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    NC State baseball has now lost 13 of our last 18 games after dropping two home contests over the weekend to Boston College. On Sunday, State needed a
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    Pack Leader

    I was at the game on Friday, good night from Carlos… NOT great. Its easy to see the toll this trying season has been, especially on the “stars”. Our problem this season, we have 3 maybe 4 hitters a night on this team. Last season we had 6-7. BIG difference.

    Heard a stat that we have lost 5of6 ACC series… thats a little embarassing.


    …thats a little embarassing.

    A little?


    Want to feel even worse? The ESPN3 announcers said that, due to ACC travel rules, there would be no 12th inning no matter what. With runners on 1st and 2nd and nobody out, Avent tried to sacrifice bunt until we had two strikes (with a guy who had 3 hits).

    Yeah, he played FOR THE TIE. Or he didn’t know the travel rule impact. Either is 100% unacceptable.


    That sac attempt was a bigger gaffe than when he issued 2 straight intentional walks to Duke with nobody out, loading the bases.

    I’ll explain, if someone thought that was the smart thing to do.


    Never been an Avent, or anti-Avent guy, given my limited, average fan, baseball knowledge. But wow… I’ve always questioned some of his decisions and philosophies, but I’m not a coach, so I just shut up do the fan thing.

    I’ve heard for years from those who know him that he’s not exactly the brightest bulb in the box. But as long as he knows baseball, I never saw it as a major issue.

    This year… well, talent vs record speaks volumes. Sometimes you need to know more than your sport to manage rosters, players, people, and teams. Sometimes greater stakes put a brighter shine on deficiencies. I haven’t seen too many games this year, but they’ve stirred up more than their share of ‘wtf is he thinking?’ moments.

    He got a contract extension last year, correct?

    These are comments from a baseball layman. Those in the know, please make me feel better. Please?


    I’m reticent only because there’s a couple guys on this site that really, really like the guy. He’s been good to them, and I respect those guys.

    On the otherhand, they know exactly my feelings on the ” Rudderless Skipper.”

    When State plays well, it’s generally due to the skipper stayin’ away from the pilot house.


    Thanks, but that doesn’t exactly make me feel better. 🙂

    My uninformed and from a distance opinion has been that Mr Holliday has probably buffed and shined many a dent and ding, not unlike another Mr Holliday in Wolfpack sports past.


    Promising season gone down the tubes. Starts at the top, so Avent is certainly not doing his job. Last season was great, and even the pollsters expected much of the same this year. Guess we all got screwed!


    My folks taught me that if you don’t have anything nice to say….

    Some pretty entertaining NBA basketball is on the tube for anyone that cares.


    This is me, keeping my mouth shut.


    Pack falls at home tonight to Campbell 9-0 (and it was not as close as the score would indicate), officially moving this season from the ugly/disappointing shelf to the cringe-worthy shelf.


    When ya need 10 runs to win, that’s not called run support, is it?

    Seriously, anybody know how we went from preseason top 10 to this crap pile?

    Apparently there IS crying in baseball.


    Well I agree it is disturbing that with Rodon and Turner returning and the preseason ranking the team has underperformed significantly.

    It seems that I heard that Avent was concerned about personnel losses in the relief staff since the beginning of the season. That apparently was overshadowed early on with the puny run support. Then as we seemed to have righted that ship after the Clemson series the weak bullpen Avent was initially concerned about finally materialized.

    I am not one who would say a coaching change is imminent but next year’s
    season must bounce back to previous standards. One down season where we miss the ACC tournament is not enough to change coaches…..two of those in a row & its time to start looking. NCState should never miss the tournament.

    I hope that won’t happen again.

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