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    UNx are gonna get a new age wallop. Across the board.

    I don’t want new age.

    I want biblical, Plague and pestilence type stuff.

    Sodom and Gomorrah pillars of salt, divine retribution type stuff.

    Four horsemen, apocalyptic type stuff.


    I hear ya Paki.This is what I was thinkin’


    ^Ok, now that’s not fair.


    Two things, CD:
    1)I wish I had your confidence
    2)I hope with every fiber of my being that you’re right


    I’m right, ’87.

    …but it’s taken a long time for the Elders to convince me.


    I hear ya Paki.This is what I was thinkin’

    I’ll take it.

    I’m right, ’87.



    I don’t think the Roy stuff bothers me as much (considering we always figured the howitzers would come out against any basketball penalties) as the football staff either brazenly lying to recruits/new commits about the extent of upcoming penalties, or showing their hand that they are privy to information they shouldn’t be from the NCAA.

    Telling recruits that they have their “word” that no further penalties are forthcoming seems like a awfully high stakes gamble to me, unless Swoffie’s fixed it somehow. Which is entirely possible.


    ^ Agreed on both counts.

    Hoping recruits/parents are wise enough to at least suspect the shady car salesman-esque pitch either way. The ones who aren’t either dyed in the wool sheep already, or just too stupid to be darwinian victims here or somewhere else anyway (yeah I know…what’s the difference?), will probably be alright.

    EDIT – wow, my above grammar and sentence structure really sucks. Bottom line…if they ain’t stupid or already heels for life, their caveat emptor gauges will probably be working’ fine.


    The highest and most trusted source in the land says this:

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    Posted: 7/15/2015 11:33 AM
    Re: UNC Scandal: Day 1900
    A short update of sorts before obiad…

    Lawsuits –
    There are two primary reasons the ncaa HAD to find fault with unc’s past transgressions.
    One was to protect themselves (the ncaa) from some of the current lawsuits against them. (McCants/Ramsey, Haulsfield… there are some major implications tied up in there… you guys should really be paying more attention when st8dukegrad87 posts)
    The almost catch-22 scenario the ncaa found themselves in was finding a way to fault unc, but at the same time not compromising their own position in those lawsuits. With the way the NOA was ultimately worded, the ncaa accomplished that goal.
    Another reason for having to find fault in those past transgressions was due to immense pressure from certain other member institutions. (unc has vastly underestimated who its enemies are, in terms of the academic/athletic world)

    The flow of information —
    It’s well known that unc redacted a LOT of information from the supplementary documents of the NOA. Hmm… what if some of it was information that would completely nullify their current PR campaign? If/when the NOA ever becomes 100% public the school may be forced to face some very uncomfortable questions. And for those who say “we’ll never see the full NOA”… don’t be so sure.

    On the flip side of that information flow: as has proven to be the case for several years now, unc’s decision makers do not know quite as much as they think they do.
    The NCAA conducted interviews that were not included in the NOA.
    That is a fact, not conjecture.
    As much as unc (and its admin/PR) would like to think they are completely in the driver’s seat in terms of managing the entire “information” situation, the word “completely” simply does not apply.

    PR approach —
    As has been mentioned several times earlier on PP, the unc PR team outlined a specific plan of trying to sway public opinion – with one of the main results hopefully being the emotional manipulation of the COI. (there are other goals as well, which will be briefly touched on later)

    Lying to recruits —
    This is part verbal ambiguity on unc’s part, and part coordinated plan.
    “Our lawyers told us” is an easy way for the coaches to blame someone else once they actually get hit with sanctions.
    Also, for the coaches to say that their sports were not “specifically” named in the NOA is actually the truth. By definition, to be “specifically” named could be construed as being the ONLY one named. So no, men’s basketball was not “specifically” named in the NOA… it was named along with football, WBB, etc. (but oh, those redacted NOA docs…)

    Interestingly, the stamp of approval for the use of that wording/phrase by the head coaches (not being “specifically” named) supposedly came all the way from the top, by the way.

    Sanctions —
    Going back to the lawsuits – the NCAA must protect itself on several fronts. As such, unc will face sanctions – both past and present.

    The unc apologists will continue to boast and gloat for another 6-9 months, following the fallacy that is being spread through PR. When the sanctions are finally announced, reality will set in for many. (though the PR approach – the “other goals” mentioned above – supposedly has a few contingency plans to try and ease the pain)
    Those apologists who swear there will be no sanctions are either buying the PR spin (which is not entirely their fault), or they simply aren’t very intelligent (again, not entirely their fault. It’s awfully hard to change a DNA strand).
    It is what it is, and their current perception of the situation is not worth the energy to try and change.

    However… the people who hope for sanctions (on this board, and elsewhere) BUT for whatever reason keep saying “they are going to skate”… those people are extremely, disappointingly foolish.
    Pure common sense regarding the facts should be all you need. Unc is going to get hit. Past and present.

    When the final word comes down, there will inevitably still be some who cry it’s not enough. Hey, it’s the MB of PP. A lack of complaining would be totally out of character, right?
    But the goals will have been met.

    And here’s the thing: if you are one of the ones who wants to complain about the final verdict (though I’d wager the vast majority will be happy), then all I can say is that I’m sorry. If you feel they should “get the death penalty! Drop a daisy cutter on them! Pull their accreditation! Give them 20 years of probation and vacate all victories back to 1980!”… well, again, I’m sorry. There is a thing called taking initiative, and there have been MULTIPLE opportunities to actually do something useful over the past five years.
    Complaining and whining about things not being fair, yet never having done anything to actually help out matters, is IMO a mixture of self-pity and worthlessness. I’m not interested in either.
    Sorry… enough of that sort of negativity. Moving on.

    One final note on their PR —
    They have literally spent millions over the past few years, paying people to help them craft certain messages, to bury the paperwork process under legal loopholes, and so forth.
    Every person they have hired (save for a few fanboy lawyers) has had money as his/her primary interest. “I’ll do my best to give you want you want; keep writing those checks.”
    But is a merc’s “best” effort truly a passionate, exemplary effort, if your heart is not in it?

    Compare that with what has been exposed against unc. The key difference: done by an (arguably) equally-capable group of skillsets, yet done for passion and an ethical cause – not for money. That’s likely been one of the differences over the past five years, with regards to results. Millions of dollars can buy work, but it can’t always buy an impassioned effort.

    Let me put things another way: For the past 24 months or so, everything has gone pretty much as planned. Whose plan?… Exactly.

    More updates —
    If there are ever other happenings… yet they are not being shared… then there are always very good reasons for not commenting publicly on them.
    Bigger hands are now molding this piece of clay.
    As always… just try and be patient.


    ORW is the new Zen Master


    This Manilishi guy sounds about right.


    I have a “sense of relief” every morning before I shower and shave and I haven’t produced as much sh!t as Ole Roy has talking about his players academic excellence.


    Good dog. Channeling dog.

    Despite the guy up there, what…mac and cheese?

    Ready for football, so he can troll the first questionable playcall…

    UNx are gonna get a new age wallop. Across the board.

    Sad says he?

    At least you and I are on the same page about “the whomp up the side of the head”!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    This Manilishi guy sounds about right.

    He is the one I trust the most and he’s the first to tell you to “have patience”!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Silence in the air. They have either responded, or they are holding out for a week and a 1/2.

    We won’t know either way, ’cause it ain’t public record unless one requests it thru the channels.

    Regardless, Roy is still relieved. Football season, and the master coach of…?, Have taken the field. You go Hat.


    UNC self-reports new NCAA violations, delaying response to previous allegations

    “Cunningham said. “I want to assure everyone that Carolina is doing all it can to bring these matters to closure as quickly as possible while also strictly adhering to the NCAA’s infractions process. While we need to address these new developments, we have already completed the majority of the work necessary to respond to the NCAA’s notice. We fully believe that we will be able to bring the investigation to a conclusion in spring 2016, as previously anticipated.”

    Conveniently after basketball season is over.


    Kick the can down the road. At some point I would hope the NCAA, or their Alumni would just say, “Enough!” and just clean house.


    Just buying time to get through basketball season. Oh, it was a banner f*cking year at the old UNC family!


    Oh this ties right in with Bubba’s trip to Indy, last week.

    The dime got dropped, and Unx was left with knickers around their ankles once again.



    Take 'em down.

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