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    Check out @PackAthletics' update on the progress of the Reynolds Coliseum renovations:— NC
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    As needs change facilities should change as well. To me the plan seems reasonable.


    never ever destroy your family history. those of us that remember going to Dixie classic and acc tourney games in the 50s and60s, numerous nccaa regionals in the 60s and 70s, an all home games my 2.5 years at state will understand this. Debbie gets it.


    I have fond memories of watching David, Monte, et al. play in Reynolds. But, realistically, Reynolds is (was) a dark, dank barn. It may have been state of the art in the 50’s but it was already outdated in the 70’s. Now, 40 years later, it is an actively used facility and desperately in need of an update. Air conditioning! What a concept!



    ^ LOVE IT! Ah, the memories.


    I have so many memories from that building. I spent a lot of my free time exploring Reynolds when I went to basketball camp at State in the early 70’s. I went to almost every home game during my years at State. My favorite times were the hours I would spend watching practice in the afternoons after a run or after playing in a pick-up game at the gym. My Dad was at State when Reynolds opened and it was the best arena in the South for many years. I haven’t been back inside since my graduation ceremony in ’84, so I’m sure the romantic elements of the building have grown in my mind since then.

    Modernizing the building for it’s current uses while dedicating some of the rafter and end zone seating to displaying our history seems like the perfect combination. One day I will go back to campus and I will have to take a picture outside of Reynolds when I do.


    Loved that old building, attended many games there when I was a student.
    Very happy to see it revitalized to become something much more useful. I really hated going to the Heritage games, it was so sad looking.


    I ain’t standing….

    I’m sitting under the tree in a Red Chair drinking a Red and White cold beer…
    enjoying the beach breeze…

    It must be Friday.

    Now that you mention it…
    Closing my eyes, I have fond visions of what it was like sitting 20ft from the State bench. the plaid coat and silver hair, 44, 12, 24, 32, 34, 22 et al…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    So, by most of the logic above, one should never build a new stadium/arena due to all the great memories of us old farts.

    How stupid.

    I think it is a bad decision that we will have to live with forever. Old out of date ugly building. Lipstick on a pig. The coaches that have to play in that antiquated place were not happy about the decision. You just can’t do much with narrow walkways and poor dimensions.

    Hey, I had a few good years in riddick, but does that justify holding back future football programs from being competitive.


    As a venue for men’s BB it time has long passed. As a venue for women’s BB (at the current level of attendance) maybe not. I like the fact Reynolds is being updated. Granted still issues from working withing the building footprint. The other choice was a total demo and build something else. That would not be my choice.


    “Where do I stand?” Under the South bucket, as always.

    Just off the stairs from the lockerroom bowels.


    There was nothing like walking into Reynolds for a big game. If you didn’t get to experience you truly missed out. Sometimes “progress” sucks…I don’t think saving Reynolds sucks and renovating it at least avoids a sad demolition.


    Yes walking into Reynolds for a big game was an awesome experience. With all the shortcomings the building had by the late 1970’s the atmosphere was second to none – including the famed Cameron. However its day had passed a few decades later. Earlier renovations helped but I do like the current thinking rather than a demolition.


    As a life long facilities management guy, I think this solution is the best one could hope for. It keeps the building functioning as an active athletics facility, provides a great location for housing our heritage and preserves our memories at a reasonable cost. I don’t see any other solution to achieving all four. My wife and I attended every home game I can remember from 79 – 81 (since we could afford no other entertainment as married students) alternating who would stand in line for seats closest to the floor at mid court. We have a lot of great memories in that building and I am thrilled to see this project under way. We attended the NIT game their a few years ago and while nice to be back in the building it was kind of sad looking. I’m anxious to see the finished project and hope they make a huge deal out of the ribbon cutting and invite back all the former athletes as a tribute to them all. It’s not just the building we should honor but those that were on the floor/court. Thanks to all your who we watched for those great memories.


    I am curious about how much of this renovation had to do with environmental remediation. Was that part of the calculus?


    Given the period it was constructed, I’m sure it has plenty of asbestos fire proofing, pipe insulation, floor tiles, adhesives and more. They would have to be removed anyway even if the building was slated for demolition so I’m not sure that they factor in to the decision to renovate.


    I wish we could’ve done something many years ago to keep mens basketball on campus. For anyone who was not fortunate enough to enjoy a game in Reynolds, you have truly missed out. It pains me to hear the constant raves about Cameron knowing from first hand experience that place is a library compared to Reynolds when the boys stepped on the court.


    I saw more games there than in the corporate labeled current arena. It definitely needed renovations and I think as a facility it deserves some tlc for its historical value. To those saying its old farts living in the past, please see dook and their antiquated minuscule, outdated arena.

    gso packbacker

    I think updating the building is a great idea! For the non-major sports that will use the facility, it must feel like a quantum leap forward as well. Newer isn’t always better, but it seems they have a good balance of new and old.

    Here is a link to the Reynolds construction webcam as I didn’t see this posted elsewhere.

    Reynolds Construction Webcam


    Check out the Wrestling recruiting. Who wouldn’t want to wrestle in this building. Our WBB, Volleyball, Gymnastics coaches have got to love the “new” WNRC. MBB won’t suffer for the Walk of Fame & History on campus.

    IMNSHO renovating gives us the best of both world — our historic but up-graded basketball facility and first class Volleyball, Gymnastics and Wrestling.

    While we are congratulating Debbie, give her boss, Randy a big thank you as well.


    So is the gripe still that we’re not building an on campus facility? If so, how many times does it have to be explained to you? Hell, let’s just start flying a Confederate Flag on top so we know where everyone stands???

    I guess you could build another parking deck on the site??

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Does anyone have news on the renovation? It looks like the web cam has been taken down.


    It’s been a long time since they announced the renovation and repair and until now you heard nothing from them. Are they completely on constructing a new replacement arena or just restoring and renovating as what they have proposed? If renovation, I am sure that it will not take long as more than a year. By the way, if I were them I would suggest to use universal starter track, tinted primer and stucco bonding agent for the structure wall, in this case, they are not only making the job quick but also the unique result will be more attractive, natural and environmental friendly. These products are actually recognize by architecture firm and construction company to be effective and reliable, and these are available at


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