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    Yogi – I was / am happy with the game overall. Look at my post game comments.

    I am not as old as you and grey – but my unshaved beard this morning has lots of gray in it. I do see progress, but I am experienced, cynical enough to realize it is one game. Games like this one are almost lose / lose. If you win the game (check) and walk off the field without significant injuries (check) – you move on.

    There is definitely talent on this team and it’s good that after a few minutes in the 3rd quarter we removed any doubt. The program appears to be making progress. We will know more next week.


    just for the record on FCS teams:
    Virginia lost to Richmond (who lost to W&M last year but eventually beat them the second time around to eventually take the FCS championship). It was 30 – 7 early on but wound up 37-20.

    Other FCS teams (from CBS sports):
    Winner: Good FCS teams. Hey, who says all FCS teams are cupcakes? Washington State found out — for the second season in a row, mind you — what happens when you schedule a quality FCS opponent, falling to Eastern Washington 45-42. In the Big 12, Iowa State yet again fell victim to good Missouri Valley Football Conference teams by losing to Northern Iowa 25-20. Even South Dakota State gave TCU a run for its money before the Horned Frogs pulled away to a 59-41 victory. Overall, FCS teams remain at a decisive disadvantage in the win-loss column, but every year a few top-notch FCS teams show the gap between them and the big boys isn’t so big.
    Those aren’t my words, pundits who make their living knowing and talking football.

    Smarter than the average bear


    The debate will rage. ECU, as expected, had its way with WCU…so after the carnage next week, we will have to see. Any predictions are for naught. We are very fortunate in that there appears to be no major injuries.

    If you want some comical relief…go to InsideCarolina & visit the freebie Tar Pit game thread.

    Counselors are making the rounds at the local Wally World’s to minister to the fans and grads. Gene & Larry have extra security this AM. Word is that Security will be issued TWO rounds of ammo… obviously the risk is at FIFE Level 5.

    QB, Coaches, $EC, Refs, etc. are the blame. I quit reading after GO. Was 40 some pages….hotter than a Galaxy 7 Note phone.


    We all want to get from the game what we can about the state of our team this year. Tough to do when playing a team from FCS, win or lose.

    Just as saying we beat a top-notch team is not accurate, declaring or thinking a good FCS team is vastly inferior distorts what can be gained from the game.

    The same is true for our next opponent, ECU. Pretending that Western Carolina is a formidable opponent or even that they are in the class with W&M is just BS.

    What one team does against another is not an accurate way to assess the strength of a future opponent. Even if State is a better team than ECU, that doesn’t guarantee a win. Still I liked what I saw vs W&M and wasn’t particularly impressed with ECU defense. For sure the game will be much closer and more exciting. Does ECU have a chance? Most definitely. Are they expected to win? Hardly.


    After seeing the holes get “hosed” to take a minor quote from the fans of the dumpster fire, I knew that crew would have their panties in a bunch. I’d really love to see us beat them this year if nothing more than the comic relief of those pin heads exploding. The conspiracy theories alone would be funny reading if you didn’t know those idiots were being totally serious in their assertions.

    Smarter than the average bear


    hotter than a Galaxy 7 Note phone.

    Haha, nice pull. I just a display design for a cell phone reseller and the Note was very prominent in the design. Hope the whole backdrop doesn’t go up in flames.

    Re: unX, The EPSN recap mentioned some “questionable calls” and I knew the blues would be hoppin’ mad, but 40 pages? Goodness.

    re: State – I didn’t see the game so can’t comment on the specifics, but they won handily, which is good regardless the opponent. By the accounts I’ve read it would seem that the Pack left a few arrows in the quiver. Chalk this one up, move on and beat the rats.


    UNX was indeed hosed on a couple calls. As we know that happens. To the difference in the game is the one where the Hat lost is cool and got a additional penalty. That put his team both in a very bad spot and in a bad place mentally.

    As far as the Pack vs Bill and Mary. Their offense has proven to be quite good and once we adjusted a bit we stayed with them. Our offense looked good but their defense is not the best so more to be told later. For a game one I thought good enough. We saw both quarterbacks have talent, one is better in the current system (no surprise there). We didn’t have a bad case of poor hands either.


    Unless I have been drinking way too much Kool-Aid, we are about to play 3 more “vastly inferior” opponents. But to give Go the benefit of the doubt, that is just a compliment to our own team. Then we get Notre Dame, who we can certainly match up with in our house. That will be huge, and I was pulling for them to win last night because I had hoped they would come in undefeated. And watching the FSU/Ole Miss game right now, I like our chances against the Noles too. Don’t count us out of Charlotte yet!


    Don’t count us out of Charlotte yet!

    There was never going to be any good news from a game against an FCS opponent. The best that I hoped for was for no horrible news (reference UVA this past weekend). So I see absolutely no reason so far to adjust expectations from a 6-6 season (+/-1).

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