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    First, when you had your hissy fit of posting the definition of ‘logical fallacy’ over and over, it was completely pointless. I’m not saying you’re using the term incorrectly, I’m saying you’re applying it incorrectly, and ironically in creating a rhetorical logical fallacy of your own. That fallacy I listed for you originally was correctly identified because you were trying to discredit my claim by saying:

    We have to go no further than basic logic to dismiss your reasoning.

    i.e. My claim is ridiculous because ‘basic logic’ refutes it. In reality, nothing of the sort is true.

    The second fallacy you used was begging the question because your conclusion is completely dependent on your initial assertion. I’m wrong because you say I’m wrong, and you say I’m wrong because I’m wrong.

    But WTF is this, and what does it have to do with anything?

    Here’s what it has to do with. You were trying to dismiss my point by using your own actual, real, identifiable logical fallacies. I thought it would be interesting and educational to point out the hypocrisy of you using logical fallacies to attack my position as a logical fallacy.

Viewing 51 post (of 51 total)
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