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    Haha. Good point.


    If we thought this was confusing when it broke this AM, it is NOW really confusing.

    If the victim did NOT know Shad….then HOW was Shad identified.

    If you read the charges and the NC GS that cover “motorized” vehicles, Shad was supposed to stop and render aid. That is pretty cut and dried. I posted the GS on the Forum for you legal eagles.

    If the Moped was NOT registered, then that is an issue.

    As to whether it is overblown or not, who knows….again, a lot of discussion on the forum thread before this was put up….SFN, it would have been helpful to TRANSFER the comments here…

    Bottom line….He did practice (innocent until proven guilty). He is in deep feces with Coach D. He needs a GOOD attorney to tell Coach D exactly WHAT the anticipated outcome will be.

    What we do NOT know….is the exact events and who said (or did not say) what to whom. Funny thing….the obvious term “Hit and Run” has not (or I did not see it) been used in the articles with the specific terms.

    It WAS a media event last night. WRAL (and Fox) used the “Breaking News” intro. They also had the Tower Cam on it and there were at least 2 units, with blue lights on there for quite some time.

    Coach D is probably right to play this as he is. He does NOT have any more info than we probably do….other than what Shad may have told him. I also think that he is savvy enough to want to know the WHOLE story and also what Shad’s potential “Legal Issues” are going to be.

    BUT, the longer that takes (and you do need FACTS and VERIFICATION), the more the Drama Queen Journalists will make of it. The fact that the Victim’s mom was interviewed shows that.

    NOW, if I were in the parent’s shoes and some idiot was operating a moped on a Sidewalk and knocked my child down an embankment and they had to get stitches, I too, would be a little more than upset….

    If the driver did NOT even stop and say…”Hey, Dude….You OK? Can I help you?”, then I would REALLY be hostile. I can become a Mama Bear in a heartbeat when it comes to my kids and my wife and my GK’s safety and well being.

    I guess if I were the parent of the girl that the FSU player body slammed, I would really go Postal….

    Whether you are an athlete or a student a professor or just somebody out on a bike (or a moped) or whatever, common decency (and sense) should rule… For WHATEVER reason (seemingly, allegedly, etc.) THAT did not happen.

    Coach D and AD Yow and probably Dr. Woodson, along with Becky or whoever our Legal Eagle and also the PR person, will each have to make a recommendation.

    SHEESH….Shad…Why were you on that sidewalk?

    OK….maybe I am OUT of TOUCH, but I don’t even like to be buzzed by bicycles when I am walking….and I used to do a lot of cycling and would warn folks when we were sharing a common greenway that I was coming up behind them…

    Is it COMMON practice for Mopeds to be driven on sidewalks on or about campus…??


    Well, at least he wasn’t found to be carrying a package of frozen crab legs at the time of the incident.

    Alpha Wolf

    Well, at least we know it wasn’t one of Fats’ rental cars, and I guess he wasn’t strapped and with a bale o’ weed.


    I’d sit him for the first series.


    ^….but, let him blast out of the tunnel on a scooter.


    First, why is one of your starting top running backs driving a moped in downtown Raleigh and/or on campus? Seems Coach D should have put the brakes on that early on. Second, from all reports, Shad was not involved in a hit and run. It was only that he left the scene. Can you blame the kid? I mean, not trying to make light of a situation that know only what has been reported or maybe blown out of proportion. Look, if it was my kid with a history, coming off suspension and told “keep your nose clean”, he would have probably made the same bad choice and left. It happens in the moment. And it was a moment for Shad. Can’t blame Shad for leaving, but maybe Coach can’t overlook another eyesore.


    He’s been dismissed. Good Luck Shad. Let’s move forward…gotta game to win this weekend!


    The GFS model has Joaquin running through the Triangle with 10+” of rain and wind gusts over 80mph. That will blow you off your moped in a minute right there!


    That would be for Sunday a.m.

    Kahn turned me on to Allan Huffman. If UKMET and GFL hold…We be in for a ride.

    Next man up!


    How sad and he is gone. I hope he can get his life together somewhere.

    “It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances, but we’ve made the decision to dismiss Shadrach from our program,” Doeren said in a statement.



    Shadrach is off the team. How stupid can he be? Fortunately the university will let him finish school, but football is done. But with Gallaspy to step in, we should be fine. DD gave him (Thorton), his chances, but he just didn’t get it. Time to beat some Cardinals!


    Hey kid, jump on the back of my moped and I’ll take you to the infirmary. No, that won’t work.

    Let me hang around (for what) and miss curfew. I didn’t want to get wet Saturday anyway. And for sure Coach will kick me off the team if I do.

    Catch 22.

    And the righteousness comments are sickening. None of you ever broke a law, like J-walking across Hillsborough st. or drinking under age? Or rode a moped on the side-walk to keep from getting killed on Western Blvd or Avent Ferry Rd.

    What’s next, call the police to report an accident when you bump somebody with a grocery cart in the grocery store?


    Grey if it was a single incident I would be there with you. But it is not. For good or bad there has been a series of documented problems. That speaks to decision making (maybe character but since I do not know him I will not make that claim).


    I like the fact the Dave saw fit to get him out of the way of a good program that is on the rise. I feel for the guy but he’s got no social manners it appears…hit and run…no matter how minor, matters!!!

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