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    There is no need to be offended as a state fan or supporter if Dennis Smith did “shut it down”. No need to stop your LTR purchases, no need to burn state apparel. Dennis CAME here, Dennis signed here when Bam and all the others went where they knew they’d get exposure. So, there is your Ra Ra speach, he gave us a chance.

    I agree with everyone about the potential developmental needs and what Dennis really needs to solidify his game. Difference between he and Cat is…Dennis had and has the mentality he is a top five NBA guard now. Dennis had and has the mentality that he’d go to college for a year to test and rehab his knee and gain the experience. Dennis is a great player, he would not be letting any of us down if he “shut it down”. Gott and the rest of the administration has already done that.


    Oh, and it does need to be repeated. Dennis Smith Jr. will not spend one second on any developmental teams roster. Not a day, not a minute, not a second.


    No, but he should really stop giving so much effort on defense. He really might pull a muscle or something. Dial it down a notch kiddo.


    He’s a basketball player on a basketball team. His job is to play basketball to the best of his ability. Period.


    In a way, I agree with Kahn. I mean really, we have a ‘one and done’ rule. Are we now down to a ‘1/2 and done’ rule? That being said, here is where I disagree with mr Kahn – it is NOT a job for DSJ. He is NOT being compensated monetarily for his unique skill set. For selfish reasons I would enjoy seeing him play and finish strong. But I clearly understand the risk involved and would understand the rationale for limiting his play at this juncture.


    I can remember games and players going back to the late 1970s. Honestly, I canโ€™t remember many players at any position as talented as DSJ”

    Alas, I really pity those who never saw DT play. He was and still is the most incredible college player I have ever witnessed.


    For years, college basketball fans and March Madness enthusiasts have been saying that college basketball players should get paid for what they do. But yesterday, USA Today revealed that they already do. In fact, college basketball players are making roughly $120,000 a year.


    Imo if you sign to play then play. If you do not want to play then don’t sign.


    @NCSU84…we’ll go to the bench and sub in Task (or some equivalent) for Job. Probably was a poor choice of wording. ๐Ÿ™‚


    If you want to keep it real then heck no. He looks like he’s playing in a darn all-star game, literally taking plays off at whim. If he quits on the team IMO his stock would drop a few notches because that is literally the bitch way out of a bad season. My .02


    DSJ is certainly a talented player, but not perfect, and still lots of room to improve defense, clock management, and remember when game is on the line, to not play hero ball. And certainly needs to work on FT ability, as well as others, on that one. Maybe a W, is in our near future. Just gotta play team ball, defense, and rebound.


    ’84, I know it was a different time and a different game, but David T is still the best player I ever saw at the college level…if he could have played as a freshman, been allowed to dunk and had the 3 pt. shot, there may be records that wouldn’t be broken….and he would have never quit on his team, crap it almost killed him and he still walked back in the coliseum after being released from the hospital..DSJ won’t quit either, and should not be ‘allowed’ to quit his team. It would set back the one and done concept in a big way. (not all a bad idea). If college basketball is just a developmental league for the NBA then it doesn’t matter, but if it is a sport played at the university level with education as the goal then it should not happen…if you let it happen then let UNCheat walk and forget all the other rules…


    Well stated Seawolf. And to put things in perspective for those who did not witness DT’s greatness, not only was there no 3 pt line, there was also no shot clock. He still AVERAGED almost 30 points per game – let that sink in for a minute. DSJ averages 19 with a 3 pt line and a shot clock. He is no DT, but I still enjoy seeing him perform.


    Well I might well jump the hell on in to this…

    As most of you know I’m Class of ’76… so….

    30pts a game… that’s right…
    No shot clock, that’s right…
    No three point shot, that right too..

    Dean and other coaqhes, including Lefty, playing slow ball every chance the had…

    the TEAM Averaged 90 plus a game every season 72-75…..
    Which means as great as David was… the rest of guys busted their a##es every night and did their part…

    Which also means that the 3pt shot and shot clock would NOT have made any statistically significant difference in David’s career numbers, especially in conference games… which is NOT TO SAY that his damn highlight film wouldn’t have been out of this world with the dunks… Truth is, he wasn’t a three point shooter only ’cause he never learned it… 18-20 was his realistic limit @ 40% FGM or better …

    NEVERTHELESS ya’ll may be overlooking three of the biggest things of all that might impact how to look back 40plus years at “30 pts a game – the old school way…

    So, if I may…

    1. David was 6’4” and maybe a half inch… and played Forward…
    today that’s called a Wing man… and it ain’t the same thing…

    Back in the day… FORWARD meant 50% jumpshot from 15-18ft….
    and 50% in the Paint on Offense…. ain’t no Wings today doing that…

    And I’m leaving out the differences on Defense, ’cause I ain’t intending to write ya’ll a book…

    Let that sink in…

    2. The Competition…
    as in Who’d you play against….

    David faced 2-3-4 times each season…

    Karl the HotDog
    Tree Rollins
    … and I know I left some out, but I’m making my point, not a damn list…

    All NBA CAREER guys…

    Look around the ACC today and WHO do you see especially outside where the guards and wings hang out?

    Some good kids, but not like those named above…

    Let that sink in….

    3. NOT all points are equal…

    Nobody kept stats back in the day, like you can keep now…
    for you kids… they USED pencil and paper…

    Yeah, David had some big numbers in December, when Norm wanted to do him “playallthelittleschoolsinNorthCarolinaaway” thing….
    BUT… in the conference, especially the top half which was the Big Four + Twerps & Hoos…

    David scored more of his points in close games when it counted… Garbage baskets was a thing that had not yet been thought of…

    Lemme put that another way….
    but first… It’s been a while and I don’t have the data, so I’m using my OLD memory…

    I can’t remember any game we lost between 1972-1975 because David missed a shot…
    now if someone else can, no problem… I’ll yield the floor on this point, as long as one of you math & stat guys posts a winning game shot/losing game shot ratio or a FGM% for the 5 minutes of every game… no matter the number, I’m damn sure that will still make my point…

    Let that sink in…


    Mr. Smith is talented — probably the best we’ve seen in years in his first year in Red & White — yes, since David and a very few others… that kid ain’t nothing but potential….

    But as one Old Wolf…
    I’ll need to see three seasons of Mr. Smith in West Rawlee before I start comparing him to anybody else who played had three seasons…


    Just for fun, since I’m obviously on a roll here and you’re still reading…
    You heard it here first…

    Vinnie Del Negro will have a LONGER NBA career than Dennis Smith, Jr…..

    Holler Back on that one in 10 years or so…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Fascinating topic.
    Just think how that would impact the NCAAT if that became a common practice.

    “Hey, I proved myself during the regular season, not going to risk injury against these better teams playing with higher stakes.”

    My guess is, it would influence how NBA folks saw you and might make some teams think you aren’t a team player. And that does matter to some of them.

    But on the flip side, if most of the best players did it, then it wouldn’t have any impact at all on the NBA’s perception.

    PS – As for David Thompson, I saw him play many nights too. Clearly the best player on the court every night. But, and I think it an important but, the quality of the players now is so much better than 40 years ago that it is really impossible to compare. Would DT of the 70s be a star in 2017, no doubt about it. He had the skills and the athleticism to excel in any era. Would he equal his stats from the 70s, I think that is harder to answer.


    OK, just my two cents – NO WAY he quits or packs it in.

    What would an NBA scout say to this? IF he is set to be picked 4 or 5, what kind of team is he going to? An 82 game schedule plus preseason 10+ games, where they might win 25 of them. Do I want that on my team? Not a chance!

    If anything, he needs to elevate his game (his TEAM game) to show the scouts what he is capable of. No more 1 on 5, no more dribbling through double and triple teams. No more forced drives or bad jump shots. And certainly learning to play D.

    One of the big differences between college and the “league” is D. Everyone is good in the league and everyone can score. While the NBA has had a rep for years as a no D league, actually the D is very good and very tough. Defense will be the catalyst if DSJ has a successful pro career.


    He still AVERAGED almost 30 points per game โ€“ let that sink in for a minute. DSJ averages 19 with a 3 pt line and a shot clock. He is no DT, but I still enjoy seeing him perform.

    The 3 pt line & shot clock are great points, however to be fair you’re comparing the points/game of a freshman compared to that of DT’s junior year. A more accurate comparison would be DT’s freshman year when he averaged 24.7, which of course is still 5 points more than DSJ. I’m sure DSJ’s points/game average would be higher if he were he a couple more years.


    Well, looks like this whole article is a moot point now as it appears the entire team and coaching staff have already “shut it down”.


    It’s Ok though, I have too. Apathy has set in like never before.


    Just watched the FSU game and with the exception of Mav and Henderson, looks like it’s a complete Shut Down!


    IMO it is absurd to even pose the question and warrants a Herm Edwards style rant. Absolutely not, for many reasons already posted.

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