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    PackFamily: “I am so tired of hearing about refs. Just win. The whining is old. It just makes you feel better about losing.”

    No, the exact opposite! It makes me feel infuriated over losing.


    Why are my comments being trashed? This is a complete joke. The better team did not win tonight. I don’t care what anyone says. The timing and the inconsistent calls were horrible. They(Pack) made plays when they needed to be made. Then the refs decided to make sure the ranked team won.

    For those who want to put this on coaching then you know very little about basketball.


    Don’t understand not getting the ball to TJ at the during the last part of the game. No scoring from him in last 12 minutes.

    Missed free throws always come back to haunt. Could have one if made a better %.

    Gosh – there were 4 Freshman playing serious minutes against a top 25 team. They will learn.

    It will be interesting to see how many 1-1’s Cat misses here on out the rest of the year.

    In the end, State does not have a match for those animals they had playing guard. Those guys are good.

    NCSU class of '76
    Jacksonville, FL


    Agree that Warren was the missing element late. Did they defend him or was he just tired?


    Mizz came up with some big shots down the stretch. A lot of bounces went their way, too. Nevertheless, we got hosed. Their big white dude was fouling the hell out of everyone in sight… even more so than Anya.

    But yeah, they played alright down the stretch, and we did not.

    I hate losing.


    Refs don’t control missed FTs and bricks. We had too many misses to win tnite. We have a coaching problem. We needed that wasted timeout at the end of the game. Players played hard but not smart sometimes, again coaching. No excuses…we gave this one away!!


    ^Troll… you had to bring that up too… didn’t you…

    Down 1 with 47 seconds at home…
    You go quick to basket… get a shot, get a foul…
    with 36 – 40 seconds left and you get the ball back and the last shot on your court…

    And what did we do….
    pissed away 25 seconds….


    No way 87… Frank wasn’t the bad coach tonight.

    Ya’ll got all over my ass last time I questioned our coaching… so I am going to shut up
    and catch up with ya’ll tomorrow during the SeaHawks game.

    have a good one, fellas….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
    Alpha Wolf

    No, it had no effect on the game…but…it makes me feel better posting it.

    Roger Ayers, this is for you:


    This game hurts more because we know what this has, effort and grit. It really chaps my hide when bullshit calls give a team that is down a little life. I never grip about calls and the refs but this one is leaves me confused. I am still proud of this team and there are some things they can learn from this loss.


    that’s funny. anyway how can we be the underdog if we win too much. they put us back into script.


    Gowolves, I agree the better team lost but blaming the refs is the go-to excuse whenever we lose. Our best scorer was MIA over the last 10 minutes. We lost all momentum in the last 2 minutes. Whoever said we should have driven to te basket with 47 seconds to go is right. I wonder if Gott called that but kids didn’t execute. Either way it is his job to get them to execute.


    Yea…the refs made cat miss the front end of the 1 and 1….the refs made us shoot a contested 3 with 19 seconds left instead of driving for an easy bucket. The refs decided not to involve tj the last 5 minutes.


    Whole lot better attitude by team this year to want to win and not look so dysfunctional as was the case last year and so many years in recent memory. Bad clock management by Gott at the end and terrible ref decisions against State all game long. State is still not taking the game away from the refs and the other team. One day this transition will happen, will be a happy day in Pack land.


    A lot folks were mocking frank haith’s coaching ability before this game. Yet his team won on the road, executed down the stretch and made foul shots.

    So is frank haith a bad coach?


    I’m not mad, but certainly am a bit disheartened. Tough way to lose, force Mizzou into a bad shot (which they make), followed by missing the 1-and-1 late.

    FTs are our fatal flaw. Unfortunately…a big, very noticeable one.

    Cat is still awesome. WBS isn’t even making his FTs anymore, it’s a systemic problem.


    I’m very tired of blaming the offiiciating. At some point we have to hold the coaches and players responsible. Our guys have had enough time to adjust to these new rules. Just very questionable decisonmaking. For instance, why did Cat drive in hoping to get a foul when he was only 2/4 from the line? Should have been Warren. To that point, what happened to Warren in the last 10 minutes of the game? Why did kyle washington jack that three so early? Gottfried may not be the man for the job seeing as he can’t inspire our guys to keep a 10-pt lead against an overrated team with an overrated coach.


    Excuse me, i mean Turner jacking that three.


    Bill…Unlike the ref bash crowd, who always blow..
    I mean, always blow my mind, and at the first inclination removes themselves from knowledge…

    Yes. I might be able to out coach Haith. Doesn’t mean I’d beat him with a bunch of frosh and stuff just yet.



    Statefans, please tell me why you need put comments in under my post? Not my words.


    This is basketball in case some forgot.


    I don’t think haith is a bad coach at all. Well, he did lose several to Sidney Lowe so there’s that.

    Time will tell if this is a bump in the road or a sign of consistent problems that will cause us to miss the tourney. We had a good game plan and executed for the majority of the game.


    I’m not really in the blame game. More big picture, enjoy it while you can cause we’re the Wolfpack and shit always happens.

    This does have all the markings of “the season took a turn that night”. About the only thing we can fall back on is that it’s a young group that doesn’t have any head cases.


    Vt – remember, in gott’s first year we lost to every good team we played in the first half of the season but got some key wins down the stretch. I can see that happening with this group.


    Alpha was exactly right when he posted early that State had little room for error in order to win tonight. State was close the whole way leading much of the game, but didn’t make several key plays down the stretch, INCLUDING not getting the ball to the conference leading scorer during crunch time.

    1) Cat is not physically or mentally ready to take over a ball game. It’s not that I expect that of Cat; I just hope he’s working mentally to take the game over and will his team to victory.

    2) Gott’s allocation of playing time deserves some criticism, especially late. Tyler gave up a three late, but I trust that Tyler will make a play to get a scorer involved in crunch time more than I trust Cat. Gott giving those key minutes to Cat right now is puzzling, and frustrating in a game that could have/should have been a home victory.


    I believe in this team. This will be a bump in the road.

Viewing 25 posts - 251 through 275 (of 298 total)
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