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    No need for me to fumble a good story about an old friend. Let’s leave this one to a professional. Mr. Peeler, It’s all yours. ———————–
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    Resurrected an older Chris post.

    Sort of hoped someone might call in a favor and arrange a “Angel” flight for Francis.

    As you pointed out, no need to pontificate.

    Folks can still donate at Chris’ site.

    My 10 year beard is a bit longer

    gso packbacker

    I had no clue about Chris’ Dad so thanks for sharing the article as well as that picture. That picture takes me right back to my youth.

    Although an Orioles fan in the mid-70s (other half of the family were Yankee fans), I had a special affinity for both Catfish and Reggie (who left the O’s the prior year). To me, these guy were larger than life, but in different ways.

    Living just 30 minutes outside of the city a bunch of kids (ages 10-15) took the bus in and caught the Yanks-Red Sox matchup in September of ’77. Remember it like yesterday as Reggie crushed a game-winning homerun. To this day, I have never been part of a celebration like that. Of course, upper deck seats in right field at Yankee stadium during that day were pretty raucous anyway. Not quite soccer hooligans, but close.

    As for Catfish, I was fortunate to meet him at a Juvenille Diabetes fundraiser in Greensboro. Easily the most down-to-earth “sports celebrity” I’ve ever met and kind enough to sign a table decoration (i.e., an A’s baseball pennant) for me.

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane!


    To paraphrase Will Rogers on Catfish Hunter.

    I’ve never met a man who didn’t like him


    Francis is in some pretty rarefied air in that pic.
    Hunter, Jackson and Piniella.

    Francis stopped me from going on the field at the infamous, Maryland “Orange Bowl” game. I had observed an assistant coach aiding and abetting some players…Felt it was my responsibility to set the young coach straight.


    Cow – that coach doesn’t coach Penn state by any chance does he?

    As far as this article. Glad these 2 have a chance to do this. I can’t imagine how bittersweet this will be.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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