

    4. Defense Third Down Efficiency: State’s defense has trouble getting off the field, PERIOD.

    PCU @ N.Illinois 1-12 (8%)
    PCU vs Furman 5-15 (33%)
    PCU @ NCSU 8-17 (47%)

    That’s awful 3rd down defense by the pack, especially when they continue to give up the first down on 3rd and long.

    Feel good about the win and the 4-0 (We don’t get many opportunities lately) but try to temper that excitement with reality; as much as we’re excited our Offense has improved behind Brissett, the Defense hasn’t and will be exposed starting against FSU.


    Anybody see the N&O Sports page headline? “Purple Pain” For once I wasn’t complaining about the boys from Brokeback Hill getting more than their fair share of ink and pics. As a matter of fact I enjoyed reading about the holes and their wonderful, Top 25 football team very much, thank you. The ‘holes’ from ‘Brokeback Hill’ has a nice ring to it, don’t ya think? Enough gloating for the morning.


    OK…Who was on a sideline stretcher in the 4th quarter. I could have sworn Hahn and Evans said Dayes.

    Evans went so far as to say
    “Treating it like a possible dislocated hip.”

    I couldn’t find video evidence on the feed, but someone went down .

    Sorry for the game thread panic created.


    It was a PC player who was injured on the Dayes TD reception, a thing of beauty, BTW. If Dayes was injured it was during the celebration thing they do these days.

    winless again in conf play

    At this point I’d say, “undefeated in conference play.” 😉


    I think it was a Blue Hose hipster per another game thread. Some of us don’t have “wagerin” money and can’t afford ESPN3-9. Thanks for the blood pressure spike which allowed me to watch the entire FSU game. Silly tigers. It is a beautiful sunday morning 70-41. Let’s hope steeler madness is quelled early tonight.


    Cow – I think that injury was on the other team

    And I quote Jig’s Gameday article, “Due to the level of competition of the Pack’s opponent this week there won’t be any in-depth analysis by me. Frankly Presbyterian’s offense is so bad they appear worse than USF did last week.”

    And we really struggled to stop them. They didn’t score, but they had to help us with that. They were a run first offense, but hit 60% of their passes.

    Folks, we’ve got a really bad defense that FSU is going to roll over. I struggle to imagine our offense being able to overcome that.


    UNCheat now seeing the results of having to field a team of players that can read (at least a little bit). Might I suggest today’s N&O sports section….awfully good reading there today. Cheaters are going to have to figure out a new way around this honesty and fairness crap.


    I’m amazed that some still seem to think the transitive property applies to college football.

    College football is a game of match ups and the
    fluctuating emotions of 18-23 year olds.

    The biggest issues with our defense are inexperience and lack of overall speed in the back 7. No big changes are coming to either anytime soon, so you look for improvement where it can be made.



    Your analysis overlooks what is critical to evaluating the first 4 game performance. In all 4 games the coaches were using those games as “pre-season” learning experiences. Each game revealed what needed to be worked on or developed. Did you notice last night that we threw the deep ball, something we hadn’t done well if at all before?It has been duly noted by many that the best athletes on the team are from the 2 most recent recruiting classes. Our coaches wisely have been bringing along slowly but surely the freshmen additions to this team. IMNSHO it would have been disastrous to have thrown them in the first games.

    We are also playing it close to the vest regarding over revealing what we are doing well. The shifting we did so well in the USF game (their DC called it ‘Window dressing’ and said it totally confused their defense) we minimized or used different sets last night. As others have said before the PC game, we would be plain vanilla so as to not give away our ‘goodies’ to FSU and the rest of the conference.

    As far as being prepared to play is concerned, this team is not the same team that we saw in the GSU and ODU games. The “average or below average” ODU team is, IIRc is 3-1. Only by shooting themselves in the foot (kinda like Clemson last night) did GSU lose to GT who in turn beat VT in their house. USF in most certainly does not have an incredibly bad offense or defense either for that matter. They may have some problems just as many other teams but they are most definitely not “bad”.

    You say our DL was pushed back 3 and 4 yards by a very small PC OL but only averaged 2.7 yards per rush. Were they tripping and falling over their own feet? FYI a smaller, quicker, well coached OL can do things to open running lanes that larger slower OL cannot do. Ever wonder why our Ali Kassam at 34o lbs. is not playing?

    Early season comparative analysis is a dangerous game. For some reason you and a few others seem to think the objective of a football team in the early season should be to do its best to impress the fans and critics. Not happening at NCSU. Check out Coach Doeren’s coaching resume. His 2 years spent as a graduate assistant at USC wasn’t just something to do. The foundation of his coaching philosophy was built there. USC by and large is not a bad place to learn how to be a head football coach.


    One of our Pack 15 commits has Devon Hester speed. Clocked at but not verified to be a 4.25 40. We may be recruiting some speed, don’t cha think?


    They were a run first offense, but hit 60% of their passes.

    Say what? “Had you rather go to New York or by bus?” What does being a run first offense have to do with completion percentage? WE could be considered to be a ‘run first’ offense and our completion percentage is around 70% or was before last night.


    Yes, speed is coming. By “anytime soon” I mean in the next few weeks or so.


    Side note the N&O online PDF version does not even have a single article on the Pack game. I should know better since I have seen the dribble and poor writing(agendas) for 40 plus years but d*mn! I don’t know why I still go to read it. I guess it’s like watching a train wreck you can’t avert your eyes.

    I am ashamed 🙁


    I am happy with 4-0, and as I discussed with someone at the game, getting inspired for a game against Presbyterian, can be difficult, but it will not be an issue against FSU. We certainly need to improve our out of conference competition on the schedule, but it is what it is. Go Pack!

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