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    I wish Bambard the best. But lets face it, he ain’t getting the job done. Fact not low blows. This ain’t charity or moral victories, its big time football game situation. His stats show it, 2-7 in both loses that was less than 10 pts. Perhaps one can blame DD for putting him in that position but heck, he’s the FG kicker, not the TE. Not sure what your point is with comparing a Yorkie to Rottweiler status at birth. Bambard maybe the best we have, it just isn’t good enough. Only sympathy I have for Bam is DD should have ran the ball two more plays with the two TO left instead of letting clock run down. He rolled the dice with a kicker who has proven not good when put in those situations and it cost us a W when the team as a whole played their butts off.


    Yeah, there’s no reason to tear into the kid. It’s just up to the coaches to work with the reality of the situation going forward. It is what it is.

    Going for it is fun anyway, and would give us more time of possession (synergy!) too.


    I understand what Doeren did at the end. He didn’t want to risk the ball getting moved out of the center. Having the ball on the hash – especially on a shorter FG – is a really big deal in college.

    Too many college coaches fail to take that into account, actually.

    I would like to have run two more plays, too, but they needed to be passes into the end zone.


    Ice cold Dr. Pepper right here….


    I have been watching this same kind of crap for 25 years. I let myself get lured into to watching us weekly lately because we are starting to play well. For a moment, I thought we might actually win a big game. What a joke to think such a thing. I have an image of gametracker showing us with a 90.2% chance of winning. I hate sports.


    I have been critical of last minute… however, it needs to be emphasized – the staff did a super job building this roster and assembling talent that can hang with notre Dame and Clemson in the trenches and did a good job gameplanning.

    If it meant something, I would give a handshake and hug to everyone on this team, coaches and players. They did something great today – now, we build on it.


    He does not kick very well.

    I did not say he took a shot at the pope.


    [email protected]

    How many penalties did we commit?


    It has taken me until now to even respond to this thread. My Dad was diagnosed with a blood clot on Thursday, and the Dr. told him that if he made it to Saturday evening, that he was in the clear.

    I watched the game with my Dad today, and when the field goal attempt flew wide right, I then knew that our monumental effort was for naught.

    I used every cuss word at least a dozen times each, blamed the kicker, the penalties, the (situational) play-calling, the coach, the referees, sun spots, etc…

    But then, I remembered that here in Craven County there are folks that are losing much more than a football game (thanks to Matthew).

    This was eerily reminiscent of the program changing loss at Ohio State some years ago, that a certain coach was unable to ever overcome.

    Somehow, I don’t think that this loss is the same as the one in the horseshoe…I was supremely impressed with the effort today.

    Wolfpack born, Wolfpack bred, and when I die, I’ll be Wolfpack dead.


    This has been a pattern with the kicker since last year. He simply is not performing well, and most of it is mental. He came in very highly regarded, so he has the physical tools.

    The problem is that I think “it” is in his head now and it’s not going anywhere. I’m not sure he’ll ever have the psychological mettle to be a good Power 5 kicker.

    My knee jerk reaction was to want to do this Monday, but let’s say for the sake of argument we give him until the end of the year. Assuming there is no noticeable improvement (and there’s certainly nothing in the body of work to suggest that there will be), Doeren needs to call him into the office and tell him that he’s leaving him on scholarship, he can stay or leave, but he’s cut.

    Then there needs to be an open tryout on campus. You cannot tell me that there is not some European or South American kid going to State who grew up playing soccer that can’t kick better than this.


    Just checked, still heartbroken.


    European or South American?


    About 15% of Mexico’s population has ended up in Candor or Robbins so there is your answer.


    *the ClemPson fan base has drank all the flavor aid


    My son told me he saw some students practicing place kicks on the way to the library after the game yesterday.


    McCallum lol. I grew up in Robbins. But I have to admit you are right.


    Some perspective here from where I sit. I played running back in high school, I also was the kicker (could NOT punt). My first year of varsity my coach didn’t have the confidence in me to kick a field goal from 25 yards the first game of the season. We lost that game by a single point because we didn’t make the first down on the final drive of the game. We only lost two games that year, the first one and the last one. To this day I still feel the first loss was mine. That’s why I worked my butt off. I must have kicked for at least an hour each day AFTER practice, and then throughout the year until the next season I kicked into a big oak tree in my yard every day. In 3 years I missed 2 extra points (bobbled placements), and 5 field goals, one due to block, 2 were flat out of range, and two were just misses. I was a decent running back but felt MY job was field goals and kickoffs. I know that he feels really bad and I do feel for him since I’ve been in his shoes, but the fact of the matter is if you’re not getting the job done something has to be fixed. Like Bass said, he hasn’t been getting it done. It is what it is. He missed point blank (30 yarder in college IS POINT BLANK) for what would have been the biggest point in his kicking career, to knock off #3 in their house. For what ever reason if your game ain’t where it ought to be in whatever position you play you need to FIX IT or turn the job over to someone else.

    Smarter than the average bear


    Again, if you have a kicker who is is probably not the best choice to leave the game up to a field goal.

    I understood the rationale – but it comes back to a problem i have with DD, given 2 choices in the heat of the battle, he often chooses the worst one.

    It’s important to clarify that this doesn’t mean I think he is incapable of being an effective coach for nc state. It just means I see this as a weakness for him. He clearly has other strengths – and you can see the progress this program has made is remarkable.

    Now the wheels may fall off, but otherwise I think the program’s is heading in the right direction.


    And I think DD’s strength as a long term planner, his decision making outside of the cauldron of the 60 minute game, his methodical building and his personal integrity outweigh that weakness.

    Coaches are human, they have strengths and weaknesses. The question is always can their strengths outweigh their weaknesses enough to be effective.


    Not really even the ‘fault’ of the coaches, though it is their responsibility. They knew they had an issue, and went out and got a grad transfer. On paper a good one. The one that kicked today was good, on paper, when recruited.

    Then there needs to be an open tryout on campus. You cannot tell me that there is not — kid going to State who — can’t kick …

    Good morning Gents…
    The sun is shining and I hope ya’ll took your ibuprofen this am…

    It wouldn’t be the first time… iirc …

    1973 — Our Punter got hurt or something about a month into the season….

    Coach Lou Holtz put an ad in the Technician and told those who were interested to come down to the old practice field behind Reynolds on Dan Allen… the same field Holtz told that professor, he couldn’t run around during practice, three years later.

    Don’t know how many showed up that afternoon, but I guess, Coach found what he was looking for… That new kid – a Sophomore – finished that ’73 season averaging about 40yds and started the next with a full scholarship.

    Mr. Dog knows more details than I do, maybe… that kid and I grew up 1/2 mile apart and graduated from High School together.

    Top Ten Programs cannot be built in 2-3 seasons.
    All Top Ten Teams have great kicking games.
    We ain’t Top Ten yet… but if we keep doing what we’re doing right, we can be…

    Looks like — Coach DD got the best he could get in the off season…
    Looks like — as a grad transfer – the current kicker won’t be here next year even if he was 1st Team All ACC..
    Looks like — we have a “good” kicker on the way.

    Doesn’t make much sense to me to cut the kid and try out a walkon for just six games… I’d stick with the one we’ve GOTT, coach him up and try to do a better job of keeping him out of high risk situations where he does NOT have a high percentage of being successful.

    Just imagine the violent out roar from the lunatic fringe if we have NOT tried the last field goal…. In that case, somebodys would have been on the Brickyard last night ‘burning effigies’…

    So we might as well sit back and enjoy what we GOTT in front of us…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    The kid missed the game winner by two feet. He makes that same FG had DD not decided to pass down there and lose yardage on a sack. In other words, we win that game if we don’t try that pass.

    I’m of STRONG opinion our best chance to win that game was to try to get it closer by running it (which we were getting 5 yds a carry on that drive) and kick the field goal in that situation, not by going all Brett Favre out there to score a TD on a compacted field against THAT defense. Could you imagine the laughing stock we’d have been had he thrown a pick in that situation. Give it to Dayes, get it closer, and kick a chip shot if he’s not able to run it in. Hindsight 20/20 etc.

    That said if you’re not going to trust your kicking game then just don’t even put them on the bus.


    By the way, DD clearly has the team improved through out this season. You guys that know me know I’m the first to be critical of DD but yesterday’s game was a pleasant surprise. I’m guessing Yow gave him an ultimatum after the Pirates loss and he heard her loud and clear.


    I’m of STRONG opinion our best chance to win that game was to try to get it closer by running it (which we were getting 5 yds a carry on that drive) and kick the field goal in that situation, not by going all Brett Favre out there to score a TD on a compacted field against THAT defense.

    ^This +1…

    The only thing better would have been in position to ^This… 2x or 3x… and score the TD on the ground.
    We wasted too much time BETWEEN plays, coming down the field during the previous SIX minutes —

    Clempsom punted and we GOTT the ball back on our 29yd line at 6:15 in the 4th…
    We ran NINE plays — the 10th being the Field Goal attempt with 2 seconds left on the clock…

    6:12 / 9 == 41 seconds per play
    gimme 3 seconds saved per play and that’s an extra 27 seconds or 3 more plays in the redzone…

    That takes the sack on the dumbass pass play before the FG attempt out of the game…
    That’s ALL we needed to do differently.

    Math is your friend… even on the gridiron…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    ^That said…

    I’m sitting there WORRIED the whole time that we would go too fast and Clempsom with Watson at the helm would get the BALL BACK with TOO MUCH TIME left on the clock… Going faster, especially just 3 seconds faster, never really crossed my mind, nor apparently — our Coaches….

    Neither did the chance that we would NOT SCORE on the last drive…


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Random thoughts:

    – My pregame prediction is that we’d play well, but I didn’t like their receivers against our DBs, our kicking game, and I feel like DD’s poor game management is worth 6-10 point a game for the other team. I figured we’d lose by 14-17.
    – Hats off to the defense for rising up and playing their best game of the year. They made clutch play after clutch play and really hit hard.
    – The offense… Well the third quarter was my concern with Drink in looking back at his time at Boise. In games they lost, he was very pass happy. In that third quarter and first half of the 4th we admittedly had some bad field position, but it was also like we forgot about the run.
    – Kicking. It is bad. It has been bad consistently under DD. Not going to say much more.
    – End of regulation sequence reminded me a lot of App against Tenn this year. More conecerned with trying to kill the clock than actually going in for the score to put the game away. Huge mistake. I think Dayes had just popped off a ten yard run. If we’re kicking, then no kick is too short.
    – Overtime offensive play: kind of like we’d given up.
    – Baffling situational subbing of McLendon into the game.
    – Our lines are as good as I can remember them. Yeah we had some bad penalties in the first half on the OL, but I thought the protection was good and Dayes had some holes.
    – I do not understand our use of time outs. We often seeming use them in a way that gives our opponent a free time out.
    – DD reminds me of a football version of HWSNBN. He is a methodical grinder who is his own worst enemy when the game is going. No lead is safe and the pucker factor is incredibly high. We’ll give him as long as Yow is here. If Yow were here another 6 years, then DD would get his decade.


    All of us armchair Coaches and Special Teams Coaches have our Sunday Morning Theory.

    So, I got mine. IT IS MENTAL. I could watch the game, but listened to the last two plays on radio. There really was NOT much doubt in Johnny Evans’ mind that Bamburg was gonna nail it. He talked about the “icing the kicker” TO, Dabo called it perfectly….and we even snapped the ball and Bamburg, as expected, nailed it. Evans’ comment was that should be a confidence builder and probably not a good move by Dabo. OK, Dabo makes more than Evans, so I guess pay grade DOES count. You could hear Johnny say, “IT MISSED” in a rather low and dejected voice.

    I have NO input as to the last series, clock management, game strategy, etc. Comments are being made about that. I watched the first half and screamed every time we committed a bone head penalty. I also sort of think we were lucky that the refs did not call “targeting” on the running back. NOW, that is not saying it was deliberate….probably just good hard hitting. However, good hard hitting is getting more scrutiny….probably as well as it should be….and a hit like that is gonna get attention.

    We made some mistakes….but all in all, we played right with them. I could not sleep last night and watched the two games (switching back and forth) and then the UCLA v WSU game. The crawlers and also the halftime reports on the Top 25 were quite complimentary to us.

    YES, it is an L…and there is no such thing as a GOOD L. However, we did increase our stature in the FB world yesterday. We will need to keep that in perspective when we head to Louisville next week. Duke gave Bobby and boys a scare and he will NOT let them forget that. He might even cut off their volley ball girls and not let them borrow his Harley. THAT is how serious it is getting.

    Whatever the ST and HC does about Kicking is gonna be their call. I would go with what I have. Obviously Bamburg has focus issues. BUT, if you demote him and your replacement is worse, you sure ain’t gonna get the SAME Bamburg back and THEN what will you do.

    YES, there are great kickers….and probably some on Campus. How are you going to test them under pressure. Are you going to test them. How about telling them that it has come down to 3. There will be a Kick Off. It will be best of 5. The two losers will be castrated….you need SOMETHING to put them under pressure….

    My take….others will (and probably quite strongly) disagree….I guess we will see who does the PAT’s and FG’s next week….and lets hope he has LOTS of opportunities….


    Non-random thoughts, an L is just that. The next game will not go well. I am sure State will win again but not next week.

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