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    Gott’s recruiting, but it is seniors not freshmen. There are over 700 players transferring this year and I guarantee Gott is looking for someone of the Alex Johnson model.

    THIS. I would be astonished if we didn’t get one. Don’t think we will end up with Invisible Hand (same conference) or the gay dude from UMass (probably not quite good enough), but there are soooo many other guys that we haven’t seen the press releases for. But the staff knows.


    I think we’re looking everywhere personally:
    – Hard after top line freshman, but knowing we’re not getting them.
    – Grad transfer who can play immediately: like Alex Johnson
    – Regular transfers: like Turner, Lacy, Henderson — seems like we’ve taken one of these every year
    – JUCO: See Dez Lee
    – International: I hear rumblings of this.

    I think we’re going to bring in two. The question is whether they’ll be eligible next year.

    We need more than 9 though. You can’t really run a full scrimmage with that few. We also need a back up PG and another big to space behind the 3 that are on track to depart at the same time (and who will only have one more year of eligibility after next season).

    Also, there’s a huge difference between being concerned about a lack of freshman commitments and saying you want to bring in a Justin Flatt, Mike Bell, Dom Mejia, etc.. HWSNBN brought those kids in when he missed and just wanted warm bodies. We were always told how they were diamonds in the rough that everyone else missed out on, but only the genius of HWSNBN could recognize. They had transfer written all over them from the second we’d see them in the Red and White scrimmage.

    I think some posters (myself included) have been rightly concerned about this year’s recruiting class. Even if we bring in transfers, JUCOs, etc., we’re likely looking at a scholarship year gap, which can mess up spacing. We’ll have to take in other transfers or JUCOs down the road to space around this.


    The bottom line is that everything Gott has done from a recruiting standpoint since he arrived has given us reason not to worry about it.

    As rye pointed out above, there are many sources of recruits, and there is every reason to believe we will get one or more who can help the team. There is also every reason to believe Gott will not waste scholarships on warm bodies, since to date he has not done that.


    I share Tau’s belief in that with exception of TDT everyone Gott has brought in has developed, contributed, and helped make us better. I thought Gott would have given Des more playing time this year but he knows more than I.

    If we didnt get a single player I’m ok with it because even next year we only lose Trevor Lacey (presumably) which gives us a senior laden team the following year while freshman get integrated into the offense and contribute in a major way as sophomores because of the expected departures.

    I think we will be in the do or die position next year that some posters believe we are in this year. Now, obviously my risk tolerance is higher because NCSS obviously decimates this plan. Early draft enrollee, injury, or transfer will likely drop us out of contention.

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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