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    Zona takes a tumble. Would be delighted but just hands a Sweet 16 bid to Kentucky.

    Hokies go down.


    Well as others have said, hard to be disappointed with how the team of misfits came together for one good season. I can’t imagine any coach since V being able to pull that off. Congrats KK, keep up the good work. He has commitments from 4 4*s already.


    An unexpectedly good year. I hate the ending but it’s hard to get upset given what KK did with a patch work if players.

    I want to see better defense next year. It was bad most of the time this year. The question I have is why. If it the system, the players, both, or maybe a leaving curve. At least we have something to look forward to next year.


    I too felt the defense wasn’t where we needed it this year inside the arc. Having said that, I think some forget just how awful we’d been on defense the two years prior. We jumped over 100 spots in the national rankings on defense in one year. This year was also clearly better than the year prior as well.

    Offensively we finished in the top 25 nationally. We only had one year under Gott when we were relatively better offensively, and that was year 2 (when we had the most talent on the court that we’ve had since V). I’d like to see what Keatts would do with Brown, Woods, and three McDonald’s AAs. For all the belly aching about defense, this team ranked better nationally than that one did.

    Just a little perspective the morning after a tough loss. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I was really proud of this group and it was definitely the most I have enjoyed a NC State team since Gott’s year 1, and then since Hodge.


    I definitely believe we peaked a few weeks ago. And our interior defense was bad all season. Still, pleasantly surprised, given we were picked to finish 12th in the ACC. Agree that both Freemans and Dorn came to play; Markell also was decent. Nothing to say about Abu’s performance, maybe his injury was too much to overcome. Yurt7 had a good season, but I still don’t think he’s ready for the physicality and speed of the NBA. Though, I’m not optimistic that he will stay. Ugly last game for him if he does end up leaving.

    I’m excited for next year, but man do I want some hardware in basketball. It seems we have a better shot of winning the ACC regular season or the ACC Tournament, than we do of getting to or winning the CFP. I’m hopeful that KK and the team will take some big strides this off-season.


    Congratulations to Coach Keatts and team already looking forward to next year. I wonder if Y7 would be helped if instead of going home to play ball if he should not enroll if able in some big man nba camps this summer and then put it into practice one more year before going pro.


    Abu, Yurt7, Beverly, and Sam Hunt combined for a whopping 2 points.


    KK was forced to choose between offense and defense this year. We had some pretty good offensive players that just weren’t very good on the other end for a combination of reasons, none of which involved effort. Conversely, we had some pretty good defensive players that just weren’t very good on the opposite end. As the season wore on, KK went to a roster that favored the offensive players because we were really having some trouble scoring the basketball at times in the half court. But he also went away from the variety of presses we saw early in the year, the frequency, and the personnel used.

    This team and KK exceeded my expectations this year. As he gets longer, athletic players, I think we’ll be more balanced on both ends, offense and defense, and you’ll see the Pack version of 40 minutes of hell.

    Schematically though, I agree with CD. I do think a little more zone out of the press would’ve helped eak out a few more wins. Once the press is broken, I’m not a big fan of pressuring the ball and denying passes when you’re 30 feet from the basket. Too often, we got beat off the dribble this year, and there was inadequate help. Against Seton Hall, I think the pressure really played into their style, more than it did counter it. I do think we’ll improve in this area, but he might have countered some of the athletic and size deficiencies and defensive weaknesses of the team had we played a little more zone, and backed off in the half court just a touch.


    It was an interesting year, as mentioned we improved nationally on defense (really shows how pathetic we were under Gott). Thanks to the Freeman’s, they are College Basketball! Really pulling for KK to have a full deck to play with next year!!

    In a weird way, the Wolf Pack is still playing thru the Martin twins!!
    Ok, I know… still good for them!


    Gregg Marshall and Wichita St. loses to Marshall. Poetic.

    The other Wolf Pack wins, with the Martins coming up big in OT.


    And don’t forget about Kyle Washington at Cincy, who appear to be poised for a deep run.


    Don’t forget Gary Clark.
    He wanted to come to State but Gott didn’t want him. Not enough stars. It was obvious he was a call player.
    Eh, he would have been wasted under Gott any way.


    Update from the NIT:

    BC bows out early with a bad performance against Western Kentucky.

    Notre Dame and Louisville advance to the second round.

    Irish face Penn State and Cards draw Middle Tennessee.


    Rye – good point about the fatigue.

    Interesting offseason and new season coming up. Looking forward to seeing what Keatts does with his upcoming rosters.

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