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    Just got done watching the game on DVR. Great team win today. We improved on just about every aspect of the game except for the free throws. I thought for sure we were going to blow the win in the last two minutes but was very pleasantly surprised when we not only held on but seemed to turn up the defensive intensity. Great day for the Pack Nation. Congrats to all the players, coaches and fans in attendance. Now for the Cheats.


    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>PackofMac wrote:</div>
    4 points, 4 assists and 4 turnovers is hardly huggable, I do hope he continues to find his confidence. As much as I personally am frustrated by Cat he is without a doubt a talent, I want him to succeed. Great win, tar holes coming in…LETS GO!!!

    And he’s probably the best on ball defender in the ACC.



    Unx game will say a lot about this team and Gott. Will we play defense? Will we have the same desire and determination to win? For me, it won’t be as much about whether or not we win, but how we play/execute and the toughness we bring.


    I had the same thought during the BeeJay conversation. He hadn’t gotten in anybody’s face so the ref did the word to the wise thing.


    Anyone else think that the shoulder to BJ’s thigh while he was on the rim was accidentally on-purpose?

    Was at the game. Had a perfect,
    unubstructed view. It was intentional. He stepped towards Anya, dipped and lowered his shoulder into him. He should’ve been thrown out. He should be suspended by the league for a game.


    Next game will be interesting commentary. The Wolfpack had not handled success well for many years now.


    It was intentional. He stepped towards Anya, dipped and lowered his shoulder into him.

    Wow. On the replays it didn’t look intentional.

    Winslow definitely shoved Turner on the play where Turner went over the media table. I would guess no ill intent, but if he did that plus deliberately undercut Anya – well, that’s pretty dirty.


    I had a different perspective than the tv cameras.


    4 points, 4 assists and 4 turnovers is hardly huggable

    I think the hug was more for the way Cat responded in the 2nd half and late game crunch time than his overall stat line.


    I think the hug was more for the way Cat responded in the 2nd half and late game crunch time than his overall stat line.

    I agree.


    I’ve had a change to watch the replay. Looking at Anya’s swing out and come back, I think it would be difficult to that quickly predict where Anya was going to swing back around, focus on making contact, catch the ball from the referee after establishing yourself out of bounds and kick the ball up the court to start the break and transition.

    It was all so bang bang that I thought it was a coincidence. I wasn’t there and only have tv angles to rely on but when Duke player runs to sideline Anya was swinging out and the kid was looking to the ref for the ball. He seems to make contact, barely notice and passes the ball up court. I’d probably give any team the benefit of the doubt, but I hate Duke and was looking hard for malicious activity but i didn’t spot it. I’ll give them a pass on this one play, never saw the Turner push.


    ^kappa, Turner and Winslow were both chasing the ball and Winslow gave Turner a little chicken wing elbow push – Turner’s momentum propelled him over the media table.

    Didn’t seem like malicious intent, but Winslow definitely pushed him away using his forearm. I just pulled up the DVR 🙂

    It’s at the 15:40 mark of the 2nd half (about 1 hour, 20 min into my recording) if you have a recording of the game.

    I didn’t think there was anything malicious about either play involving Winslow


    If ‘foose says so…Winslow did it.


    Can’t agree with my translator this time.
    T’was the final leg swing out that caused the tumble.

    That and the ball being at the wrong place, wrong time.

    *Note: If I’m Winslow I ain’t wastin’ time, anyway, going around soneone while the clock is ticking…plus 280lbs on my head.


    My Duke buddy who’s wife is a State grad and who spends more time in Carter Stadium than at Wallace Wade… says Winslow is built like Shadrach Thornton …

    It was just a little bump..
    No Foul.

    He says kids have been bouncing off of Winslow all season…

    I’m sure Mr. Dog understands what happened…


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    My lifetime actually includes being in the Greensboro Coliseum when DT & company defeated Coach Wooden in ’74. My comments regarding Coach K were intended to be somewhat facetious given all the talk we hear about his greatness. My point was just that I read comments criticizing Gott when State players sometimes lose their focus under pressure. K is one of the best of all time, yet his players were rushing and forcing things under the Pack’s newfound relentless pressure. Maybe we should recognize that a coach can’t control everything that happens on the court.


    man when our boys play like they did yesterday, I’m just giddy about watching them again. I’m the diehard, think state can beat anybody type of guy like many of us are here.

    This time even I’m like man this has let down game written all over it. Prove me wrong PACK!


    Let me qualify.

    I’m not saying he went out of his way to initiate contact, or that he tried to inflict injury.

    What I an saying is that he knew the contact was coming, made a conscious decision to not avoid it, and lowered and dipped his shoulder into Anya as contact was made.

    I attribute it more to frustration than anything else. I think he should’ve at least been T’d up (Lord knows there’s been plenty of T’s called for a lot less) but understand very few had my perspective, including the refs. I also agree with most that overall, the refs did a good, fair job.

    I also understand the benefit of the doubt should almost always go to the player. Factor in Coach K and his rep, I understand without protest or malice why nothing was called. I just don’t agree with it.



    That’s what I thought when I saw it, too. Couldn’t have been totally avoided but he didn’t need to lower the shoulder either.

    I guess I am just so used to seeing Duke act like chippy jerks when they lose. I just thought to myself “See! There’s one MORE example!” I wish when this happens their guys would get T’d up just ONCE, fer Petes sake!


    TO 3:55 mark in the first half. Cook runs into Abu who didn’t even seem to notice.

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