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    There should be a plaque essay contest across all Wolfpack websites. Everyone kicks in $5 per entry and place the winner on the wall for 5k. I would expect stellar 330 character quotes. That’s gold, Jerry, gold.


    Just curious about how many, as well as how folks feel, about the $75 Celebration of Reynolds Event. Probably a little pricey, but hey….I’m retired and my mortician buddy says that he has received feedback (in a dream) that the Devil laughed at his playboy buddy when he showed up with cash in his casket “Safe”.

    SO, I will spend the $$’s for the event. My Kids will not notice the difference.

    Reynolds is special to us.
    My wife was crowned a 4H National Health Queen there while in HS.

    We went to many events there while at NCSU….the Glen Yarborough one where he kept the crowd informed of the score and the game against a Ranked Houston team on Saturday night was special…and we WON.

    We went back for many BB games and my late FIL saw his first NCSU game there.

    We were there in 1983 when Jimmy V (and Sydney Lowe in a BIG Cowboy Hat) returned. My kids were with us and we spotted my wife’s brother in the crowd on the floor.

    Could go on….as we have taken our GK’s to NCSU “nostalgia” games there as well as the gymnastic events.

    SO, we are a GO….already picked out my outfit…and have a hip flask with funnel for pouring the “free” drinks in….in case I cannot consume them all. Used to fly first occasionally when the brass in my company was feeling good and that was my reward for a job well done. Used to try to drink up the increase in the fare so that they would get full value for their investment.

    That was a LONG time ago….and now I could no more do that than…?? I may be as GOOD ONCE, as I ever was….but NOT repeatedly….



    sorry to hijack this thread… this one was at the top so I just used this one..

    but.. I’m having issues creating a new thread. Says it can’t create a new thread when I click the submit button. btw probably a good thing I can’t create new threads.. but just want to bring it to yalls attention.. not sure if it affects anyone else.

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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