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    NC State will kick-off this Saturday’s game at Florida State at 12:30pm on the ACC Network. Will the Seminoles be distracted by being demoralized afte
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    After watching both teams play, i think we have a legit shot at beating FSU. Our run defense is capable of stopping Cook and their QB situation is not strong. We have proven that we can score multiple touchdowns on any ACC team. Can be a signature win.

    FSU is favored by 9.5


    I wish I shared your view, but I just don’t see it happening. Against Wake I said we would win easily because we had superior athletes and were a better overall team. This time around FSU has the superior athletes and are the better team on both sides of the ball. I think we lose by 3TDs or more. Hopefully I am completely wrong. I will gladly eat crow.


    Hey…Look who’s back on the depth chart.

    Doeren is my kinda guy. Here’s to Richardson blowing out the entire Seminole left side.


    Yep, I was glad to see that. Having Richardson back will help for sure. Nice to see DD didn’t ruin a kid’s future for one mistake.

    Virginia Wolf

    Anyone going To the Florida St. Game or who went to the B.C. Game. I need ticket stubs from both games.
    . [email protected]. For mailing address. I’ll happily pay postage.


    I feel very, very good. One can’t overstate how hard Clemson tried to give that game away on Saturday, and they still won by 10. Florida State is really not so good.


    As for Wake, this FSU team only managed to pull out an 8 point win over them. I truly feel, if we show up on both sides of the ball, and limit the turnovers to FSU, then we can win the game. Do that then we should be able to win our final 2 home games. As I still am not convinced UNC is that good. Their division sucks. But for now beat the noles! And if we somehow manage to get a big lead, I pray we don’t go conservative, and play not to lose. I can’t stand that philosophy. The very reason we missed our shutout vs. BC.


    I’m not so confident about containing Cook, but I think if JB is throwing the same as he was against BC and if our receivers aren’t surprised to see the ball bounce off their mitts it could be a fun game to watch.


    We are catching ’em at the right time and should be able to keep this one close.


    I don’t see how one can feel good about our ability to stop Cook – healthy. However, he’s had a bad hammy and it may not be in good shape after Clemson game. Our pass d will have to be much better than it was vs. Tigers, BC and Vatech.

    I do think we have a shot – but we’ll have to play and have the best game plan of the season.

    john of sparta

    + 1/2 Wulfpack.
    right time, but wrong place.


    These guys are really good when Cook is on. They may not be the FSU of the last couple years but they are plenty good. This would be a huge win. At their place makes this a tough spot, but maybe they are mentally out of it this week. It will take a special effort to get the win Saturday. That said we are capable of that effort.


    You guys aren’t going to suck me in. Get me all hopeful, think we have a chance, then whammo, reality strikes. No sir, not going to happen.

    Alpha Wolf

    I normally loathe noon games, but this may work in our favor a bit — the FSU fans won’t be quite as loud that early.

    If State can play a near perfect game — no turnovers, no stupid mistakes that lets Cook run riot, etc. they have a puncher’s chance. I think FSU wins a tight one, but I am not going to write off State’s chances completely either.


    Love the 11:30 KO. I can watch the Pack and still make it out for the COOGS vs. Memphis at 6:00.

    I’m not holding my breath for a win, but I don’t dismiss the possibility.

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