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    Wolfpack Baseball (36-21) has been on a tear of late, winning 15 of their last 18 games.  But the comeback win on Saturday night at the Fort Worth Reg
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    Great win! Chance did the same things at ECU this year, a 2 run homer down 1 with 2 out in the ninth, but the bullpen could not finish it off. Orwig with some good pitching.

    One more win to go!

    Can I dare dream to play Stony Brook?


    ^ I have mixed feelings on that. But considering that TCU’s other pitchers are only marginally less effective than Morrison….yeah, I’ll take Stony Brook having to beat us twice in a heartbeat.


    No posting last night with the tablet hooked to the TV, but it was still a blast, so to speak. Mrs. Texpack was a tad pissed at being awakened to screams of GONE!, but after 27 years she wasn’t surprised.

    We still have a tall task ahead. This is especially true if the Frogs can get an 8 inning performance out of their starter today against Stony Brook. While the Aggie loss makes it unlikely I’ll be able to make a Super Regional game next weekend, I’d much rather have the Pack hosting.


    A very exciting game last light. I was real proud of how the team kept their emotions in check after that play at home plate though maybe the announcers were making more of it than it was. I did think we got cheated out of one base hit on that play at first but otherwise a decently called game if you discount a few of the ball/strike calls on both teams. I was able to stream it ok but had to refresh many times due to slow internet in the 7 and 8th. Fortunately, I got a strong signal in the 9th and was able to enjoy the great come from behind victory. They were a tough team and I think I’d rather see us face Stony Brook again. Thanks for posted this. Go Pack and congratulations a great win.


    How do i copy and embed that video? I’ve also tried finding it on ESPN but can’t


    Stony Brook would be nice, but regardless, we just gotta win. Certainly would be nice to pull it out Sunday, so a second game is not required. Keep making us proud, if by chance we get eliminated, certainly nothing to hang our heads about. TCU top ten team in the nation. Go Pack!


    ^ Fo’ sho’ on all of the above.

    Winning last night made our path easier, but by no means easy. TCU has one of the best home field advantages in the country.

    Before last night, they had won 16 straight at home.
    Last night was only their 3rd home loss of the year.
    I like our chances better than if we’d lost, but at the very least I’d dearly love to see the early game become a slugfest where the winning club’s bullpen is decimated.

    Fortunately, our 9 Man Wolfpack should be confident.

    And weather looks like it couldn’t be better.


    2 for 2 so far. Let’s keep it going.

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    Sadly I’m not able to view the vid because Canada. Yo NCAA, there are plenty of Canadian athletes on your teams, so wake up.


    Seems Avent made an error in judgement starting Williamson. Already in a hole.


    Well coach seemed happy about playing the frogs in an elimination game in front of a loud sometimes obnoxious home crowd. At least that’s what it seemed pitching our highest era kid we have. Oh well, got lucky Sat. night, got blasted last night….what will come of tonight.


    No blog on the game. What??? Watching on Dish Network 403. Called Bases Loaded.

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